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1 How many jobs are mentioned(提及)? Eight 2 what kinds of jobs are they?

They are farmer, baker, artist ,postman , worker , teacher, driver, writer


1.What do you do? What are you? I’m a reporter. 2.What does he do? What is he? He’s a student. 3.What does she do? What is she? She’s a doctor.
4.What are you going to be (do you want to be) when you group up? I want to be a teacher.


doctor student reporter


shop assistant policeman bank clerk businessman

主人 经理 工程师 飞行员 设计师 秘书 记者 先锋 邮递员 教练 科学家 发明家 士兵 军官 总统 导演

Master Manager Engineer Pilot Designer Secretary Reporter Pioneer Postman Coach Scientist Inventor Soldier Officer President director

让 我 们 一 起 认 识 他 们

职业知多点 1教授 2 运动员 3 作家 4 教师 5 艺术家 6 律师 7 摄影家 8 漫画家 9 心理学家

Professor Player Writer Teacher Artist Lawyer Photographer Cartoonist Psychologist

What does she do?
She is a nurse. Where does she work? She works in a hospital. What does he do? He is a waiter. Where does he work? He works in a restaurant.

What does she do? She is a bank clerk. Where does she work?

She works in a bank.

What does she do?
She is a reporter. Where does she work? She works in a TV station.
What does he do? He is a policeman. Where does he work? He works in a Police Station.


What do you want to be? I want to be an actor. What does he want to be? He wants to be a bank clerk. What does she want to be? She wants to be a shop assistant.

1 What do you want to be when you grow up? 你长大后想成为什么? I want to be a /an …..

2 How are you going to do that? 你打算怎样做? I am going to study hard。

1 want to do sth 想做某事 Do you want to go to a movie? 2 what kind of 哪一种 What kind of music does he want to listen to ? 3 my dream is to be 我的梦想是,,,, My dream is to be an inventor in the future. 4 go to sw 去某地 When will you go to Hong Kong? 5 hope to do sth 希望做某事 I hope to go France some day. 6 somewhere relaxing 放松的地方、 I would like to go to somewhere realxing. 7 set up 建立 We will set up a food bank to help hungry people. 8 make sb’s dream come true 使某人梦想实现 He wants to make his dream come true by working hard.

When it comes to NBA, many people may know a new rising star, Jeremy Lin. His skin tells us he is from Asia. He studied in Harvard University. He plays basketball so well that he catches our attention. But at first , people didn’t noticed his talent. He didn’t even have the chance to play for his team. However , he kept working hard and practicing. Finally, when he was given a chance to play the game he did his best to prove(证明) that he was excellent! It is important to believe in ourselves and keep working hard.(情况及启示 My dream is to be a doctor to help people.(职业梦想) I will st

udy really hard and read more books about health. As the proverb says, “practice makes perfect!” Keep working hard, one day we can also make our dreams come true.

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