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1. 好新的电脑呀! _______ _______ new computer it is !

2.看!多么漂亮的花呀!Look ! ______ nice flowers they are!

3.好厌烦的电影啊! _______ boring the film is !

4.多么聪明的男孩啊! _______ ______clever boy he is !

5. 你的衣服好漂亮呀! _________beautiful your clothes are !

6.好刺激的NBA球赛呀! _________exciting the NBA games are !

7. 多么有趣的一本书啊! _______ ______interesting book it is !

8. 你妹妹好甜呀! _______sweet your sister is !

9.他们工作得好努力呀! ________hard they work !


( )1. ____ a nice watch it is!

A. How B. What C. What a D. How a

( )2. ____ bright girls they are!

A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

( )3. ____ interesting the film is!

A. What B. What an C. How D. How a

( )4. ____ sunny day! Let’s go out for a walk.

A. How a B. How C. What a D. What

( )5. ____ hard work it is!

A. How B. What C. What a D. What an

( )6. ____ day it is! It’s rainy again.

A. How bad B. What a bad C. How fine D. What a fine

( )7. ____ great day July 1,1997 will be!

A. How a B. What a C. How D. What

( )8. ____ expensive trousers!

A. What B. What a C. How D. What an

( )9. ____ girl she is!

A. What bright a B. How a bright C. How bright a D. What bright

( )10. ____ weather we have today!

A. A fine B. What a fine C. How a fine D. What fine

( )11. ____ careless he is!

A. What B. How C. So much D. How much

( )12. ____ from Beijing to London!

A. How long way it is B. What a long way is it

C. How long way is it D. What a long way it is

( )13. Oh, John, ____ you gave us!

A. How a pleasant surprise B. How pleasant surprise

C. What a pleasant surprise D. What pleasant surprise












11.How nice the parents are!__________________________________

12.How high the building is!________________________________

13.How wonderfully he played football!________________________

14.How silly he is to ask such a question!_______________________

15.What a good time we had last night!________________________

16.How disappointing(令人失望的) the news is!__________________

17.How expensive the dress is!________________________________

18.What an easy sentence he made!____________________________

19.What a beautiful garden it is !_______________________________

20. How happy he was to pass the exam!________________________

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