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( )1.What _______exciting news! We are all very excited about it.

A.a B.an C.some D./

( )2.Our city is becoming _______ .

A.more and most beautiful B.more beautiful and more beautiful

C. more and more beautiful D. beautiful and beautiful

( )3. What do you think Sally will be______10 years?

A.after B.behind C.later D.in

( )4. My friend Jane works as _______as his brother.

A. hard B. harder C. hardest D. the hard

( )5.What do you_______this new watch?

A.think at B.think of C.think over D.think hard

( )6.---- _______do you have sports meetings in your school? ----Once a year.

A.How often B.How many C. How soon D.How much

( )7.Little Tom eats_______food , so he is_______fat .

A.much too; too much B.much too; too many

C.too much; much too D.too much; too many

( )8.Do you have _______ to say about this?

A.something different B.anything different

C.different something D.different anything

( )9.Walt Disney was famous ____his cartoons. A.like B.as C.at D.for

( )10.My shoes are cheaper than ____. A.you B.your C.yours D.your one

( ) 11. -----What _____ you do last night? ----I _____ my homework.

A. do; do B. do; did C. did; does D. did; did

( )12. The sun _____ rises(升起)in the east.

A. sometimes B. never C. always D. usually

( )13.Both Tom and I _____ tall. A. is B. are C. am D. be

( )14..If you _____ to the party, you?ll have a great time.

A. will go B. went C. go D.going

( ) 15. We?ll go to the library tomorrow if it ___.

A. isn?t rain B. rain C. won?t rain D. doesn?t rain

( ) 16. ---Will you get there by________ train ? ---No , I?ll take________taxi .

A. / ; a B. a ; the C. / ; / D. the ; a

( ) 17. ---Can you go to the party with me this Sunday? ---Sure, ________ .

A. I?d love to B. I?m sorry , I can?t C. of course not D. Oh, no, I?m busy

( ) 18 I have ______ money than he, but I am ________ than he.

A. fewer, happier B. less, happier C. more, richer D. much, richer

( )19.I predict there will be less ______ in the future.

A.people B.trees C.countries D.pollution

( )20. --

A. How much B, How many C. How often D. How far

第二节、完形填空 . (10分)

Jane is my friend . In the past , she had a bad ___1___ . She got up late and had __2__ for breakfast . After getting home from school , she played computer games . Her eating __3_____ were also bad . She hardly ever drank milk and she ate __4__ junk food .

One day Jane didn?t __5___ well . Her doctor asked her to __6_____ in hospital for three weeks . She was sad . And she decided to look __7___ her health well.

Now Jane has some good habits . She gets up at 5:30 a.m. and then she __8_____ . She runs every day .She 1

doesn?t play computer games on school nights. She __9___does that on weekends . Now she eats __10_____ food every day. The good lifestyle helps her keep in good health and get good grades .

( ) 1. A. teacher B. family C. program D. lifestyle

( ) 2. A. nothing B. anything C. nobody D. anybody

( ) 3. A. ways B. ideas C. habits D. plans

( ) 4. A. a little B. a few C. a lot D. lots of

( ) 5. A .play B. feel C. wear D. find

( ) 6. A .surf B. stay C. walk D. swim

( ) 7. A. at B. for C. in D. after

( ) 8. A .studies B. plays C. exercises D. drinks

( ) 9. A. only B. never C. hardly D. even

( )10. A .dirty B. healthy C. bad D. expensive



Mary is an French girl. She is now in Beijing with her parents. Mary doesn't know much Chinese, but she is studying it. She often speaks Chinese with her Chinese friends. Sometimes they can't understand her, because she can't speak Chinese very well.

It's Saturday morning. She goes out. She is walking in the street. She wants to go to the zoo to see the elephants and monkeys, but she doesn't know how to get there. She asks a Chinese boy the way. The boy can't understand her. Then she takes out a pen and a piece of paper. She draws an elephant on it, and shows the picture to the boy. The boy understands, and shows her the way to the zoo.


( )1. Mary is from__________ . A. China B. England C. Japan D. France

( )2. Mary is in__________ with her parents now.

A. England B. China C. New York D. London

( )3. Mary doesn't know how to get to__________ .

