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Make a banana milk shake
? A: How do you make a banana milk shake? ? B: First, peel the bananas. ? Next, cut up the bananas. ? Next, put the bananas and yogurt into ? the blender. ? Next, pour the milk into the blender. ? Then, turn on the blender. ? Finally, drink the milk shake.

Make fruit salad
A: How do you make fruit salad? First B: _______ cut up three bananas, three Next apples and a watermelon. _______
Then put the fruit in a bowl. _________ put in two teaspoons of honey and a Finally cup of yogurt. __________ mix it all up.

Make Russian soup

2d Role-play the conversation

Anna: Sam, I want to make Russian soup for a party on Saturday. Can you tell me how? Sam: Sure. First, buy some beef, one cabbage, four carrots, three potatoes, five tomatoes and one onion. Then, cut up the vegetables. Anna: what’s next? Sam: Next, put the beef, carrots and potatoes into a pot and add some water. After that, cook them for 30 minutes. Then, add the cabbage, tomatoes and onion and cook for another 10 minutes. (10 more minutes) Anna: OK, that’s it? Sam: No, one more thing( another thing ). Finally , don’t forger to add some salt.

Make popcorn

First, put the corn into the popcorn machine. Next, turn on the machine. Finally, add the salt. And you can eat it now.

Let's see how to make a turkey sandwich.
1.First, put some butter on a piece of bread. 2.Next, cut up a tomato.Put the tomato on the bread. 3.Next,put some turkey pieces. 4.Then,put some butter on the turkey pieces.
5.Finally,put another piece of bread.

1.奶昔 2.把……加到……上 3.打开 4.把……倒入…… 5.一杯酸奶 6.好主意 7.在星期六 8.切碎 9.把……放入…… 10.还有一件事 11.一片/张/段/首……

milk shake Add……to…… turn on pour…into… a cup of yogurt a good idea on Saturday cut up put…into… one morething(another thing) a piece of

at this time 12.在这时 a few 13.一些;几个 14.用……把……装满 fill… with… cover…with… 15.用……覆盖…… 16.一个接一个;逐个; one by one a long time 17.很长时间 want + to do sth. 18. 想要做某事 forget+to do sth. 19.忘记去做某事 how + to do sth. 20.如何做某事 need + to do sth. 21.需要做某事 make+宾语+形容词 21.使……怎样 let sb. +do sth. 22.让某人做某事

23.It’s time (for sb.)+to do sth. 到(某人)做某事的时间了 24.First…Next…Then…Finally 首先……接下来……然后…….最后…… 25.传统的食物 traditional food 26.主菜 the main dish 27.用高温 . at a very high temperature 28混合到一起 mix together

Verb phrases in this unit
turn on, cut up, put…into…, pour…into..., mix up,
1. turn on, cut up, mix up 的宾语如是名词的话,可以放中间 或后面, 如turn on the TV, turn the TV on等。如果是it或 them的话,则一定要放中间。如turn it on, cut them up.

2. 一般地,put 固体 into 容器,pour 液体 into 容器
3. turn

on 打开(电器的开关) turn off 关闭

turn up 调高(音量,光线等) turn down 调低

turn up


turn down

C 1. I want to watch the ball game. Can you _______ the TV? A. open B. close C. turn on D. turn off B 2. The meat is too big. Let’s cut ______. A. them up B. it up C. up them D. up it A 3. _______ the books in the bookcase, Jerry. A. Put B. To put C. Putting D. Puts D 4. Look! There are ________ on the desk. A. four cup of tea B. four cup of teas C. four cups of teas D. four cups of tea A 5. —_______ are the mushrooms? —Two yuan a kilo. A. How much B. How many C. What D. How

句子翻译 1. 请把酸奶倒进杯子里。 Please _______ the yogurt _______ the glass. pour into 2. 然后放入两汤匙柠檬和一杯酸奶。 Then two teaspoons of _______ pour in ____ ________ ____ lemon anda cup ___yogurt. ___ ____ of 3. 我不知道怎么玩这个游戏。 I don’t know _______ ______ play the game. how to 4. 请放些鸡肉片在这个三明治上。 Please put some chicken ______ ______ the sandwich. pieces on 5. 我们需要多少食盐? How ______ ______ do we need? much salt 6.把它和一些蔬菜一起给你的朋友们品尝。

Serve_ it _to_ your friends with some vegetables.

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