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( )21.--Excuse me. Could you tell me the way to the hospital?--__.

A. You can’t miss it. B. I don’t know.

C. No, I don’t know. D. I’m sorry, I’m new here myself.

( ) 22. --___ is Jerome going to move? -- He's going to New York.

A. How B. Where C. When D. What

( )23. The boy was born ____ the 3rd of July,1989.

A. in B. on C, at D. to

( )24. He is a kind man ___ Lei Feng.

A. call B. called C. name D. naming

( )25. —Could I have your name please, sir? —__________.

A. Oh, no B. You are polite

C. You can call me John D. It’s my pleasure

( )26. —Do you like English?

—Yes, but I think it’s _______ subject of all.

A. the easiest B. the most difficult

C. the most interesting D. the most boring

( )27. —What a dirty room! You shouldn't throw your waste things everywhere.

—Oh, I am sorry, I am going to ________ and put it in the waste box.

A. fold my clothes B. take out the trash C. watch TV D. make my bed

( )28. The work is really very difficult, _____ , it’s very interesting.

A. yet B. however C. still D. at the some time

( )29. Mr. Brown found a job _____ a teacher in a school last year.

A. for B. as C. with D. of

( )30. Don’t forget _____ the lights before you leave the room.

A. turning off B. turning on

C. to turn on D. to turn off

( )31. They are going ______ vacation the day after tomorrow.

A. to B. on C. about

( )32. Everyone wants to find a good ________ in the future.

A. work B. job C. dream D. works

( )33. This math problem is much too difficult, ___ students can work it out.

A. a little B. a few C. little D. few

( )34. Eliza sings _____ than Isabel.

A. better B. good C. more good D. best

( )35.-What are you doing? -I’m __ my bag, but I can’t ___ it.

A. looking for, look for B. looking for, find

C. finding, look for D. finding, find

( )36. Japan is ____ the east of China.

A. in B. on C. to D. with D. with

( )37. Who is ____ star in you college? I think Philip is.

A. the most famous B. more famous C. famous D. less famous

( )38. Changjiang River is the ____river in the world.

A. third longest B. three longest C. the three longest D. third long

( )39. Tom’s card is much more beautiful than ____.

A. our B. her C. mine D. him

( )40. I’m busy working _____ a math problem.

A. out B. on C. for D. with

( )41. There ___ a concert this evening.

A. are going to be B. is going to be

C. is going to have D. are going to have

( )42. If you want to be thinner and healthier, you should eat ____ food and take ___ exercise.

A. little, much B. less, more C. little, more D. less, much

( )43. --Could you please sweep the floor?

--_____. I have to do my homework.

A. Yes, sure. B. Why not?

C. Sorry, you can’t D. Sorry, I can’t

( )44. --Could you please buy ____ drinks and snacks?

--Sorry. I don’t have ____ money.

A. some, any B. any, any

C. some, some D. any, some

( )45. Nancy, thanks for _____ care of my goldfish.

A. take B. takes C. taking D. took

( )46. We’ll have _____________ to do in English class.

A. something different B. different something

C. anything different D. different anything

( )47. My father likes to play ____ basketball, but my mother likes to play ___ violin.

A. /, / B. the, the C. /, the D. the, /

( )48. -Is Mr. Brown living here?

-No, he moved ____ last week.

A. to somewhere else B. somewhere else

C. to else somewhere D. else somewhere

( )49. Which subject is ______, physics or chemistry?

A. very interesting B. most interesting C. more interesting D. interestinger

( )50. Chengdu ______ a beautiful place to live in.

A. sounds B. sound C. sounds like D. sound like



Most American families are smaller than the families in other countries. They have one or two parents and one or two children each.

Children in the US will leave their parents’ home when they grow up. They usually live far from their parents because they want to find good jobs. They often write to their parents or telephone them. And they often go to visit their parents on holiday.

Parents usually let their children choose their own jobs. Americans think it is important for young people to decide on their lives by themselves.

In America, parents usually let their children do some work around their house. And in many families, parents give their children money for doing some housework so that their children learn how to make money for their own use.

( )51. An American family is than that in other country.

A. more B. less C. bigger

D. smaller

( )52. When children in America grow up, they leave their parents’ home to .

A. get married(结婚) B. be free C. find good jobs D. study

( )53. They visit their parent A. on weekdays B. on holiday C. at any time D. on weekends

( )54. Which one is not right? .

A. Children are free to choose their own jobs

B. parents don’t ask their children to do any housework

C. Parents think it is important for their children to make their own decisions.

D. American children usually live far from their parents when they grow up.

( )55. Some parents pay their children for doing the housework because A. children can learn how to make money for themselves

B. their children ask them to do so

C. the American parents are very rich D. the law (法律) asks them to do so


A rich American went into a shop in London. He wanted very much to buy a nice-looking watch that he liked, but the owner of the shop asked five hundred dollars for it. Suddenly a young man came into the shop, took the watch out of the owner’s hands and ran out with it. It all happened in a few seconds. When the owner ran out into the street ,the young man was already lost among the people. The American went out of the shop. At the next corner, he saw the young man with the stolen watch in his hand. “Do you want to buy a fine watch, sir?” he said in a low voice.“ It’s only a hundred dollars.”

“The young man doesn’t know I saw him stealing the watch.” he thought. The American paid at once and went back to his room with the watch. He told his friend about the fine watch. His friend took a look at the watch and started laughing. He said,” You are a fool. This watch isn’t worth even ten dollars. I’m sure the shop owner and the young man planned this together.’

( )56.The rich man was from .

A. England B. America C. London D. American

( liked the nice-looking watch very much.

A. The rich man B. The young man

C. The owner of the shop D. The rich man’s friend

( )58.The young man the rich man saw him stealing the watch.