A. the zoo B. the park C. her home D. her school

( )4. Mary can't speak__________ very well.

A. English B. England C. China D. Chinese

( )5. At last The boy__________ .

A. can understand Mary?s Chinese. B. takes her to the zoo.

C. shows her the way to the zoo. D. draws a picture for Mary, too.

B they look the same, in some ways they look different. Both of them have tall buildings and wide streets, although some buildings in Shanghai are taller than in Beijing. They are both important in China. Beijing is the capital of China, there are more places of interest there, but Shanghai is the biggest city in China. Now they are becoming more and more important in China.

( ) 6. Some buildings in __________ are taller than in Beijing.

A. Shanghai B. Xi?an C. Tianjin D. Chongqing

( ) 7 Shanghai is the _____city in China.

A. tallest B. biggest C. smallest D. busiest

( ) 8. The underlined word “point” means _______.

A. 想法 B. 点 C. 内容 D. 主意


( )9. Beijing has more _________ than Shanghai. A. places of interest B. buildings C. wide streets D. people ( ) 10. Which of the following statements is right according to the passage?

A.Shanghai is the capital of China B.The buildings in Beijing are taller than in Shanghai C. Shanghai is the largest city in China. D. Shanghai has more places of interest.

A.5:05 B.6:35 C. 15:50

( on the train if we go to Shenyang from Beijing.

A.17hours and50minutes B.6hour and 35minutes C. 9 hours and 15 minutes ( )13.If you want to go to Chengdu from Taiyuan,you can take the train.

A. No. ll B. No. 185 C. No. 186

( )14. The No. 186 train gets to Taiyuan at A. 10: 50 a. m. B. 10: 50 p. m. C. 5: 05 a. m. ( from Tianjin to Beijing by train.

A. about two hours B. half an hour C. more than two hours


Ann and her mother are going to the Great Wall on a Sunday morning. It is a fine morning.

They are sitting in a big bus. Many people are in the bus, they are from different countries. Some are Americans and some of them come from England. They all want to visit the Great Wall.

There are two Chinese in the bus. One is driving the bus, the other is a young girl. She speaks English well. She is now talking about the Great Wall to them in English. She tells them many stories. There is an old saying: ?He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man?. They all want to see it very much. 正确的填“T”,错误的填“F” .

( ) 16. Ann and her mother are in a big bus on Sunday afternoon. ( ) 17. A lot of people are going to the Great Wall with them. ( ) 18. Many foreigners are in the big bus. ( ) 19. They want to see the Great Wall a little. ( ) 20. The bus driver is a Chinese. IV、写作技能(30分) 第一节、 完成句子14

1. 他如果看电视太久了,他的父母将会不高兴。

If he _________ TV too much, his parents __________ be unhappy.

2.萨姆要直到下周四才离开。Sam 3.她太小而不能照顾自己。She is young look after herself. 4.然后把牛奶倒入榨汁机里。Then the milk the blender. 5.每个人都应该参与到拯救地球的行列中去。

Everyone should a part in the earth.


6.我认为我们班丽丽最外向。I think Lily is the in our class.

7.我长大后准备当医生。I am 第二节.阅读下面对话,从方框内7个选项中选择5个恰当的句子完成此对话,并将其番号填入题前括号内。5

B: I?m going to watch a football match. It?s between Korea and China.

A: That?s great. .

B: At three o?clock in the afternoon. I have two tickets. .

A: I?m afraid not. We?re going to have a basketball match tomorrow afternoon.

B: I see. .

A: A team from No. 45 Middle School.

B: .

A: At the Children?s Palace.

B: I think that is going to be fun. Wish your team good luck.

A: Thank you.


根据中文提示写一60字以上的E_mail。(开头已给出)提示:Tom邀请LiPing参加他生日的聚会,但是LiPing的父母出差(be out on business)要到下个月才回来(come back home),奶奶又生病在床,需要人照顾,而且他得为了即将到来的英语考试而学习。因此无法来参加这一生日聚会。他感到很抱歉。请你以LingPing 的口气代替他给Tom发个邮件说明。

Dear Tom,

Thank you very much for inviting me to your birthday party


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