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1.I hate to watch a________ while watching TV plays.

2.Oh, dear! I forgot to bring my backpack with me .I’ll go and f________ it.

3.His grandpa can’t hear clearly. He is almost d_________.

4.Yang Guang is a b_________ young man. He can’t see, but he sings very well.

5.I can’t i _____ how the little girl achieved her dream.

6.With this word, he s_________ the door and left angrily.

7. There is a s_____. It says“No Smoking!”.

8.The o____ of such a large party takes a lot of time and energy.

9.Our school was e______ in 1946. It has a history of over sixty years.

10.After the earthquake, millions of people became h______.


(1)You could help ___ ___(打扫干净)the city parks.

(2)You could ______ _______(分发)food at the food bank.

(3)I'd like to _______ ______(鼓舞)sick kids.

(4)I'll_______ _______(写下)all our ideas.

(5)We're going to _______ _________(建立) a food bank to help hungry people.

(6)We need to ______ _______ _______(想出,提出)a plan.

(7)We can't_____ _____(延迟)making a plan. Clean-Up Day is only two weeks from now.

(8)We could_________ _________(张贴)signs________ _______(要)old bikes.

(9)I'll _________ ________(分发,发放)advertisements after school.

(10)We could each_______ _______(给……打电话)ten people and ask them to come.

(11)Jimmy is the boy who _________ ________(修理)old bikes and ________ them____________(赠送).

(12) I guess I_______ _________(与?相像)My father.

(13) I've ________ _______ ______(用光)money to buy old bikes.

(14) I must _______ ______(想出)some way of getting money or I'll have to stop.

(15) Your parents must ______ _______ ______(为?自豪)you.


1.Tomorrow I’ll have my MP4 _______ (repair).

2.Look! There is a boy _______ (play) soccer on the playground.

3.My hair needs ________ (wash).

4.Those league members volunteer their time _____ (help) the disabled student.

5.Most of the donation _______ (use) to help the people in rural areas.

6.Mary is a friend of ________ (we). We all like her very much.

7.They volunteer their spare time ________(help) others.

8.In the past, hundreds of people died of _____ (hungry).u

9.It’s a ___________(please) to help you.

10.Your kind help is greatly ______ (appreciate).


( )1.John____in Sydney for ten years and he’ll be back next week.

A:has gone B:has been C:has left D:was

( )2.Tom,please help me____the picture on the wall.

A:put up B:put on C:put off D:put into

( )3.I don’t know if it___tomorrow.If it___,I won’t go.

A:will rain;rains B:will rain;will rain C:rains;rains D:rains;will rain

( )44.I’ll have a meeting in Shanghai tomorrow.Would you mind____ the time for all the

flights to Shanghai for me?

A:looking for B:looking after C:finding out D:taking after

( )5. Do you know__?

A.where does he come from B.where is he from

C. where he come from D. where he was born

( )6. Li Hong___English.

A.does like B.do likes C.does likes .do like

( )7. Mary has so many interesting books ________.

A. read B. reads C. reading D. to read

( )8. Kate ________ the pen for two days.

A. has buy B.have bought C. has had D. has bought

( )9.We made ____ possible because we studied hard.

A.that B.it C./ D.this

( )10.I asked the girl ____ .

A:which one she likes best C:which one does she like best

B:which one did she like best D:which one she liked best

( )11.It’s too noisy outside.I can’t hear the radio clearly.Let’s____.

A:turn it up B:turn it on C:turn it off D:turn it down

( )12.It’s too hot today.Why not___your coat?

A:take up B:take away C:take out D:take off

( )13.We had to put off ___the sports meet because of the beavy rain.

A.have B.to have C.had D.having

( )14.They ____a large ad. board by the roadside to introduce their products.

A.put up B.put on C.put off D.put out

( )15.Not only ___help him with his math ,but you should help him with his Chinese.

A.you should B.should you C.you will D.will you

( )16.Not only the students but also their teacher ____it

A.like B.likes C.liking D.to like

( )17.The food in that restaurant is terrible .So I don’t go there____

A.no longer B.no more C.any longer D.any more

( )18.He always asks me _____advice whatever he does.

A .for B.on C.of D.at

( )19.-Must we hand in the money for the tickets now?


A.mustn’t B.can’t C.needn’t D.may not

( )20.We’ll have a ___holiday. What about going to the West Lake?

A.two days B.two-day C.two-days D.two-day’

( )21.___ of them love to play basketball.

A.Each B.Everyone C.Every D.Both

( )22.The students ____the windows already ,so the classroom looks much bright.

A clean B.have cleaned C.are cleaning D.will clean

( )23.She likes neither summer nor winter. They are ____too hot ____too cold.

A.both;and B.either;or C.neither;nor D.not ;but

( )24.Please tell him ___me a call as soon as he___home from work.

