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Unit 4 What’s the best movie theater selfcheck课件

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Unit 4

What’s the best movie theater?

1. 一般情况下加-er 或-est : young-yonger-yongest old –older -oldest 2. 以字母e结尾的形容词,加-r 或- st nice –nicer-nicest safe –safer -safest

3. 重读闭音节词只有一个辅音字母时,应先双写辅音字母, 再 加-er或-est.
big—bigger -biggest fat—fatter-fattest 4. 以 “辅音字母+y”结尾的双音节词,先改“y”为“i”, 再加-er 或-est. early-earlier-earliest thirsty-thirstier-thirstiest

5.部分双音节词或多音节词前面加more ,most.如:
interesting famous more interesting more famous most interesting most famous




bad/ill little far

worse less


两多、 两坏、 两多、 一少、 一老 、 一远.

many/much more


farther further farthest furthest


older elder oldest eldest

Read and compare :
young long full short small old fine easy hungry early heavy big red younger longer fuller shorter smaller older finer easier hungrier earlier heavier bigger redder youngest longest fullest shortest smallest oldest finest easiest hungriest earliest heaviest biggest reddest

healthy many

healthier more

healthiest most

ill exciting carefully wet

more famous worse
more exciting

most famous worst
most exciting

more carefully
wetter hotter

most carefully
wettest hottest

little few

less fewer

least fewest

二. 比较级、最高级的用法
1.原级:可用very, quite, so, too,等词修饰. e.g Jim is very tall. 2.比较级:可用much ,many ,a lot ,a little ,a bit 等修饰.其主 要句型有: ⑴比较级+than e.g Mary is much younger than Sue. ⑵疑问句+动词+比较级,AorB? e.g Who draws better ,Tom or Jim?

⑶ Which …like better, A or B? e.g Which do you like better ,maths or English?
⑷ 比较级+ and+比较级,表示越来越…e.g the days are getting shorter and shorter.

⑸ the +比较级 , the + 比较级,表示越…越… e.g he says ,”the busier ,the better.” 3.最高级 : 形容词的最高级要加定冠词the , 副 词最高级可省略the, 主要句型有: of ⑴ the + 最高级 + in Jim works hardest of us all. e.g My mother is the busiest in my family

⑵ 疑问词+ 动词+ 最高级
⑶ which …like best, A, B or C?

练习:Fill in the blanks with the proper form of the words given.
1. My sister is ______than Richard. (old) older 2. He has _______ books than I. (much) more 3. Is football more exciting than volleyball? ____________ (exciting) 4. The town is________than it used to be. (clean) cleaner

cleverer 5. He’s ________ than his brother, Jim. (clever)
prettier 6. I think she looks _________ than in the photo. (pretty)

7. The tiger is more dangerous ________________ than the lion. (dangerous)

8. English is ________________ than I thought. more important (important)
9. His grandma can walk ________ than a young farther man.(fa

r) 10. In summer it is much ________ in Wuhan hotter than in Beijing. (hot) 11. Which is brighter __________, Room 201 or Room 108? (bright)

12.Tom is ___________boy in our class. (old) the oldest

12. He isthe best student in our class.( good) _______
13. It was the ______ day of his life.( bad) worst 14. Susan’s flowers are _________________ the most beautiful of all. (beautiful) 15. Sue isthe cleverest ____________of the girls in the class. ( clever) She answered all the questions except _______________ one. (difficult) the most difficult 16. Winter iscolder _______than autumn; it is ___________of the four seasons. the coldest

Self Check 1

1 Fill in the blanks with the superlative forms of the words in the box.
good cheap popular comfortably bad

the cheapest 1.Dumpling House is ____________ restaurant in

the city. You can get a big plat of dumpling for only five yuan.

2. Spring Park is the most popular place in the city ______________
on weekends; Many families go there with their young children. Lots of old people like to take walks there, too.

the most comfortably 3.You can rest___________________ at Flower Hotel. Their rooms are clean and big. 4.109.9 FM plays the worst music. The songs _________ are always boring and too loud. 5.PEP High School is ________ school in this the best town. They have big classrooms, fantastic teachers and an excellent sports center.

Self Check 2

2 Read the information. Then correct the mistakes.
A movie ticket at Town Cinema is $12.00. It is $10.50 at Screen City, and $10.00 at Movie World. Screen City is always very crowded. Many people go to Movie World, too. But you can always get a ticket at Town Cinema.
The seats at Screen City are very comfortable. The seats at Movie World are a little hard. The Cinema seats are very uncomfortable.

1. Movie World is the most expensive. 2. Screen City has the cheapest tickets. 3. Town Cinema is more popular than Screen City. 4. Movie World is the most popular. 5. Town Cinema has the most comfortable seats. The most expensive: Town Cinema The cheapest : Movie World Screen City is more popular than Town Cinema. Most popular : Screen City

Most comfortable seats: Movie World


Places in town

Movie theaters Clothing stores Hometown(家乡) Restaurants Schools Places of interest

1. Screen City is _____ ______(good) of all the the best theaters in town. 2. Screen City has ____ ________ (big) screens the biggest the _____ comfortable and _____ most ___________(comfortable) seats. 3. Town Cinema is ________(cheap) than the cheaper other cinemas. 4. Town Cinema has _____ _______ (friendly) more friendly service than the others.

5. Jason’s is _____ ______ ________(popular) of all the most popular the clothing stores. the 6. Jason’s has _____ _____ and _____ _________ cheapest the best (good, cheap) quality clothes of all.
7. I think math is____________ (difficult) than Chines

e. more difficult 8. Mr. Miller is one of _______________(popular) the most popular teachers in Green High School. 9. Your father is as _______ (young) as your uncle. young


1. Which is the c_______ of the three bags? I heapest don’t have much money. 2. Don’t turn on the r____. My father is adio sleeping now. 3. My house is c____ to our school. lose 4. Town Cinema has the friendliest s_____ . ervice 5. The waiter showed me to my s___. eat


1. I think Sun Cinema has the most comfortable seats. (改为否定句) I _____ think Sun Cinema ____ the most don’t has comfortable seats. 2. I spent twenty yuan on the meal. (就划线部 分提问) _________ did you spend on the meal? How much

3. We are going to the Green Restaurant for lunch. (就划线部分提问) _________ you Where are going for lunch? 4. Sam is the shortest in his class. (改为同义句) Sam is _______ than any other student in ________ shorter his class. 5. How do you like Screen City? (改为同义句) What do you ________ Screen City? _____ think of

Make a Survey:

Interview your father and mother about quality of things and the prices in the supermarkets near your home, then make a list.

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