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一.根据句意,用所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. Is it necessary ____________(learn) a foreign language?

2. He is good at _____________(swim).

3. Do you have anything ____________(say) for yourself?

4. It’s spring now. it’s time _____________(plant) trees.

5. Don’t keep me _______(wait) for a long time. 6. The policeman told the boy not_____(play) in the street.

7. Her son is too young __________(dress) himself. 8. Let’s __________(have) a rest, shall we? 9. The speaker spoke too quickly for us ____________(understand).

10. The little boy is not old enough________(read). 11. I asked him __________(show) me his new pen. 12. Knives are used for ______________(cut) things. 13. I really don’t know what __________(do) next. 14. I often hear people _________(say)

“__________(see) is____________(believe)”. 15. You’d better _________(try) this medicine. 16. They said they had nothing _________(worry) about.

17. Can you finish ___________(read) the book in three days?

18. The doctor was busy ____________(operate) on the boy at that time.

19. ______(tell) you the truth, I dislike making friends with him.

20. Stop ___________(talk) and listen to me carefully.

21. Thank you very much for ____________(help) us.

22. Granny is very ill and she doesn’t feel like ___________(eat) anything.

23. Would you like __________(climb) the mountain with me?

24. The girl enjoys ___________(listen) to light music.

25.We couldn’t help ________(laugh) after we heard the funny story.

26. What about _________(go) out for a walk? II.选择填空。

1. Would you please ____ the door for me? a. holding b. not to hold c. hold d. held 2. Seeing an old man getting off the train, she hurried over ____ things for him.

a carrying b. to carry c. carried d. for carrying

3. We’d really like you ____ to the party tonight.

a. come b. to come c. will come d. should


4. We can do nothing but ____ the experiment.

a. to repeat b. repeat c. repeating d. repeated 5. Have you got any thing ____ about this matter?

a. saying b. to say c. said d. say 6. He was not ____ try it again.

a. such a fool as to b. so a fool as to c. a fool such as to d. a fool so as to 7. He was too excited ____.

a. to go to sleeping b. to slept c. to go to sleep d. going to sleep

8. We can’t have him ____ like that all day.

a. to work b. working c. to be worked d. work 9.She were often heard ____ this song when she was happy.

a. sang b. singing c. sung d. to be singing 10.The train was seen ____ at a very high speed

toward the industrial center.

a travel b. travels c. traveled d. traveling 11..We’ll soon have a person ____ with us.

a. to work b. working c. worked d. works 12.____ has not been decided yet.

a. To start when b. Why to start c. When to start d. Start to where 13. Do you think it difficult ____?

a. for me to do so b. for my to do so c. for I to do so d. for me doing so 14. She keeps telling us ____.

a. what to do b. doing what c. what is doing d. do what

15. ____ is not known.

a. Whom to begin the running test b. When to begin the running test

c. When the running test begin d. How begin to the running test

16. ____ the job alone is impossible.

a. To him to do b. For him doing c. For him to do d. For he to do 17. ____ it should be made clear.

a What to do b. Why to do c. Whom to do d. When can do

18.Our house needs ____ before the rainy season arrives.

a. to repair b. to be repair c. repaired d. repairing

19.I haven’t decided which hotel ____.

a. to stay b. is to stay at c. to stay at d. is for staying

20.I was almost asleep when I heard someone ____ at the door.

a. knock b. to knock c. knocked d. being knocked

21.I often spent much money ____ books.

a. to buy b. buying c. on buying d. for buying

22.If you practice ____ English whenever you can,


you will soon speak well.

a. talking b. going speak c. speaking d. to speak

23.We are tired of ____ the same problem all the time.

a. discussing b. to discuss c. discussing for d. discuss

24.She usually forgets ____ the door, but she remembered ____ it yesterday.

a. to shut…to shut b. shutting…shutting c. to shut…shutting d. shutting…to shut 25.I ____ a bus to school when it was raining.

a. am used to take b. used to taking c. use to

take d. was used to taking

26. I’m thirsty. Will you get me something ____? A. drink B. to drink C. eat D. eating 27. It was great fun _____ a picnic on the hill. A. to have B. of having C. have D. had 28. Lily, keep the window ____. The sandstorm hasn’t stopped yet.

A. close B. closed C. open D. opened 29. A policeman saw two thieves ___ a girl’s mobile phone on a bus and he caught them at once. A. to steal B. stealing C. stole D. stolen 30. It’s bad for your eyes ____ computer games for a long time.

A. plays B. to play C. play D. played 31. They were made ____ fourteen hours a day. A. work B. working C. worked D. to work

32. Is it always easier ____ friends than to keep them?

A. making B. make C. to make D. made 33. He stood there for two hours ____ the game. A. watched B. watching C. is watching D. was watching

34. It ____ Jack twenty minutes ____ the math problem yesterday.

A. took; to work out B. takes; worked out C. has taken; work out D. is taking; working out

35. When you leave, don’t forget ____ off the light. A. to turn B. turning C. turn D. turned 36. Who do you think you’d like ____?

A. to make friends B. make friends C. to make friends with D. make friends with

37. Although Jeff loves KFC, he tries ____ it too often.

A. to eat B. not eat C. to not eat D. not to eat

38. ----Hi, Betty. Shall we go swimming this Sunday?

----This Sunday? I am sorry, I have a lot of homework ____ this Sunday.

A. to do B. done C. do D. to be done

39. Sally had no pen ____ yesterday morning.

A. to write B. to write with C. writing D. writing with

40. ----Excuse me, sir. Look at the sign on the wall “NO ____”.

----Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again.


41. ----Boys and girls, will you please ____ the park this afternoon? ----OK.

