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七 年 级 英 语




第一部分:本部分共有10道小题,每小题你将听到一段对话,每段对话听两遍。 ( )1. Where are the two speakers?

A. B. C.

( )2. Where did Tom go last week? A. B. C.

( )3. What is Lily’s favorite animal?

A. B. C.

( )4. What are they going to do this Sunday?

A. B. C.

( )5. How many bedrooms are there in Jenny’s flat?

A. Five. B. Four.

C. Two.

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( )6. How far is Jack’s home from the centre of the city?

A. 20 minutes by bus B. 40 minutes by underground C. 40 minutes by bus. ( )7. Whose classroom is on the third floor?

A. Sandy’s B. Andy’s C. Andy and Sandy’s

( )8. How much was the scarf last week?

A. ¥158. B. ¥128. C. ¥108.

( )9. How often does Amy’s mother play table tennis?

A. Every day. B. Once a week. C. Twice a week.

( )10. What does the man mean?

A. He enjoyed the talk a lot.

B. He found it hard to understand.

C. He wasn’t interested in it.


( ) 11. Where did the boy go last summer ?

A. Shanghai . B. Beijing. C. Changsha.

( ) 12. Who did the boy go with?

A. His father. B. His mother. C. His sister.


( ) 13. Who sent a new camera(照相机) to the boy?

A. His mother . B. His father. C. His uncle.

( ) 14. What did the boy think of the camera?

A Just so so. B. Not so good C Very nice

( ) 15. Who gave the boy a new book?

A. Alice. B. Robert. C. The boy’s parents.


( ) 16.When did this happen?

A. One afternoon. B. One night. C. One morning.

( ) 17. How many persons were there in the room when someone was knocking on the door?

A. One . B. Two C. Three.

( ) 18.What did the young man wear?

A. A white shirt. B. A pair of glasses C. Long trousers.

( ) 19. Who was the young man?

A. He was a friend of the writer’s.

B. He was a friend of the writer’s brother’s . C. He was a strange man to them.

( ) 20.What might happen at last?

A. The police took the young man away.

B. The young man ran away. C. They became friends.


( )21. --- How was ________ dinner at Mike's house?

--- It was great. Mike's mum is ________ wonderful cook.

A. a, the B. the, a C. the, the D. a, an( ) 22. Jeff goes to work ________ and his daughter goes to work ________.

A. by car, on bike B. by a bus; on a bike

C. by bus; on her bike D. by his car, in her bike

七年级英语试卷 第 2 页 (共 8 页)

( )23. — Are those the ______ books?

— No, they are ______ books.

A. woman teachers’; Jack’s and Mike B. women teachers’; Jack’s and Mike’s

C. woman teacher’s; Jack’s and Mike D. women teacher’s; Jack and Mike’s

( )24.I can see many ________ on the hill,but I can't see________.

A. sheep; any dogs B. horses; some cats

C. chicken; any tigers D. ducks; a elephant

( )25.—- _____ do you _____ the book?

—-It’s very interesting.

A. What; like B.What; think of

C. How; think D.How; think of

( )26. --- Are these CDs ________?

--- No, they are not mine. They belong to________.

A. yours; her B. yours; hers C. your; hers D. yours; she

( )27-- Can a plane fly ________ the Pacific Ocean(太平洋) ?

--- Yes, but it needs to go ________ the clouds for hours.

A across; through B. through; across C. cross; through D. though; across

( )28. --- What did the man say over there?

--- He told us ________ any noise. That will frighten the animals

A. don't make B. not make C. to make D. not to make

( )29. --- How many hotels are there in that street, sir?

--- ________. It's a street for shopping only.

A. No B. None C. No one D. Nothing

( )30. --- Would you like ________ fruit? --- Thank you, but I'd like some water.

A. any more B. more some C. more any D. some more

( )31. Don't put _______into the rubbish bin.

A. anything hot B. something hot

C. hot anything D. hot something

( )32. The music ________ nice. I often ________ it.

A. listen to; sound B. hears; listen to

C. listens to; hear D. sounds; listen to

( )33. --- Must I be in hospital for a week, Doctor?

--- No, you_______. You can go back home tomorrow.

