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Unit 1 How do you study a second language?

? What is your mother language? ? Chinese ? Which languages do you know?



Foreign languages
? ? ? ? ? ? 英语 English 日语 Japanese 法语 French 德语 German 西班牙语 Spanish 俄语 Russian ? 英式英语 British English ? 美式英语 American English

Why do people want to study English?

Many boys and girls learn English at school because it is one of their subjects required(要求) for study.
Some people learn it because it is useful for their work. Other people learn English because they want to read newspapers or magazines in English.

How do you learn English?

by + doing sth…
I learn English

III. Useful expressions:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? by making flashcards by making vocabulary lists the best way to learn English reading aloud to practice pronunciation improve my speaking skills have more specific suggestions memorize the words of pop songs watch the actors say the words watch movies frustrating end up

How do you… for…? by +doing

1. study for a test, work with a group; 2. study for a test, listen to tapes; 3. study for a test, read my notes; 4. study for a test, read the textbook.

? How do you improve your

listening—listen to the radios

Listening reading Writing Written English Spoken English

writing--- write and English diary every day
Speaking– read English aloud

speak English with classmates
Reading ------read English magazines and newspaper every day ask the teacher for help

1.外语 2.第二语言 3.听力 4.阅读 5.写作 6.英语写作 7.口语 8.语法 9.发音 10.说话技巧 11.写作技巧 12.阅读技巧

? 1.foreign language ? 2.Second language ? 3.Listening 4.reading 5.Writing 6.Written English 7.Spoken English 8.Pronunciation 9.Speaking skills 10.Writing skills 11.Reading skills

? ? ? ? ?

1.背诵 2.记忆力 3.风俗 4.写日记 5.在---方面犯错误


3.Custom 4.Keep a diary 5.Make mistakes in ---

? 1.by studying with a group ? 2.What about doing (why not do)?

? 3.so+形容+that(从句)--? 4.in this\ that way---? 5.ways to learn English ? 6.the best way to do ? 7.be widely used

? 8.find sth +形容词

? Dear Lin Hao, ? How is it going? Now I will give you some advice on learning English. ? As we know there are language skills. They are listening, speaking, reading and writing. As for listening, I usually get up early in the morning and listen to the radio or tape, and practice pronunciation at the same time. If you want to speak the language you have to talk to others in English. So joining and English club or an English corner is a good way. Remember to open mouth and speak English. Making mistakes now helps to make fewer mistakes in future. For reading, you can read some newspapers or some interesting story books. When you like the stories you will have some feelings to share. Then it will lead your to w

rite. The more you read, the better you can write. ?


Anyway, the most useful way to learn English is to use it. Spending enough time practicing it will help a lot. And interest is the best teacher. If you like it, go and get it. You are sure to make it.

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