A. not cleaning out B. not to clean out C. to clean up D. clean up

42. The Great Green Wall will stop the wind from ____ the earth away.

A. blow B. blowing C. blew D. to blow 43. How about ____?

A. to go out for a walk B. go swimming in the river

C. visiting the sick children in the hospital D. to having lunch in the restaurant

44. It’s very kind ____ you to ____ me ____ the heavy bag.

A. for; tell; to take B. of; thank; for C. to; speak; to have D. of; help; carry 45. Have you decided ____?

A. to go with whom B. whom to go with C. whom go with D. with whom to go

46. Her hope ____ a gold medal in the 2008 Olympic Games.

A. to win B. is to win C. winning D. will win

47. The meeting room is big enough ____ one hundred people.

A. holding B. hold C. to hold D. holds 48. Would you please pass me the knife ____? A. to cut the watermelon with B. to cut the watermelon

C. cutting the watermelon D. cutting the watermelon with

49. It is better to teach a man to fish than ____ him fish.

A. giving B. to give C. gives D. gave 50. Jenny is interested in ____ in her free time.

A. listened to the radio B. reading magazines C. watch TV D. plays tennis

51. The policeman warned the young man____ after drinking.

A. never to drive B. to never drive C. never driving D. never drive

52. What do you think is the best way ____the wild animals?

A. protecting B. to protect C. protected D. protect

53. I’d rather ____ on the land ____ in a factory. A. work; than work B. work; work


C. to work; than to work D. to work; to work 54. They are looking forward to ____ all over the world.

A. travel B. traveled C. traveling D. be traveled

55. Would you mind ____ because there’re so many children ____ here?

A. smoke; play B. smoking; playing

C. not smoking; play D. not smoking; playing C. how; another D. what; another 4 Mr. Turner bought two bikes. One wasfor his wife, and ____was for his son.

C. the other D. one 5. Tom, you should know how to get on wellwith _____. A. another B.other

A. another B.others

56. ____ English is much easier than speaking it. A. Read B. To read C. Reading D. Reads 57. When he was in the office, he preferred ____ something ____ nothing.

A. to do; than do B. to do; rather than C. doing; rather than doing D. doing; to doing 58. It’s too hot today. Why not ____ your coat? A. taken off B. to take off C. take off D. taking off

59. I find ____ him all about it.

A. necessary to tell B. that necessary to C. necessary it to tell D. it necessary to tell

A few/few/a little/little练习题

1. Ladies and gentlemen, I have _______ words to say.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little 2. Can you get here _______ earlier next time? A. few B. a few C. little D. a little 3.Now be quiet for _______minutes and listen to this. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little 4.There is_______ ink in my bottle, can you give me_______ ink?

A. few, a few B. little, a little C. a little, little D. a little, a little

Another other the others others练习

1. I don’t like thoseshoes. Please show me ______. A. another B.other C. the other D. some others

2. Mary didn’t want ____of the two kinds and asked the shop assistant to show her ______. A. both; the other B.all; the others C. either; another D. other; the others

3. Great changes have taken place in China. who cantell _____ it would be like in _____ five years?

A. how; other B.what; more

C. the other D. other

6 he has two sons. One is a doctor, ____is a student. He is now studying at _____ university.

A. another; a B.the other; an C. the other;a D. another; an 7. --- what a hot day! Have you had adrink? --- Yes. But I’d like to have _____ after work. A. it B.one c. other D. another 8 --- Would you like _____ apples? ---- ______, please.

A. some more; Another two B.any more; Two more

C. another; two more D.some more; Other

9 We have ten foreign students in our school. One is from America, ____ is from Australia and

all ______ students are from England.

A. another; the others B.one; another C. another; the other D. one; other’s

10. Students are usually interested insports: some like running, some like swimming, and _____ like ball games. A. the others B.others C. the other D. other

11. There are twenty-eight students in theclass. Ten of them are girls and _____ are boys.

A. the other B.the others C. others D. other

12. I don’t like this pen. Would you pleaseshow me ___ one? A. another B.the other C. other D. others 13. These cups are ours. Those are ______.

A. others B.other’s C.others’

D. others’s 3

14. I have six coloured pencils; one isblue, another is red, and _____ are green.

A. others B. another C.

others D. the others

15 ---- Have you finished your report yet?

---- No. I’ll finish it in ______ ten minutes.

A. another B. other C. more

D. less

pay cost take spend

1Travelling around Paris by taxi can ____a lot of


2Your will ___a lot of money if you travel around

Paris by taxi

3I___fifty dollars for the dress

4The dress ___me fifty dollars to buy the dress

5It ____me fifty dollars to buy the dress

6I _____fifty dollars on the dress

7I____an hour in cleaning my house every day

8It ___me an hour to claen my hour every day

9Ilove my new dress It____me fifty dollars

so...that; ....enough....;too...to专项练习

1.He is old enough to go to school.

He is __________ ________ that _________

_________ go to school.

2. She was so weak that she couldn’t take care of her


She was __________ weak __________ take care

of her baby.

3.She is so young that she can’t go to school.

She is ________ ________ _________ go to school.

4.The box is so heavy that he can’t carry it.

The box is ________ _________ for him_______


5.Xiao Lin is so old that he can go to school.

Xiao Lin is _______ ________ _________ go to


6.The box is so light that he can carry it.

The box is ________ _______ for him ______ carry.

7.The man is so old that he can’t go to work.

The man ________ _________ old _________ go

to work.

8.The desk is so heavy that I can’t move it.

The desk is ________ ________ for me ____move.

9.He is not old enough to do the work.

He is _______ ________ ________ do the work.

10.The problem is too difficult for me to work out.

The problem isn’t _______ _______ _______

_____ to work out.


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