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月考试题(无答案) 人教新目标版

I. 听句子,选出你所听到的单词(5分)

1.A. studying B.standing C.sitting

2.A. went B.visit C.visited

.3A. modern B.happen C.mountain

4.A.mean B.meaning C.experience

5.A.stange B.science C.pleased


6..A. Dennis didn’t leave until his mother arrived.

B.Dennis left and his mother arrived. C.Dennis went home until his mother arrived.

7A.Anna has no picture but I have one.

B.My picture is the same as Anna’s.

C.My picture is different from Anna’s.

8.A.Emlilo doesn’t run too fast so we could catch up with him.

B.Emilio ran very fast that we couldn’t catch up with him.

C.Emilio ran fast but we couldn’t catch up with him.

9.A.I am upset and don’t how I should do it.

B.I am very happy but I can’t do it.

C.I am upset and I can do it.

10.A.His clothes are different from mine.

B.His clothes are nicer than mine.

C.My clothes are nicer than his.



11.A. To Australia. B.To America. C.To Canada.

12.A.She is going to college. B.Because she is going on business.

C.She is going to visit her grandparents.


13.A.3 B.4 C.5

14.A.Mr Brown and his son. B.Mrs Brown and her son. C.Mr Brown and his daugter.

15.A.In a school. B.In a company. C.In a bank


16.The car accident happened on----.

A.Sunday morning. B.Saturday morning. C.Monday afternoon.

17.Jim was in a ---- at that time.

A.barber shop B.supermarket C.swimming pool

18.Tom was ---- when the car accident happened.

A.having his hair cut B.doing his homework C.doing some shopping

19.---- people were working in the garden at that time.


A.Two B.Four C.Six

20.---- saw the car accident happen.

A.Dave B.Kate C.Ben


Mrs Jone’telephone number was 3463, and the number of the cinema in her town was--21-----, so people of made a----22--- and telephoned her when they wanted the cinema.

One evening the telephone---23-- and Mrs Jone answered it. A --24----man said,”At what time does your---25----film



VI. 单选选择(10分)

26.------I think English is-----Japanese.

----I don’t agree with you.

A.less popular than B.the most popular C.so popular as D. as more popular as

27.------Li Lei wants to go to the bench with you next week.


A. That’s a good idea. B.No,I don’t think so. C.Why? D.He’s very friendly.


----My watch doesn’t work.

B. Can I help you? B.What’s wrong? C.What’s this? D.How are you?

29.---Can I talk with you for a moment, Mr Zhao?

-------Sure. I have_____ time.

A.a few B.little C.a little D. few

30.If there are____trees, the air in our city will be_____cleaner.

A.less,more B.more,more C.much,more D.more,much

31.The old man lived____, but he didn’t feel____.

A.alone, alone B. lonely,lonely C.lonely, alone D.alone,lonely

32.If you don’t go to the meeting tomorrow, _________.

A.he will,too B.he won,t,either C.he does,too D.he doesn’t, either

33.All the students were sweeping the floor____they heard a man___”help”.

A.when,shouting B.while,to shout, C.when,to shout D.whlie,shouting

34.___I was having supper at11;00 last night. -----_____________ Everyone fell asleep then.

A.I hope so. B.You’re kidding me. C.How time flies! D.What a pity!

35.Can you tell me_________yesterday?

A.what do they do B.what did they do C.what they did D.what they do


I always believed in the UFO, but I didn’t see one. My husband( 丈夫 )didn’t believe in UFOs before that_36_.

Last Friday night, he was driving home__37__work. He drove near a gas station and saw a bright light. It looked __38__ a light. It was below, and it wasn’t moving. So he didn’t__39__too much about it. He thought maybe it was a street light. So he__40__up further and then the light went off. But a few minutes later, it was on. 2

He stopped the car. He_41___looked around, but saw nothing.

After a short while the___42_was on again. He got in the car and drove another two mi les to our house.

He sat in the___43__for a few minutes thinking of what he saw. He got out of the car and the moving light went off. Then he looked back, he couldn’t____44__it in the sky天空 ). Then he was45it must be a UFO. He went into our house ,and told me about it.

36.A.morning B.afternoon C.night D.year

37.A.before B. then C.of D.after

38.A.like B.of C.out D.over

39.A.watch B.look C.think D.guess

40.A.drove B.ran C.walked D.jumped

41.A.got in B.got out C.got off D.got on 42.A.noise B.train C.car D.light

43.A.a gas station B.car C.bedroom D.office

44.A.watch B.hear C.see D.look at

45.A.bored B.sure C.interested D.surprised

VIII.阅读理解。 (40分) A We ofter hear that computers are cold and not like people, but many people are comfortable with a computer than another person in daily life. Computers never feel tired or angry. They are fast and reliable( 可靠的 ). Many students just ask computers for help instead of teachers. There is even a computer program about psychological( 心理的 )problems. The program gets popular because many people feel uncomfortable when they are telling others these problems. The programmer who wrote the program is worried now, because people are always using this program instead of seeing a doctor. He wrote the program ever only to show that computers could have conversationgs with people. However, people midunderstand him.

46.Many people are comfortable with a computer for the reason except that______.

A.it never feels tired or angry B.it’s fast C.it’s reiable D.it can solve all the problems

47. The program gets popular because_______ A. people feel comfortable when telling computers their psychological problems.

B.people don’t think doctors are more skilled than computers.

C.computers know more about their problems.

D.computers can talk with people as well as doctors.

48.The programmer wrote the program to_________

A.to tell people computers were as clever as humans.

B.make people not to go to see a doctor.

C.help people learn to use computers

D.show computers could have conversations with people.

49.What’s the meaning of the underline word?

A. 理解 B. 误解 C. 支持 D反对

50.The article mainly talks about_________.

