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Do you know who she is

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Do you know who she is?

She is a doctor.

What’s the matter with the patient?

How does she/he feel?

She is happy.

He is angry.

How is she?

She is very sad.

How about them?

They are excited.

The basic sentences:
1). A: How are you feeling?/ How do you feel?

B: Fine, how are you. A: I have a headache./ the flu.
I’m feeling better./ I’m as good as new. 2). How does she/ he?=How is she/ he? She/He is happy/sad/excited……

? 描写feeling: sad; fine; happy; angry; excited……

? Teaching Aims: ? A. Students can master listening skills. ? B. Improving students’ listening ability. ? Teaching Difficulties Focuses: According to the tapes, students can repeat and write the key points.

? Teaching Aims: ? A. Students can master reading skills. ? B. Forming a good habit of look up dictionary. ? C. Fostering students’ interest in reading. ? Teaching Difficulties Focuses: Students can scan the text quickly and master the main ideas.

Listen the listening parts in the text book(page14, 16)

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