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Unit8 Fashion


1.every day?

A.enjoy spending,practice singing B.enjoys spending,practicing singing C.enjoy spending,practicing to sing D.enjoy spending,practicing singing 2.It’your turn to buy CDs.

A.waiting for B.wait for C.to wait D.to wait for

3. The blue jacket looks nice_______ Daniel. He looks really great ________blue. A. on; in B. in; on C. in; in D. on; on

4. This pair of shoes_______ leather.

A. is made of B. are made of C. are made from D. is made from

5. Amy is wearing a ________skirt at the fashion show.

A. wool black B. cotton yellow C. silk red D. black wool

6. It's 7:45 in the morning. Tom with his classmates_______ Chinese in the classroom.

A. read B. reads C. are reading D. is reading

7.Ann is in the garden.her grandmother.

A.is talking to B.talks C.talking to D.is talking

8.A:Simon and Daniel,are you____________TV? B:No,we are______________books,Mum,

A.watching,reading B.seeing,seeing C.watching,seeing D.watching,watching


1.丝绸)or cotton?

2.Mr.White is wearing a pair of__________________(皮)shoes.

3.Look,how__________________(色彩艳丽)the sweater is !

4.It’s Sunday today.I can spend l0 more_______________(分钟)in bed.


6.She often_____________(设计)dresses for the singer.

7.Listen! A little girl is__________________(哭)next door.

(躺)under the chair.

9.I don’t know what to_____________(穿)for the dinner party.


1.My cat lies on the couch every day.(用at the moment改写句子)

on the table at the moment.

2.Simon chats with his friends every day.(用now改写句子)

Simon_________________ __________________with his friends now.

3.My father tells us a story every week.(用now改写)

My father__________ ___________us a story now.

4. Millie does her homework every day.(用now改写)

Millie________ ________ her homework now. What do you think of your new diet?(同义句)

__________________do you______________your new diet? (改为同义句)

________ do you________ your new diet?

7.I often spend 100 yuan on new books every month.(同义句)

I often____________ 100 yuan___________ new books every month.



2. Peter每天花半小时读英语。(take)




6. Simon正在操场上和朋友们踢足球吗?



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