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Unit 10
Go for it

By the time I got outside, The bus had already left.


verslept 1.I o________ this morning because I stayed up too late last night. 2.Yesterday almost all my friends and r__________came to my elatives grandfather’s eightieth birthday party. roke 3.On the way my bike b_______ down, so when we got there, the meeting had already started.

4.There is nothing in the box. It is mpty e________. 5.You are f________ again. He is ooled making a joke on you. hoax 6.The __________(骗局) was not revealed until a many years later married 7.She didn’t get ________(结婚) until she reached 35

8.I was a little embarrassed __________(尴尬 的)when I found my trousers broken after falling off the bike. 9.She was so ____________(有说 convincing 服力的) that all of us believed her though we knew some of what she said was not true. announced 10. It has been ___________ (宣 布) that Tom and Mary will be married in October.

二. 词组复习

到..时候 闹响 跑掉 离开 损坏 出席 露面 愚人节 激起 引起 结婚

by the time
run off/run away break down April Fool's Day

go off

show up

set off get married


marry sb=get/be married to

leave sth. in/at/on+地点 从旁边经过 come by

等待某人做某事 wait for sb. to d 让某人搭便车 give sb. a ride

穿衣 get dressed 如此..以至于 so…that… 以便,为了 so that 数以百计 hundreds of 数以千计 thousands of

从…逃跑 flee from 不再 no more both… and 两者都 neither…nor.. 两者都不 或者,或者 either… or… 不但,而且 not only…but also. 尽可能…的 as…as possible




结构:had + 过去分词
用法(1)过去完成时表示过去某一时刻或者 某一动作之前完成的动作或状态;句中常用 by, before, when等词引导的时间状语。 By the end of last year we had built five new houses. I had learnt 5000 words before I entered the university.

(2)过去完成时的动词还可以表示过去某一时刻 之前发生的动作或者状态持续到过去某个时间或 者持续下去。

Before he slept, he had worked for 12 hours. (3)在过去不同时间发生的两个动作中,发 生在先,用过去完成时;发生在后,用一般 过去时。When the police arrived, the thieves had run away. (4)在told, said, knew, heard, thought等动 词后的宾语从句。 She said (that) she had never been to Paris.

1. We ___________(learn) two had learned thousands words by the end of last year.

2. I ___________him when I was had known a student.

3. When we _______(arrive) at the arrived station, they had waited __________(wait) for more than twenty minutes.

4. One of the men couldn’t move, because he __________ (break) had broken his legs.

.Key points

1、 stopped begged dropped planned

2.already :一般用于肯定句 放在

句中或句尾 yet :用于否定、疑问句, 一般在句尾

3.forget sth forget to do forget doing… leave sth. +in/on…

4.start to do/ doing…

5.到达: get to +地点名词 arrive +in/at+地点名词 reach +地点名词

6.show up 出席\露面 come up 出现,发生 come up with 想出 =think up stay up 熬夜

7.invite sb. to +地点 invite sb. to do…


1. ---Were you late for school this morning? B ---No, but I came very_______. When I got there, the final bell was ringing. A. early B. close C. far D.fast 2. By the time I hurried to the airport, the plane ________ off. A A. had taken B. has taken C. is taking D.took

B 3. I didn’t realize that I _______ my purse at home until it was time to pay. A. forgot B. had forgot C. left D. had left 4. --- Can you come and join us in the basketball game? B --- I am afraid I can’t ________. I’ll have to do my work first. A.take it B. make it C. join it D. support it

5.---Why are you late today? ---Sorry, but my alarm clock A didn’t ________ and failed to wake me up. A. go off B.run off C. set off D. turn off A 6. The boy looked a little ___ when he realized his silly mistakes A. embarrassed B.embarrassing C. shyly D.nervously

7.Were you right there when the accident happened? ---No, I ______there. I was told about it the next day. A.have left B.left C. had left D. would leave 8. _____April Fool's Day, you can play tricks onpeople and needn't worry about them getting angry! A. In B. On C.By D. At 9.Was anyone killed in the typhone(台风)? ---No. All the villagers ______to safe places with the government’s help. A.flee B. have fled




18. Everyone felt ________ after a A whole day’s work. A. exhausted B. relaxed C. worried D. thrilled

11. We decided to meet at the gate of the park at 2:00 pm, but he didn’t ______ until it was 3:00. A.show up B. put up B.C. stay up D. get up


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