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Thanks-giving day

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Thanksgiving Day感恩节

Thanksgiving Day is a very special (特殊的) day for people in America. They celebrate(庆祝) it on the last Thursday in November.

The first thanksgiving service (仪式) in North America took place on December 4th, 1619 when 38 English people, arrived in America to make their home in the new country. They held this service to thank God for their safe journeys(安全的旅行). The next year, many more English people arrived. They had a bad winter, but fortunately(幸运得) the harvest(收获) was good. They decided to celebrate(庆祝) it with a big meal. They cooked everything outside on large fires. About 90 Indians also came to the meal. Everyone ate at tables outside their houses and played games together. It lasted three days.

Now North Americans around the world get together with their families on this day to eat good food and have a happy time.

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