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will and be going to

I. Will
1.To talk about what we think will happen (but we are not sure ) e.g. I think we will have lots of fun

at the camp.

2.To talk about the plans we are making at the moment. e.g. –I don’t know how to do my

English home work.
-Don’t worry. I will help you.

Ⅱ. Be going to
1.To talk about what we think will happen quite soon (when we are sure about it)
e.g. Put your shoes on. We are going to leave in a minute.

2.To talk about plans we have already made e.g. I am going to learn tennis this summer.

What are they doing next Monday? They are playing basketball next Monday.

What are they doing tomorrow? They are playing football tomorrow.

What are they doing next week? They are having a picnic next week.

What is the baby doing next week? She is having a birthday party next week.

What is he doing tomorrow evening ? He is doing some washing tomorrow evening.

Day Monday

What Play volleyball Tuesday Read a book Wednesda Have y supper

When After school 21:00

Where At school

At home At home


What’s she doing on …(Monday)? Where is she going? When is she going there? Is she going to …? Who is going to …?

what are you going to do?
Do you have any plans this weekend?


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