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It's good to be correct.It's also important to be creative.

Excellent.You haven't made any mistakes,but do try to make your handwriting neater. 对中等生的作业要慎重评价,在评语中要多督促。例如:

You had better be more careful!Pay more attention to the tenses. Your work is quite good

except for a few spelling mis- takes.

Keep it up.Remember that little by little one goes far.


The structure of the composition is good,buttry to make sure the word order in your sentences is correct.

Lily,I like your handwriting very much although there are some mistakes here.I am sure you can correct them.

Bill,I think you can do better if you work harder.

Your answers show you have real ability in the course,and you are developing increasing depth of thought and clarity of expression in your written work.However there are some grammar mistakes in the essay/here.

Your work has improved.I am sure there is nothing too difficult for us to learn.

You have done your work better this time.

I believe that nothing is impossible as long as you work hard. Practice makes perfect.


例如在节假日或某学生生日前,教师可以给予学生一些祝愿语: ●Merry Christmas!/Happy New Year!/Enjoy yourself in the coming holidays!/Happy birthday1/Many happy returns!


Lingling,you have made a few mistakes in your work.I know that is because you were absent...I think it is only natural.Don't lose heart.I am ready to help you. 再如某个学生因为考试不及格失去信心,教师就要说一些激励的话:

I am sorry to hear that you didn't pass the exam.I hope you are not too disappointed.I want to cheer you up with the saying"Failure is the mother of success".I nope to see much improvement in

your future studies.


A一个词:●Great!/Perfect!/Good!/Wonderful!/Correct!/Excellent! B.短语:●Well done!/Neat and tidy! C.句型:●That's OK!

●What a good job you have done! ●

●Now you can do better than before.

Your handwriting is excellent! ●Keep it up.

●Your English will become better if you work harder.

D.段落:●Although you have not been successful,you have done better than ever.Success belongs to the diligent learners.I am sure you will make more and more progress if you keep on practising your spoken English. E.格言:●Practice makes perfect. ●Where there is a will,there is a way.

Awillfulman willhave his way.

●Failure is the only highroad to success. ●

●Diligence is the mother of good fortune/good luck. ●He who does not advance falls backward.

The water wears away stones. ●

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