A. didn’t know B. thought C. knew D. asked

( )59.The rich man paid the watch for A. five hundred dollars B. only a hundred dollars

C. ten dollars D. about a hundred dollars

( )60.From the above passage we may infer( 推断) that .

A. the American was cheated B. the young man was fooled

C. the shop owner lost a watch D. the young man was s thief


Mr. Smith was in trouble those days. He drove a car for Mr. Black, a rich businessman. He worked hard and the shopkeeper liked him. But he couldn't work when he drank too much. And once he almost fell into the river when he drove along the bridge. Mr. Black become angry and was going to send him away. He had a big family and was afraid of it and promised(许诺) he would stop drinking at once. The man told him to wait to be dealt with(处置).

One Monday morning Mr. Smith came into the office with two badly burnt ears.

"What happened to your ears?" asked Mr. Black.

"Well," said t he man. " I went to watch a football match yesterday while my wife was ironing(熨)clothes. She had put the iron(熨斗) near the telephone before she went to cook supper. Our team lost the game and I felt sorry for it. As soon as I went into t he sitting-room, the phone rang and I answered the iron!"

"And what happened to the other ear?"

"When I put the iron down on the table, the telephone rang again!"

( )61. _____, so he almost drove the car into the river.

A. Mr. Smith was not careful B. Mr. Smith drank too much

C. Mr. Smith forget they were on the bridge

D. Mr. Smith couldn't work in the evening.

( )62. Mr. Smith went to watch the football match on _____.

A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Saturday D. Sunday

( )63. We can guess _______.

A. Mr. Smith drank much after the match

B. Mr. Smith was angry with his team

C. Mr. Smith didn't drink those days

D. Mr. Smith watched the match at home

( )64. The _____ badly burned Mr. Smith's ears.

A. telephone B. drinking C. iron D. irons

( )65. What would happen to Mr. Smith?

A. He would go on driving for Mr. Black.

B. He would join his football team.

C. He would never watch any match

D. Mr. Black would send him away.


We drink tea every day. But more than 400 years ago, most people in Europe(欧洲) did not know anything about tea. Some had heard about it, but very few knew what to do with it.

Here is a story about an English sailor(水手)who went to countries all over the world. He had been to China and India. One day he came home and brought some tea as a present for his mother. She told her friends about the present and invited them to a “tea party”. When her friends came to the “tea party”, the old woman gave them brown tea leaves. Her friends began to eat them of course, nobody liked the tea leaves. At that moment the sailor came in ,he looked at the table and said, “ Mother, what have you done with the tea?”

“I boiled it, as you said.”

“And what have you done with the water?”

“I poured it out, of course.” answered the mother.

“Now you may throw away the leaves.” said the sailor.

( )66. The mother_______.

A. boiled the tea and threw the leaves away B. boiled the tea and poured the water out

C. knew more about tea than others D. enjoyed herself very much

( )67.At the “tea party"__________.

A. everybody enjoyed the brown tea leaves

B. some of her friends enjoyed the brown tea leaves

C. nobody enjoyed the brown tea leaves

D. the old woman enjoyed the brown tea leaves

( )68. The son asked his mother to throw away the leaves, because______.

A. his mother had treated (招待)her friends with the wrong thing

B. the tea his mother has made was too strong

C. he didn’t like his mother’s friends

D. he himself didn’t like the tea leaves

( )69. Where does the sailor come from?

A. America B. Canada C. Thailand D. England

( )70.He had been to_____.

A. China and Australia B. Brazil and Chile

C. China and Brazil D. India and China



1. You are too young ________ (go) to school.

2. Linda, with a lot of flowers, _______(come) from Beijing.

3. We _______ (make)a survey of the school in Beijing, and I found something new.

4. Please ___________(listen) to the teacher carefully.

5. Tina practices ____________ (speak) Chinese every day.

6. Last week the students __________ (go) to the zoo.

7. I think you can ask him _______(help) you.

8. Keep quiet, please. They _______ (have) a meeting.

9. Manuel _______(fly) to London next Monday.

10. Do you enjoy ________(play)football?


1. Li Yundi is a famous Chinese p________.

2. Our team is strong enough to win the c________ next week.

3. Shirley Temple b_______ a movie star when he was 3 years old.

4. Last week’s talent show was a great s________.

5. I like to do the dishes, because it is r_________ .

6. Xu Beihong was a very famous a________. He was good at drawing horses.

7. It's very important to learn a f_________ language if you want to study in other countries.

8.----What is your d__________? ----I want to be a football player.

9There are many art e_____________ in our city

10.My uncle likes t_______ very much. He has been to many countries.


1. 邓亚萍1997年在清华大学主修英语管理专业。

Deng Yaping _______ _______English and management in Tsinghua University in 1997.


Parents want to _________ ___________ __________ their kids.


Could you please ____________ ___________ the trash?


Sanya is in Hainan ________ in ________China. It has _______ _________.


Ning Ning’s has _________ ____________ __________.


I’m sure you will _________ the ___________ __________ the best ___________.


I want to write for ________ _________ when I’m older.

21-25DBBBC 26-30BBBBD

31-35BBDAB 36-40CAACB

41-45BBDAC 46-50ACBCC

51-55DCBBA 56-60BACBA

61-65BDACD 66-70 BCADD

四、1. to go 2. comes 3. made 4. listen 5. speaking

6. went 7. to help 8. are having 9. will fly 10. playing

五、1. pianist 2. competition 3. became 4. success 5. relaxing

6. artist 7. foreign 8. dream 9. exhibitions 10. traveling

六、1. majored in 2. communicate better with 3. take out 4. Province southern lovely beaches

5. the friendliest service 6. win prize for performer 7. international magazines

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