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Unit3 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.

Do you have any rules at home?
Do you have any rules at school ? Do your parents allow you to do the following things?

I. 语言技能目标 ① 能听懂有关“Rules”的谈话,并能从中提 取信 息和观点,简单地表达自己的观点 和意见,参与讨论。 ② 能用“should be allowed to do”谈论青少 年应该被允许和不被允许做的事情。 ③ 能针对被允许和不被允许做的事情发表自 己的观点,并能陈述同意或不同意的理由。



① 理解并正确运用本单元的重点词汇,如: license, silly, study, present, experience, member, sleepy, reply ② 熟练运用 “should (not) be allowed to do”谈论 应该被允许和不应该被允许做某事 ③ 熟练运用 “I agree / disagree.”或“ I don’t agree.”表达自己的观点。



通过了解和反思自己的言行举止是否符 合中学生日常行为准则、规范自己的言行, 养成自觉遵守规则的良好习惯和优良品德。 ② 正确看待“家规”“班规”“校规”等, 并能认真遵守。 ③ 明白父母、教师的合理建议对自己成长的 重要性

We have a new classmate this term. At the beginning of the term, he wants to know some rules about our school. ? What rules do you have at your school? ? We should clean up classroom every day. ? We should not go to class late.

? Teachers don’t allow us to talk in class. ? Teacher allow us to discuss in class. ? My head teacher allow us to read books loudly in the morning. ? Parents allow us to go out with friends on weekends. ? My parents allow me to go shopping with my friends

What do you think this boy think about?

Teenager Sixteen-year-old

I want to play with my friends. But my father doesn’t allow.

Parents should allow teenagers to go out with their friends at night.

Parents should allow fifteen-yearolds to choose their own clothes.

Parents should allow fifteen-yearolds to make their own decision .

Sixteen-yearolds should be allowed to drive.

She gets her hair dyed. Are you allowed to wear a mini skirt? Are you allowed to dress in this way? Are you allowed to get your hair dyed? She wears a mini skirt.

She wears a pair of ear rings
She gets her ears pierced. Are you allowed to wear ear rings?

Are you allowed to get your ears pierced?

Should we be allowed to wear sunglasses? Yes, we should.

Should we be allowed to smoke?
No, we shouldn’t.

Do you think we should be allowed to fight with others? No, I don’t.

What do (not) you think teenagers should be allowed to do?
I (don’t) think teenagers should be allowed to ……
go out with their friends every night. drive / get their driver’s licenses. have part-time jobs. get their ears pierced. choose their own clothes.


Teacher introduces new words to students and teaches them to re

? ? ? ? ? ? pierce v.刺穿刺破 license n.执照;许可证 silly adj.愚蠢的;傻的 earring n.耳环(ear—earring) Instead of 代替

1.Anna can go to the mall with John. 2.Anna wants to get her ears pierced.


3.Anna is allowed to choose her own clothes.


? A: Teenagers

should not be allowed to drive. ? B:I agree. ? They are not old/ calm/serious enough.

2b Listen again. What are Kathy’s and Molly’s reasons? Number their reasons in the correct order.

4 It looks cool. 1 Young people need to sleep.
5 He needs to spend time with friends. 2 He needs time to do homework. 3 It doesn’t look clean.

而被动语态表示主语是动作的承受者。 ? be+及物动词的过去分词。 be有人称、时态和数的变化。

? 语态分为两种,即主动语态和被动语态。

? 它的构成如下: 动作的承受者+情态动词+助动词be+及物动词的 过去分词+by+动作的执行者。(当我们不知道谁 是执行者或没有必要指出时可以省略) Flowers should be watered by us every day. Classroom must be cleaned

3、allow 的用法
① allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事=let sb do ? My teacher allow me to discuss with my partner in class. ② be allowed to do sth 被允许做某事 ? we should be allowed to go out with our friends on weekend.

把下列句子改成被动语态 1. They allow us to have part-time jobs. ____________________________________. We are allowed to have part-time jobs 2. The teacher asked Anna to finish the picture. Anna was asked to finish the picture ____________________________________. 3. People in the UK speak English. ____________________________________. English is spoken in the UK. 4. We must send the postcard at once. The postcard must be sent at once. _____________________________________.

5. The old cat has eaten the fish.

___________________________________. The fish has been eaten ( by the old cat ). 6. I can’t find the watch anywhere. ____________________________________. The watch can’t be found anywhere. 7. When will you work out the math problem? _____________________________________ When will the math problem be worked out? ———————————————————. 8. Where have you put my backpack? ____________________________________. Where has my backpack been put?

Read the passage and circle “TRUE”, or “FALSE”. 1. Liu Yu wants to be a writer. 2. Parents worry about his study .



3.Liu loves running so much.
4. Parents think he should spend time on homework. 5.Liu Yu isn’t serious about running.

6.Parents think he needs to be realistic.



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