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英语人教九年级上综合测评Unit 1

(分数100分 时间90分钟)

第一卷 听力部分(15分)

Ⅰ.听句子, 选择与所听句子相符合的图片(5分)






Ⅱ.听两段较长对话, 选择最佳答案(5分) 听第一段对话, 回答第6~7题。

6.What kind of skills does the boy want to improve?

A.His speaking skills. B.His reading skills. C.His writing skills.

7.What does the girl do to help the boy?

A.She lends him a dictionary. B.She lends him a grammar book.

C.She teaches him how to keep a diary.

听第二段对话, 回答第8~10题。

8.Does the girl ever go to the English corner?

A.Yes, she does. B.No, she doesn't. C.We don't know.

9.What's the most important thing for the girl?

A.She should open her mouth and speak up. B.She should make friends with others.

C.She should join an English club.

10.What does the man advise the girl to do first?

A.Find a pen friend. B.Talk with one or two students. C.Speak aloud to herself first. Ⅲ.听短文, 完成表格信息。每空词数不限(5分)

第二卷 笔试部分(85分)


16.—______ did you get the news during the Guangzhou Asian Games?

—By searching the news on the Internet.

A.Why B.Where C.When D.How

17.—What about ______ our pocket money for the children of Yushu, Qinghai Province? —Good idea!I think they will be very ______.

A.raising; impressing B.raise; impressed

C.raising; impressed D.raise; impressing

18.______ is wrong to copy other students' homework.

A.This B.That C.It D.There

19.You can ______ the word in a dictionary when you don't know its pronunciation.

A.take up B.find up C.look for D.look up

20.We don't know ______ to deal with the problem.We'll ask Mr Wang for help.

A.what B.how C.why D.where

21.If you keep on stealing, I think you'll ______ in prison.

A.end up B.look up C.make up D.deal with

22.We know what we read can______ our thinking.

A.face B.realize C.influence D.lose

23.It's Sunday today.How about ______ mountains?

A.to climb B.climb C.climbing D.climbed

24.I went to visit him.I found, ______, that he wasn't at home.

A.however B.but C.and D.so

25.You won't catch the bus ______ you run.

A.when B.if C.while D.unless


When learning new vocabulary, don't just memorize a list of words.Instead, try to __.Take the sound “th” for example.Choose words that __ “th” and repeat!This, that, those, them, think, thought, through, thin, thick...

Read, read, read—in English, of course!Reading is one of the best ways to increase your 话题) or books you are interested in.

When someone is talking in English, the main point.If you hear a word you don't understand, ignore (忽略) it and go on listening.If you stop and think about the word, you will Always remember:Practice makes perfect.

26.A.say B.make C.remember D.speak

27.A.the first B.the second C.each D.some

28.A.day B.time C.way D.word

29.A.difficult B.terrible C.funny D.easy

30.A.with B.from C.at D.in

31.A.when B.after C.until D.since

32.A.but B.so C.or D.and

33.A.quick B.sure C.important D.necessary

34.A.look for B.see C.listen for D.hear

35.A.miss B.guess C.get D.catch



In schools all over the world many boys and girls are learning foreign languages.Everybody knows his own language, but to know another is very useful.

How many languages are there in the world?There are about 1500.English is one of them.It is used not only in England and the USA, but also in the other parts of the world.

What is the best way to learn a language?We should remember how we all learned our own language when we were children.If we could learn a second language in the same way, it would not seem so difficult.Think of what a small child does.He listens to what people say, and he tries to copy what he hears.When he wants something, he has to ask for it.He is using the language, talking in it and thinking in it all the time.If a second language is used all the time, it would soon be learned.

It is important to remember, also, that we learn our own language by listening to people speaking it, not by looking at what they write.We copy what we hear.In school, though you learn to read and write as well as to hear and speak, it is best to learn all new words through the ear.You can read them, spell them and write them later.

36.In schools all over the world ______.

A.many boys and girls at least know two languages

B.only English is taught

C.another language is taught besides English

D.all the boys and girls are learning foreign languages

37.How many languages are there in the world?

A.About 1500. B.About 5000. C.About 15,000. D.About 50,000.

38.The best way to learn a foreign language is ______.

A.that we don't grow up any more

B.to do anything as children do

C.to think of the way to learn our own language and do it in the same way

D.to learn it from the children

39.Which of the following is NOT true?

A.The best way to learn new words is to read, spell and write them.

B.To learn a foreign language is not so difficult if we learn it in a correct way.

C.It is useful for the students to learn a foreign language.

D.Children are good at copying what they hear.

40.Which is the best title for the passage?

A.Children's language B.Remember your childhood

C.Languages in the world D.The best way to learn foreign languages


A good reader is much like a driver.He can change his reading speed to fit his purpose and the material(材料) he is reading, just like a driver does to fit the road situation.A good reader may read a thousand words per minute (WPM), but he won't keep that speed for everything he reads.A good reader doing research in the library may read at the speed of 1000 words per minute when he looks for materials for a report.But once he finds something that is useful to him, he will slow down the speed to 100 WPM.A good reader may read newspapers and magazine articles at 600 WPM, but at 150 WPM when he reads science or maths texts.

41.According to the passage, good readers can ______.

A.go to libraries B.read at 100 WPM

C.spend more time reading D.change his reading speed as needed

42.Reading speed depends on (依赖于)______ according to the passage.

A.the time when you are reading B.the place where you are reading

C.the material and purpose of reading D.the number of books

43.A good reader may read at the highest speed when ______ according to the passage.

A.he is trying to find the material for his report B.he is trying to work out a maths problem

C.he reads the material most useful to him D.he reads newspapers and magazines

44.The passage suggests (暗示) that a good driver should ______.

A.drive at a high speed B.drive in all kinds of situations fast

C.be good at changing driving speed D.be good at driving on a country road

45.The passage is mainly about ______.

A.different reading speeds B.the relationship (关系) between reading and driving

C.the difference between driving and reading D.the best way of fast reading Ⅶ.词汇(10分) (A)根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成单词。

51.I suddenly ______(意识到) how important it was.

52.My teacher ______(影响) my decision to study science.



(2010·山东淄博)We are all middle school students.Most of us have been learning English for about seven years.How can we learn and improve our English?

Please write a passage (about 100 words) and tell us your ideas.

How to improve our English



Ⅰ. 1-5 AACBB

Ⅱ.6- 10 CBBAC

Ⅲ. 11.To make word lists 12.popular and helpful 13.through the ear 14.radio programs or TV programs 15.on the bottle




46 Step 1 B Step 2 D Step 3 C Step 4 A

47 (1)using (2)until (3)written

48 How to learn English grammar well.

49 They can look for a book of grammar exercises that also has answers or they can have online activities.

50 They should ask themselves if they can make similar sentences.

Ⅶ. 51 realized 52 influenced 53 solution 54 impressed 55 differently 56 at all 57 deal with 58 am afraid 59 complain about 60 worry about

Ⅷ. 61.B 62.D 63.E 64.C 65.A

Ⅸ. 参考范文: In English study,there are four skills needed to practise:listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Firstly, try to talk with others in English, and we can improve our speaking and listening skills.

Secondly, we should try to listen to all kinds of English programmes as much as possible.In this way, we can improve our pronunciation.

Thirdly, we should often read English books.When we meet a new word, we should guess its meaning.I think it is a good way of reading.

Fourthly, we should practise our writing skills.Whenever we have an idea, we should get the pen and write it down at once.

Do as these, we can learn English well.

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