A.how to use computers B.the programmer C.advantages(优点 )of computers and 3

a new program

D.the unpopular prgrame

51.What number may you call if you and your friends want to enjoy the sunshine at 4

the seaside?

A. 67538293 B. 63986432 C. 64639818 D. 63875629

52.Sam wants to stay in Hunter Valley wit his wife, his five_ year _old daughter and his seven _year _

son. How much will it cost?

A. $ 25 B.$ 50 C.$ 100 D.$150

53. David loves sports. He will take his holiday from May 7 to May 15 . What activity will he pro_

bably take park in?

A.Hiking in the mountains. B.Fishing in the country

C. Watching plants at night D.Swimming in the sea

54.Lucy is a college student. She is quite interested in science. She wants to know something about

The life of plants at night. Which trip will she choose?

A. Trip 1 B. Trip 2 C. Trip 3 D.Trip4

55.Which of the following is NOT mentioned( ) according to the four advertisements?

A. A sunhat hat B. A flashlight C. A umbrella D.A camera C

The world is becoming smaller by using modern traffic,TV,telephone and so on. Life today is easier than it was hungreds of years ago, but it has also brought new problems. One of the biggest ispollution.Pollution comes in many ways. We see it,smell it,drink it and even hear it.

The more people ,the more pollution. Many years ago,the problem was not so serious because there were not so many people.Man is now slowly polluting the whole world.

Air pollution is still the most serious.It’sbad to all living things in the world.Water pollution kills our fish and pollutes our drinking water.Noise pollution makes us become angry more easily.The pollution of SO2 is now the most dangerous problem of air pollution.It is caused by heavy traffic .It is sure that if there are fewer people driving,there will be less air pollution.

Many countries are making rules to fight pollution. They srop people from burning coal(煤) in houses and factories in the city.So the less pollution there is, the better life people will have.

56.Our world is becoming much smaller_____.

A.because of science development.

B.Because there are fewer people.

C.Because the earth is being polluted day and night.

D.Because there are more people.

57.Thousands of years ago, life was______it is today..

A.easier than

B.as easy as

C.harder than


D.more dangerous than

58.Pollution comes in many ways.We can even hear it.Here”it”means_____.

A.air pollution

B.noise pollution

C.water pollution

D.the problem of population

59..Air pollutionis the most serious kind of pollution because_______.

A. it makes much noise.

B. it’sbad to all living things in the world.

C.it has made our river and lakes dirty

D.it is too difficult for us to solve

60.Which of the following is NOT true?

A.Many countries are making rules to fight pollution.

B.The pollution of the earth grow as fast as the world’s population does.

C.The problem of pollution is not so serious because there are so many


D.The problem of pollution is not easy for us to solve.


1The light came One day an Australia farmer, Joe ,saw a bright light in the sky. ○

nearer and suddenly Joe saw that it was a spaceship.The spaceship landed in a field puickly.

2They seemed The door of the spaceship opened and two srtange beings climbed out.○

to be half man and half bird. Joe was afraid of them. He tried to run away.But the carried him into the spaceship.They put wires(电线)from a machine onto his head and then they could speak to him in English.

They asked him some questions about the earth.”We are from Venus,”they said,”But it’s getting very hot there. A lot of our people are dying and we haven’t much time left. We are trying to find a new home.”

3freed Joe and at last the spaceship took off and could not After some time they○

be seen again.Joe told his friends about the spaceship, but no one believed his story .

“You’ll believe me one day,”Joe told them,”The spacemen will come back”. 根据短文内容,完成下列各题。

1处划线部分句子。 61.翻译○

2处句子。 62. 不改变句意,改写○

63.According to the conversation between Joe and the aliens ,what do we know about Venus?

3处单词的意思是___. 64.○

A.let??go B. paid no money


C. took away D.locked


1Some people ______in everlasting life after death. ○

2The girls are ______of going out at night. ○



A:What were you doing yesterday afternoon? B: 66

A:Where did you fly the kite? B: 67 A:It blew yesterday,didn’t it? B:Yes, but the wind wasn’t strong. 68 A:Whom did you fly kites with? B:Zhang Hong and Li Ying . 69 A:Did you enjoy yourselves yesterday? B:Yes. 70

? X. 根据句意和首字母填词。(5分)

? 71. Gina, there are many mistakes in you r exercises. Please c _______ them after


? 72. It’s a p______ trip. All of them are pleased.

? 73. Spring Festival is a t________ festival in China.

? 74. December is the t______ month of the year.

? 75. I bought the ring as a s________ of Greece.

? XI.按要求变换下列句型。(每空一分,共10分)

? 1. I think your answer is wrong.(同义句)

? I____76__ think your answer is __77__.

? 2.She is a woman teacher.(变复数句型)

? They are ___78____ _____79___.

? (对


? _____80__ was Lily___81__when her father got home.


? 5.It was raining hard when they got to the top of Mount Tai. ((对划线部分提



? ___82___was the___83___ when they got to the top of Mountain Tai.

? 5.Hurry up! Or you will miss the train. (同义句)


? _84____you __85____hurry , you will miss the train。

? XII. 根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词。(0.5*10,共5分)

? 1.吉姆经常向他父母要钱。












? Jim often __86__ his parents _87___some money. 2.你应该向他道歉。 You should __88____ _89_____ to him. 3.他花了两小时到这儿。 He __90__ two hours ___91____ here. 4.他们沉默地坐在那儿。 They sat there ___92__ _93_____. 5.直到他明天回来我才能告诉他。 I won’t tell him __94__ he __95___back tomorrow. XIII.书面表达。 What’s your dream? Do you want to be a scientist, a policeman or a teacher in

the future. Tell us what you think in 100 words or so.(用100字左右描述你的梦想。)




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