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新八年级英语上Lesson 20 No Stopping 导学案

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Lesson 20 No Stopping 导学案

学习目标:1.掌握本课单词和短语:bakery biscuit go past walk past tea biscuit On one’s/the way to turn left be late for point to

课前预习:英汉互译On one’s/the way to

take the school the street point to tea biscuit be late for walk past / go past


2、翻译课文判断正误,完成Let’s do it Part 1。


Today Jenny and Brian didn’t ________ a bus to school. They were ____________, because Jenny wanted to show Brian _____________________. They turned left, ________ the street and walked ________ a big store. They saw bread, cakes and donuts. It was a _______________. But they couldn’t ________to buy something, because they didn’t want to be ______ for school. Then they ______ another window. It was a ____________. It had ______ things to read. Jenny stopped and ____________ all the books in the window.

Language points:

1. No + n. / v-ing (多用于公共场所)表示禁止性的警语

eg. 禁止吸烟! 禁止停车! 禁止拍照!

2. on one’s/ the way to 在去··· ···的路上

eg. ① On my way to library, I met Jenny.

② I’m on the way to school.

③ On their way home, they bought the presents.

3. Sunny sun大部分有关天气的名词后面加-y,可变为描述天气的

形容词 eg. rain(雨) (下雨的) wind(风)

(有风的) cloud(云) (多云的) snow(雪) (下雪的)

4. take a bus 乘坐汽车,动词短语,作谓语;

by bus 乘汽车,介词短语,作状语。 eg. I often to go to school.= I often go to school . 5. show sb sth= 向某人展示某物

eg. Please show me the ticket.=Please show the ticket to me.

6. point to (远距离)指着 point at (近距离)指着

eg. ①They are the hill.

② It is wrong to people with a finger

7、Turn left and you will (经过,路过)the bakery.



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