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2013学年七年级英语Module 2测试题

班级:_____________ 学号:_______ 姓名:_____________


( ) 1. 你早晨见到史密斯太太向她问好,应说:________

A. Mrs Smith, good morning. B. Good morning, Mrs Smith

C. Smith Mrs, good morning D. Good morning, Smith Mrs

( ) 2. “Good afternoon, class.”“________, Miss Li.”

A. Good morning B. How are you C. Hello D. Good afternoon

( ) 3. 在街上遇到好友Lily,你应该说:________

A. Nice to meet you, too. B. Hi, Lily. C. Goodbye, Lily. D. What's your name?

( ) 4. “________”“Yes, P-E-N, pen.”

A. What's this? B. Is this your pen?

C. Can you spell it, please? D. What's your name, please?

( ) 5. “________”“Fine, thank you.”

A. How are you B. What's this C. How do you do D. Hello

( ) 6. “________ her name?”“Her name is Linda.”

A. What B. What's C. What am D. What are

( ) 7. Ten and five is ________.

A. five B. fifteen C. four D. fourteen ( )8. Please stand ______ ,class

A. up B. down C. to D. in

( )9. ________ your book and read.

A.Close B.Listen C. Draw D.Open

( )10. How many ______are there ?

A.chair B.map C. books D.desk

( )11. How______ you?

A. am B. is C. are D.can

( )12. What's ________ name?

A. you B.your C. I D. he


( ) 1. What's your name? A. I’m fine.

( ) 2. How are you? B. It's Thursday.

( ) 3. This is Ms Zhou. She's my teacher C. I’m Lingling

( ) 4. What's your telephone number? D. Hello, Ms Zhou.

( )5.What class are you in? E. I ’ mtwelve ( ) 6. How many books are there? F. It's 4589302.

( ) 7. How old are you? G . I am in Class 2, Grade 1

1. __ 2. __ 3. __ 4. __ 5. __ 6. __ 7. __


Daming is a __1__. He is tall, but he has short (短的) black hair (头发) and two __2__. His nose (鼻子) is very big, but his mouth (嘴巴) is very __3__. Look at his ears (耳朵)! They __4__ very big. He is very tall, so his legs (腿) are very __5__. He is twelve years old now. He is in our class. We __6__ good friends.

( ) 1. A. girl B. boy C. toy

( ) 2. A. black eyes B. red eyes C. green eyes

( ) 3. A. big B. tall C. small

( ) 4. A. are B. is C. am

( ) 5. A. long B. short C. small

( ) 6. A. are B. has C. is



Good morning, class! My name is Ma Ming. I'm your new English teacher. Nice to meet you all (大家). This is Emma. She is an English girl. What's your name, please? Oh, Mike. Sit down, please.


( ) 1. It's morning now (现在).

( ) 2. Ma Ming is a teacher.

( ) 3. Emma is a teacher, too.

( ) 4. Mike is a student (学生).

( ) 5. Ma Ming, Emma and Mike are in the classroom now.


My name is Mary. I am seven. Ted is my brother (兄弟). He's twelve. We are in the same (相同的) school. My mother is a teacher. She teaches (教) English. She is a teacher in our school. My father is a doctor (医生). He works (工作) in a big hospital (医院). I have a dog. Its (它的) name is Bell (贝尔). We are good friends.


( ) 6. Ted and Mary are ________.

A. brother and sister B. friends C. mother and son (儿子) D. teachers

( ) 7. Mary's mother is ________.

A. a Chinese teacher B. an English teacher

C. a college (大学) teacher D. a doctor

( ) 8. Bell is the name of (的) ________.

A. Mary's brother B. Mary's friend C. Mary's dog D. Mary's mother

( ) 9. Ted's father is ________.

A. a teacher B. a doctor C. a worker D. a student

( ) 10. Ted, Mary and their mother are ________.

A. at home B. in the same school C. students D. teachers


1. This girl is my ____________ (朋友).

2. This is Miss Wang. She is my ____________ (老师).

3. It's __________ (时间) to go now.

4. “What's your friends __________ (名字)?”“Tom.”

5. There is a __________ (书本) on the desk.

6. There are eight __________ (男孩) in our class.



B: Good morning!

your name?

B: name is Kate.

you it, please.

B: K-A-T-E

you a new student?

, I am.

A: What class are you in?

B: I'm in 3, Miss Lin's class.

A: What’s your telephone

B: It's 015-384 67251.

A: Thanks.


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