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history,art,science and math.My brother’s favorite sport is football. ButI can’t play football at school—there are no grassy area on the playground.School ends at 3:30 Andrew and I walk back home. I have to do a lot of homework first. After

dinner I can relax. My favorite hobby is going for a boat-ride with dad. Sometimes go to the park. I hope you can enjoy learning about my life.

( )1. is the second largest in the world.

A Canada‘s size B Canada’s population C the number of the students

( ) 2.Rachel and his brother go to school .

A in the school bus B in their father’s car C on foot

( ) 3.what language does Rachel learn at school.

A English and science B English and French C French and reading

( )4.Rachel’s brother likes best.

A volleyball B football C baseball

( )5.Rachel has to first after school.

A help his mother cook B do his home work C watch TV with his brother Hello I am Jeff Smith. I work in a big computer company. I am busy every day. I want to rent an old house with a beautiful garden. The house must be big and clean. And it’s quiet in the neighborhood .I hole there is a beautiful park nearby. So my parents can take a walk in the morning or after supper .Our family can have fun there on weekends,there must be a school near the house .and

mydaughter can go to school by herself .she likes playing computer games and wants a video arcade (电子游戏中心) near the house .my wife is busy with her work .She hopes there is a big supermarket in the neighborhood .she can buy

some food and drinks easily. Do you have such a house to rent?Please call me at 13827317567.

( ) 1.There are_____people in Mr. Smith’s family.

A.3 B.4 C.5 D.6

( )2.Jeff wants to rent _____.

A. a garden B. a new house C. a park D. a house with a garden

( )3.Why does Jeff hope these is a big park in the neighborhood?

A. His parents can take a walk in the morning or after supper.

B. His family can have fun there on weekends.

C. A and B.

D. His father can work there.

( )4._____ likes playing computer games.

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( )1. Jim has _____English lessons every week. A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8

( )2. P .E. class begins at _____ on Tuesday . A. 10:00 B. 10:55 C. 8:00 D. 14:30

( )3. Jim is having a (an) ____ lesson at 15:00 on Monday . A. music B. geography C. biology D. art ( )4. Class meeting is on _____ .

A. Wednesday B. Friday C. Thursday D. Tuesday ( )5. Jim has a computer lesson on _____ .

A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Thursday D. Friday

Many children like to watch TV . It’s very interesting. The programs on TV tell us

many things about the country and a lot of news about the world, Judy watches TV on Sundays. There is an English program getting to know America. It’s her favorite program.It tells about the life of America, such as buildings,traffic, food, houses, movie stars. Why does she love the program? Because she likes English. She likes English best of all the subjects. When she is watching the program, she can remember every word she sees on TV. That helps a lot, because she learns many new words, English really interests her(令她感兴趣). She likes learning English. On weekdays, she doesn’t watch TV, but reads English story books every night before she goes to bed. She can learn a lot from the TV program and the story books.

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( )1. When does Judy often watch TV?

A. On Sundays. B. On weekdays. C. At nigh. D. On Saturdays.

( )2.Getting to know America is a(an)______program.

A. American B. English C. Japanese D. Chinese

( )3.Why does she love the program?

A. She likes English. B. She can learn a lot from it.

C. It helps her a lot. D. A, B and C.

( )4. The program is about_____.

A. English stories B. American food

C. the life of America D. American people

( )5. Which one is true ?

A. Judy learns English at school and home.

B. Judy watches her favorite TV program on Sunday.

C. Judy reads English books every day.

D. Judy likes English a little.


1. Everyone in my class likes Jack because he is very f______.

2. Tell me about your h______.----Well, I like reading very much.

3. The party usually starts at 8 p.m,and e______ at 11 p.m.

4. Ben always r______ a bicycle to school .

5. You can watch TV after you f______ your homework.

6. He is a good student, and he is n______ later for school.

7. The bell r______, Let’s go to have a class.

8. My sister’s d______ is to be an engineer and she works hard for it.

9. If you want to win the match, you need a lot of p______ first.

10. Mum goes to the m______ to buy vegetables and fruit.


1. 周末我们通常过得很愉快。

We usually ______ ______ ______ ______ on weekends.

2. Sally 经常在课后参加篮球比赛。

Sally often ______ ______ ______ basketball matches after school.

3. 我家附近一间书店。

There is a bookshop ______ ______ my home.

4. 没有人想与吉姆交朋友。

Nobody wants ______ ______ ______ ______ Jim.


I ______ ______ ______ help you with your English.

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http://www.xiexingcun.com/ http://www.eywedu.net/




答案:11-20 CBCAD BBABB








1、funny 2、hobby 3、ends 4、rides 5、finish 6、never 7、ringing 8、daughter

9、practice 10、market

六、完成句子 1、 have a good time 2、 takes part in 3、close to 4 、to make friends with 5、would like to 6、brush teeth 7、go to bed

http://www.xiexingcun.com/ http://www.eywedu.net/

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