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How many people are in the picture?
? How many people are there in your family? ? Who are they?


grandfather .

grandmother .

parents. father . mother. My name is Xiao Wangzi. sister.

? ? ? ?

Parents父母 brother兄弟 Cousin表兄弟姐妹 Daughter女儿

Relative(关系,亲属) relationship(关系)

? This is my sister 介绍,谈论家庭 成员 ? Where is your pen pal?谈论朋友 及周围的人

What do you look like? Short, short, I’m short. What does she look like? Thin,thin, she’s thin. What do they look like? Heavy,heavy,they’re heavy. We want to be more healthy. We want to be more beautiful. Let’s do sports every day!

What does she look like?

She has long straight black hair.


tall thin

short heavy



brown (hair)

blonde (hair)

beard is



medium height

medium build

My name is Gina:谈论姓名,年龄等个人情况 What does he look like?谈论个人的长相及特点

I am more outgoing than my sister.谈论个人的性格及特

I used to be afraid to be afraid of the dark.谈论过去和现

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1调皮的 2谦虚的 3健忘的 4自信的 5独立的 6想法 7话题 8关系 9友谊 1.Naughty 2.Modest 3.Forgetful 4.Confident 5.Independent 6.Thoughts 7.Topic 8.Relationship 9.friendship

? 1.look+形容词
My mother looks old. ? 2.both ----and(both of ) Both of my parents are doctors./ Both my father and my mother are doctors ? 3.of(with)----? ?

I live in a big family of(with) six people. 4.Be good at doing
I am good at swimming. 5.like doing

My sister likes reading. ? 6.used to be Did you use to be an active boy? ? ? 7.(sb)spend doing Grandparents spend time chatting and playing with us. it took sb st to do sth It takes him 1 hour to finish homework every day.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.审题 2.人称 3.时态 4.连词的使用 5.优美句子的使用 6.结合材料 7.可以适当仿写材料内容

The person I respect most
? 1. The person I respect most is--? 2.he /she is tall and fat. He /she is outgoing and friendly. ? 3.(过去时)具体一件事情就可以了 ? he has helped me with my English for more than 2 years,and I got good grades in English .what is more ,I am more confident than before ,and classmates all like me.

? Lots of people are very important in our life. But the person I respect is my teacher.(尊重的人) She is very sweet and slim.(外貌) She is very nice and friendly to all her students.(性格及原因) ? When I began to learn English ,I like English but I couldn’t get the right way in learning. The more I wanted to remember, the harder I found it was. I was sad. I almost gave it up. Luckily ,my English teacher encouraged me and helped me find a good way. By and by, I realized English was not such a ter

rible thing. I became brave enough to open my mouth to speak English. Believe it or not, I won the first prize in Spoken English Competition in our school.(具体事件) ? In short, she helped me to be brave and confident. I respect her most.(尊重的人及原因-----首尾呼应)

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