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1. This is my c________ Ann.

2. Can you say it in E__________?

3. This ruler is so long . But m_____ is short .

4. Jack h______ a TV.

5. Let's play s_________.

6. My sister and I like p_______ tennis.

7. How m_____ are these shoes? Twenty yuan.

8. Please have a l_____ at this shop.

9. _______(that ) are his parents.

10. Do you n______ bags for school?

11. ----W_____ is the ruler? ----On the desk.

12. My father and mother are my p_______. I'm their d_______.

13. We have shirts in all c________ for $20 each.

14. The red shorts on s_______ are very cheap.

15. We are _______(China) students?

16. When is your b_________, Nick? It's June 15th.

17. We have an Art F_________ each year.

18. Those are two ________(图书馆)。

19. O__________ 1st is our National Day.

20. I have two story books. I like t______。

21. some chicken_________(be) on the plate.

22. You can learn(了解) a lot about Chinese h_________.

23. My f_________ fruit is banana.

24. I like to eat h________ food.

25. December's the t______ month of the year.

26. T_______ for your help.

27. S__________ is the last day of a week.

28. School f__________ at 5:30 p.m

29. April c_______ after March.

30. When's your _______(aunt) birthday?

31. There are two _______(party) on the weekend.

32. My c________ study in No. 1 Middle School.

33. The n________ month of the year is S___________.

34. Lin Lin plays table tennis _______(good)。

35. Can you play b ___________?

36. My brother often g______ to bed at a_______ten o'clock.

37. Are you f_______ this afternoon ?

38. His favorite s___________ are P.E.and music .

39. How many_______(hour) do you need a day?

40. I have no c_____ on weekends (周末).

41. J_________ 1st is New Year's Day.

42. How do you s________ pen?

43. Is this your ________(祖父母的) room ?

44. He a______does homework in the afternoon.

45. I think this book is very b____________.

46. We want a lot of v__________ and fruit.

47. The student has some q __________ to ask us.

48. “What's your f_______ name?” “Mike.”

49. The music is really r_______。

50. What s_______do you have in your school?

51. Jack plays sports every day, so he is very h_______.

52. Jane t_________ her mother is at home now.

53. His hat is 11 d________.

54. These shoes are too old .I want a new p_______ .

55. We are b_____ with work, so I have no time to play.

56. Here are three b_____ of apples

57. T_______ names are Tom and Bill .

58. Thank you. You're w____________.

59. I'm very s________ I'm late.

60. September 10th is T_______ Day

61. His math is very good . What y________?

62. Don't worry. Let me h_______ you.

63. Playing baseball is not very easy. It's d___________.

64. These pictures are the _______( boy )

65. I like ________(草莓) very much.

66. Mary has dinner for two h______every day .

67. The hat is not big. It's s_________.

68.He b______ a computer for his son .

69.She helps _______ with ______ English .(they)

70.That _____(听起来) very good.

71. She only _____(看) them on TV.

72. Edle doesn’t like _____(西红柿).

73. A_______ comes after July.

74. How many _____(字典) are there on the desk ?

75.We have an Art F_______ each year.

76. A______ comes after July .

77. She gets up and then has milk for b_______.

78. I like playing c______games very much ,They’re i_______.

79. In F_______ there are usually only twenty—eight days

80. We sell T-shirts at very good _____(价格).

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