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宾语从句(Object Clause)


●宾语从句的引导词 ★宾语从句的语序 ●宾语从句的时态
对语序、时态、引导词的混合考查为必 考点。

一.学习任务: 复习宾语从句 二.学习目标
1.宾语从句的概念 2.宾语从句的引导词 3.宾语从句的语序 4.宾语从句的时态

三.学习重难点 1. 理解与掌握宾语从句的陈述语序 2. 学会变换与使用宾语从句的时态

Everyone in our class thinks that it is important to learn English well. Your success will depend on what you do and how you do it.

在复合句中作宾语的从句就 叫作宾语从句,常放在及物 动词或介词后面。

陈述句 ●if/whether…or not(是否) 一般 疑问句 ●what, when, where, why等特殊疑问 词 特殊疑问句

A 1.Could you tell us_______ we get to the park? A. how B. whether C. where D. what C 2.The teacher says _____she will leave a message on my desk. A.if B.who C.that D.what B 3.I am not sure ____ he will come tomorrow. A. that B. if C. what D. who A 4.---Do you remember ___ he came? ---Yes, I do. He came by car. A. how B. when C. that D. if 5.Do you know ___Ming can pass the exam or not? D A. that B. which C. if D. whether

? Can you tell me where you are from? ? The doctor asked me what was wrong. ? I asked my father if he would go to Shanghai next month. ? Everyone knows that a good teacher is better than thousands of books.

★宾语从句无论主句是陈述句还是 疑问句,从句一律要用陈述语序 — “引导词+主语+谓语”的顺序。


a. Do you know … b. I want to know … c. Can you tell me …

1.What is this? 2.Where do you live? 3.When does he get up? 4.What time is it now?

D 1.---Would you please tell me____________________? ---Yes, There’s a bank over there. A. when can I exchange money B. where can I exchange money C. when I can exchange money D. where I can exchange money 2.---After the exam, we’ll have a long vacation. A ---Yes, but I haven’t planned____________________. A. what I will do B. what will I do C. when I will do it D. when will I do it C 3.---Can you tell me__________________? ---Sure, I live in Luxi. A. where do you live B. where were you born C. where you live D. where you were born

1.若主句是一般现在时,那么宾语从 句的时态可根据实际情况而定。
? I remember he gave me a book yesterday. ? He tells that he will leave for New York tomorrow.

2.若主句是一般过去时,那么从句一 定要用过去的某种时态(一般过去 时,过去进行时,过去将来时,过 去完成时)。
? Kate said that she helped her mother do plenty of housework yesterday. ? He told me that he would take part in the English club the next week.

3.若宾语从句表示的是客观事实或真 理时,从句只能用一般现在时。

? He told me that the earth goes around the sun. ? Our teacher said the earth is round. ? When I was young, my father always told me one is never too old to learn.

A 1.---Do you know _______the know mobile phone last month?

I’m not quite sure. A. how much she paid for B. how much will she pay for C. how much did she pay for D. how much she will pay for D 2.The old woman didn’t find_____at last. A. where is the bank B. where the bank is C. where was the bank D. where the bank was C 3.Yesterday our physics teacher told us light ___ faster than sound. A. traveled B. traveling C. travels D. travel

---Maybe 1250 yuan.

that(陈述句 )

宾 语 从 句 闯 三 关

引导词 if/whether(一般疑问句 )
特殊疑问词(特殊疑问句) 主句为一般现在时从句可为任何时态



客观事实真理 从句只用一般现在时

语序 语序为陈述句语序(引导词+主 语+谓语)

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