A.to give ;come B.give ;comes C.to give; comes D.gives; will come


1.My bike is broken . Can you repair it?(改为同义句)

My bike is broken . Can you _____ ______ ______?

2.The man is our new headmaster. He visited our class yesterday.(改为定语从句) The man _____ ______ _____ ______yesterday is our new headmaster.

3.Tony likes music . He can sing along with it .(改为定语从句)

Tony likes music_____________________.

4.To work in a school is very interesting. (同义句)

______ _____ very interesting to work in a school.

5.I found my heart is full of pleasure.

I found my heart is______ ______ pleasure.

6.It takes each of them several hours a week to do the volunteer job.

Each of them ________ several hours ____ the volunteer job.


Paul is a worker. One of his feet is bigger than 1 . He can’t 2 the right shoes 3 his feet. His friend, Dick, says to him, “4 don’t you go to a shoemaker? A

good shoemaker can 5 you the right shoes.” 6 Paul goes to the shoemaker near Dick’s home. Very soon the shoemaker makes him a pair of shoes. Paul 7 the shoes and is not happy. He 8 the shoemaker, “You aren’t 9 good shoemaker! I want you to make me one bigger than the other, 10 you make me one shoe smaller than the other.”

( ) 1.A. other B. the other C. another D. that one

( ) 2.A. see B. look for C. find D. search

( ) 3.A. for B. on C. with D. about

( ) 4.A. How B. What C. Where D. Why

( ) 5.A. take B. give C. make D. mend

( ) 6.A. So B. Then C. But D. Or

( ) 7.A. looks B. looks at C. see D. see at

( ) 8.A. say B. says C. saying D. says to

( ) 9.A. the B. that C. one D. a

( ) 10.A. then B. or C. and D. but

七. 阅读理解 (30)

( A )

“Cool”is a word with many meanings. Its old meaning is used to express a temperature that is a little bit cold. As the world has changed, the word has had many different meaning. “Cool”can be used to express feelings of interest in almost anything.

When you see a famous car in the street, maybe you will say, “It’s cool.”You may think,“He’s so cool,”when you see your favourite footballer.

We all maximize(扩大)the meaning of“cool”. You can use it instead of many words such as “new”or“surprising”. Here’s an interesting story we can use to show the way the word is used. A teacher asked her students to write about the waterfall(瀑布)they had visited. On one student’s paper was Just the one sentence,“It’s so cool. Maybe he thought it was the best way to show what he saw and felt”

But the story also shows a scarcity(缺乏)of words. Without“cool”,some people have no words to show the same meaning. So it is quite important to keep some credibility(可信性). Can you think of many other words that make your life as colourful as the word “cool”? I can. And I think they are also very cool.

( )1.We know that the word “cool”has had________.

A.only one meaning B.no meanings

C.many different meanings D.the same meaning

( )2.In the passage, the word“express”means“________”.

A.see B.show C.know D.feel

( )3.If you are________something, you may say,“It’s cool.”

A.interested in B.angry about

C.afraid of D.unhappy with

( )4.The writer takes an example to show he is________the way the word is used.

A.pleased with B.strange to

C.worried about D.careful with

( )5. In the passage,the writer suggests(暗示)that the word“cool”________.

A.can be used instead of many words

B.usually means something interesting

C.can make your life colourful

D.may not be as cool as it seems


In recent years, it seems that more and more Chinese students are choosing to study in a foreign country. Many choose to live in an English-speaking country to improve their English. Living in another country can be a great adventure (不寻常的经历). (a) You can visit interesting places, meet new people and experience a completely different culture. Deciding that you want to study abroad is (1) ________; on the other hand, choosing which country you want to live in can be very difficult.

(b) Canada has become a popular country for many international students. It’s a beautiful country with a lot to offer, but it’s not for everyone. Canadians summers offer comfortable weather many outdoor activities. (2) ________, on the other hand, are often long and harsh (严酷的). If you are up to the challenge, a Canadian winter can be an unforgettable experience. Local people have learned to adapt (适应) themselves to the winter and have fun despite (尽管) the cold weather. For example, in Montreal they have created an “Underground City”, which includes hotels, restaurants; movie theatres, shopping centers and more. There are over thirty kilometers of underground corridors (走廊), so if you want to stay underground for the whole winter, you can. For the more adventurous type, you can ski just an hour outside the city because there is plenty of snow there.

(c) Wherever you choose to study, be sure to do some research so that you can get the most out of your studying abroad adventure. You can experience things that you will remember for a lifetime.


1.请根据上下文在(1) (2) 处后的横线上填上一个适当的词,使句意完整,正确。 _________(2)_______




Canada has become a popular country for many international students,______ _______?

4.请将(c) 句改为同义句,每空一词。

________ _______ _____ you choose to study, be sure to do some research so that you can get the most out of your studying abroad adventure.



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