A. mustn't B. needn't C. can't D. shouldn't

( )34. ________good job she does! She is really a clever girl.

A. What B. How C. What a D. How a

( )35. ---- Can you help me with my Maths?


A. You're welcome. B. That's all right. C. No problem. D. Never mind.


in the you are a __42___ person." The young man was very and

七年级英语试卷 第 3 页 (共 8 页)

asked,“money and can get everything you want. Would you like to sell them?" The young man didn't your for the second time. Finally, the old man said, "Now you understand. You have the most expensive things in the world." So, the old is the most important for us.

( )36. A. poor B. rich C. healthy D. strong

( )37. A. across B. past C. through D. away

( )38. A. young B. old C. pretty D. beautiful

( )39. A. talking B. drawing C. singing D. telling

( )40. A. more expensive B. most expensive C. cheap D. cheapest

( )41.A. but B. and C. so D. however

( )42.A. poor B. rich C. kind D. unkind

( )43.A. surprised B. sad C. worried D. surprising

( )44. A. What B. When C. Why D. How

( )45. A. the B. a C. an D. /

( )46. A. save B. buy C. make D. collect

( )47. A. putting up B. selling C. turning D. washing

( )48. A. eye B. leg C. hand D. head

( )49. A. learn B. learnt C. teach D. taught

( )50. A. gold B. time C. health D. money

四、 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的选项中选出最佳选项。(共15题,每题2分,计30分)


( ) 51. The babysitter will work _________ hours from Monday to Friday altogether(总共).

A. 6 B. 10 C. 15 D. 20

( ) 52. The babysitter will get _________ for working on Monday only.

A. £4 B. £8 C. £12 D. £16

( ) 53. What is NOT the babysitter's job?

A. Cleaning the child's house. B. Playing games with the child.

C. Reading books to the child. D. Taking care of the child.

七年级英语试卷 第 4 页 (共 8 页)


Mrs. White was eighty years old, but she had a small car, and she always went to the shops in it on Saturday and bought her food. She did not drive fast because she was old, but she drove well and never hit(撞) anything. Sometimes her grandchildren said to her, “Please don’t drive your car any more, Grandmother, we can take you to the shops.” But she always said, “No, I like driving. I began to drive fifty years ago, and I’m not going to stop now.”

Last Saturday she stopped her car at the traffic lights(交通灯) because they were red, and then she couldn’t start the car again. The lights were green, then yellow, then red, then green again, but her car did not begin. A policeman came and said to her kindly. “Good morning. Don’t you like any of our colors today?”

( )54. When did Mrs. White always drive to the shops to buy her food?

A. Every day. B. On Saturday. C. On Sunday. D. Last Sunday.

( )55. Mrs. White began to drive when she was ______.

A. 50 B. 30 C. 80 D. 75

( )56. Which of the following is RIGHT?

A. Mrs. White was too old to drive.

B. Mrs White could drive fast.

C. Mrs White wasn’t old at all.

D.Mrs.White liked the colors of the traffic lights

( )57. Her grandchildren wanted her ______.

A. to walk to the shops B. to sell her car

C. not to drive any more D. not to drive too fast


How much do you know about school life in Singapore?

In Singapore, many middle school students spend a lot of time on their studies. People always think that good schooling is the ticket to success (成功). So, many of these students try their best to get good results in their exams. They have a lot of homework every day and exams are usually a big problem to them. Sometimes, a few even have to go to evening classes after school.

Schools have many activities outside school hours. The students can join in sports and games, music and dance, swimming and rock-climbing. They also join in community service(社区服务)

In their free time, most students like to listen to pop music. Hollywood movies, Hong Kong and Singapore movies are very popular, too. Some of them also spend their free time searching the Internet, e-mailing their friends, playing computer and video games.

They sometimes go to cafes, fast-food restaurants, shopping centers and big bookstores. So life for middle school students in Singapore is not easy but rich and colorful.

( )58. _______go to evening classes after school in Singapore.

A. All of the students B. Few of the students

C. A few of the students D. Most of the students

( )59. Which of the following is not mentioned(提到) that the students can do outside school


A. Doing sports and playing games. B. Listening to music and dancing.

C. Going swimming and rock-climbing. D. Visiting the museums.

七年级英语试卷 第 5 页 (共 8 页)

( )60. The passage tells us that many students in Singapore would like to _______.

