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How many months are there in a year?

How many seasons are there in a year?

? ? ? ?

in spring in summer in autumn in winter

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? 元旦 ? 春节 妇女节 ? 植树节 ? 愚人节 ? ? 五一 母亲节 ? 儿童节 ? 党的生日? 建军节 ? 教师节 ? 国庆节 ? 中秋节 ? 感恩节 ? 圣诞节 ?

New Year’s Day January 1st The Spring Festival in January or February Women’s Day March 8th the Planting Day March 12th April Fool’s Day April 1st May Day May 1st Mother’s Day on the 2nd Sunday in May Children’s Day June 1st Party’s Day July 1st Army’s Day August 1st Teachers’ Day September 1st National Day October 1st the Mid-autumn Festival in September Thanksgiving Day on the 4th Thursday Christmas Day December 25th

the second month of the year

Spring Festival

Chinese traditional festival
How do people celebrate the Spring Festival? get together visit the relatives

have dinner
eat dumplings

wear new clothes
get the lucky money


When is Mid-Autumn Day? In September or October How do you celebrate Mid-Autumn Day?

traditional festival
watch the moon

get together
all kinds of mooncakes with nuts and eggs eat mooncakes

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 暑假 寒假 去度假 感恩节 西方的 庆祝 拥挤的 装饰 火鸡 南瓜 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Summer holidays Winter holidays go on vacation Thanksgiving Day western celebrate be crowded decorate turkey pumpkin

What are you doing for the winter vacation?
? I am visiting Beijing for the winter vacation. There are many interesting places.

Guessing game
Where are people going for vacation ?
Thailand Hawaii HongKong




Make conversations by asking “ What do you like to do on vacation? ”.

go fishing

go sightseeing

take a walk

go bike riding

rent videos

How do you go there?

by bike

by car

by subway

on foot by train by bus

by ship by plane

How do you get to school every day?
take the train
take the car take the plane take the boat take the subway


ake the ferry(快艇)
take the bus take the minibus take the taxi ride a bike

to get to school.

ride a motorbike(摩托车)

乘交通工具的表达方式: 1. take a bus / a taxi / the/a train / the/a subway He often takes a bus to work. 注意:交通工具前一般要加冠词the 或者a 2 by bus/ train/ car/ plane He often goes to work by bus. 注意:这种表达法,交通工具前不能加冠词。 3 on(in) the /a/ one’s (bus, train, plane) 提示:能够站起来走动的 用on,如on a plane/on a train/on a bus/on one’s bike. 但是不能走动的,就 用in, 如in the car/ in a taxi. He goes to work on a bus.

How does she get to school?

She rides her bike to school. =She gets to school by bike. = She gets to school on her bike.

How does he go to work? How does she go home?

He takes the bus to work. She takes a taxi to go home.

= He goes to work by bus. = He goes to work on a bus.

=She goes home by taxi. =She goes home in a taxi.


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. one of 4. go to 地方 by + 交通工具 take a + 交通工具 to 地方 5. neither … nor … 既不… 也不… 6. save 7.when … 8.a good place to do 9. between … and …

? Mid-autumn Day ? Mid-autumn Day is one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals. It is usually in September or October. Family members get together to have a big meal to celebrate it. On that night people eat mooncakes and watch the beautiful and bright moon. It means united. ? I love Mid-autumn Day and other important traitional Chinese festivals. Because they carry the history of our nation and our special culture. By celebrating them, we can know more about ourselves. On the other hand, we can be more united. ? In short, let’s enjoy ourselves in our own traditional Chinese festivals and show our own beautiful culture.

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