A. get good results in the exams B. write letters to their friends

C. talk to their friends D. go swimming

( )61. The meaning of the last sentence in the passage is that _______.

A. the middle school students' life in Singapore is easy

B. the middle school students' life in Singapore is amazing

C. the middle school students' life in Singapore is boring

D. the middle school students' life in Singapore is hard, but it's interesting


The new book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood is warmly welcomed by the children in China. It sells well across China. You can see and hear the advertisements about the book here and there.

Why is the book so attractive(吸引人的) to children? After reading it, I was attracted by the magic(魔幻的)world. I can not help asking: where is our own Harry Potter?

China has a long history and colorful culture, With a large market of teenagers, China published(出版)many popular books among children. However, why are the present(目前的)books not as good as those foreign ones?

Firstly, quite a number of children's are of strong sense of teaching, and they have little interest. Reading them, children often have a feeling of being "educated". Certainly, they don't like them. Secondly, fewer children like the same stories, but most Chinese books are usually much the same. One knows the ending as early as in the beginning. Finally, the writers seldom think about children's needs.

( )62. About the present Chinese children's books, which is NOT right?

A. They have little interest. B. Our writers seldom know children's needs.

C. Most of them are the same. D. They are better than foreign ones.

( )63. Harry Potter is so popular, because_______.

A. it's the same as Chinese books B. it can lead(带领) children into a wonderful world

C. it's not written in children's language D. it's advertised more often on TV or posters

( )64. The Chinese meaning of the underlined phrase "First-class Reading" is_______.

A.第一批读物 B.一节课的阅读 C.一流的读物 D.基础的阅读

( )65. "Where is our own Harry Potter?" means_______.

A. the writer can't find any books for children

B. Chinese parents should buy Harry Potter for their children

C. our children should learn from Harry Potter

D. Chinese writers should write better books for children




(三明治)can you buy with the money'?

a bedroom with my parents when l was a child, but now I don't.


69. mountains is an healthy activity.

七年级英语试卷 第 6 页 (共 8 页)

(噪音), John. They are sleeping.

- Sorry, I won't.


72. We are looking forward to ___73. Uncle Wang is a good driver. He always drives careful).

hour)drive away from her home.


六、 任务型阅读根据短文内容完成相关任务。(共10题,每题1分,每空一词。计10分)

Good students must be good students at school. They should work hard at all subjects and do what is given to them on time. They should develop(发展) the ability to look after themselves , to try not to depend on (依赖) their parents too much, to think independently(独立)and to work in a planned way. They should respect(尊重) teachers, have a cooperative attitude(合作态度)toward schoolmates and always be ready to help others.

At home, good students should be tidy and hard—working. Besides schoolwork they should help their parents with housework and be always ready to show respect and thanks to their parents when their parents do something for them. They should also be very considerate(体贴的) towards their whole family. When it is necessary to talk to their parents about their personal problems, they should talk nicely,getting ready to take advice from their parents since they are much more experienced in life. If any disagreement(不同的想法)happens, good students should try to iron out(消除)the disagreement by listening to the parents’ ideas. Good students should learn quickly from their parents and others.


I still remember visiting Moscow. It is the c___86___ of Russia, the b ___87____country in the world. I went there w____88____ my parents when I was eight years old. I lived and studied there for one year, I had some happy memories.

One of the most interesting things of that city was that t ___89____were many dogs. Perhaps Russians l __90____dogs very much. You can see dogs here and there. Almost each of the families had a dog. I made friends with many Russian children w ___91____I was living and studying there. They were all very nice. They had fair hair and fair skin. I played with them

七年级英语试卷 第 7 页 (共 8 页)

The weather in Moscow was very cold. It snowed almost every winter. The ground was always Now I am back in China, but I miss them so much. I will never f___95__ my happy memories of this visit to Moscow.


A.将下列句子译成英语 (共5 小题,每小题 2分, 计10分)








______________________________________________________________________ 100.我们可以为贫困地区的儿童捐一些钱来买这些东西。




Dear Sir/Madam


Yours Faithfully

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