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Unit4 What’s the best movie theater section A 1a--1c课件

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Unit 4

What’s the best movie theater?

To learn to discuss preferences and make comparison 学习讨论用形容词讨论外观并 作比较 To learn to understand and use superlatives with –(i)est, the most To learn to understand and use irregular comparisons good, better, the best, bad, worse, the worst 理解并运



Movie theater

= cinema

comfortable seats

seat n. 座位

? 1、Are there enough seats for everyone? ? 座位够吗? ? 2、It has the most comfortable seats. ? 有最舒适的座位。 ? 3、have / take a seat 坐下 ? 4、take one’s seat 就坐

big screen

friendly service

Do you like to go to the movies?

Where do you watch movies?

cinema = movie theater
is a fun part of town

new movies

What does a good movie theater need?
big screens

comfortable seats

cheap tickets ……

Town Cinema
has a big screen.

Screen City has a bigger screen. Movie World has the biggest screen.

comfortable Town Cinema has comfortable seats. Screen City has more comfortable seats. Movie World has the most comfortable seats.

cheap Town Cinema is cheap.

Screen City is cheaper.

Movie World is the cheapest.

quickly Movie World

You can buy tickets quickly.
Screen City buy tickets more quickly. Town Cinema buy tickets the most quickly.
There are a lot of people working there.

Town Cinema is popular.

Screen City is more popular.

Movie World is the most popular.

good sound
Town Cinema has good sound.

Movie World has better sound.

Screen City has the best sound.



Town Cinema

is close to my home.

is closer to my home.

Screen City
200m Movie World My house

is the closest to my home.

? close adj. ? 接近be close to 靠近;在…的附近 ? e.g. Our school is close to a park. ? 我们的学校靠近一个公园。 ? It’s the closest to home. ? 离家最近。 ? 亲密的,亲近的 ? e.g. We are close friends. ? 我们是亲密的朋友。 ? 关;关闭 v. ? e.g. Close the door, please! ? 请关上门。

1. The door closes quietly. 这门关起来不发出什么声音。 关闭;盖上;合上 2. The post office closes at 6. 邮局六点关门。 (商店等)关门,打烊 3. At eleven the conference closed. 十一时大会结束。 结束 以上句子中close是不及物动词。

? ticket n. 票;入场券 ? e.g. buy tickets quickly 买票快 ? I want to buy two tickets. ? 我想买两张票。
? a ticket to … …的票 ? a train ticket to Beijing ? 一张去北京的火车票 ? two train tickets to Tianjin ? 2张去天津的火车票

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? the key to the door 这扇门的钥匙 the answer to the question 这个问题的答案 the bridge to knowledge 通向知识的桥梁 the way to the school 去学校的路

Good , better , best,

Never let it rest , Till good be better , And better best .
Bad , worse ,worst , Never fight against , Get better and better, And you’ll be the best.

英 文 顺 口 溜

比较级、最高级用法 没有比较用原级, 两者相比比较级, 三者以上最高级。 Very 词后用原级, than/much/a little句子比较级, The字在前最高级, 碰上of 和in短语, 千万别忘最高级。

1a How do you choose which movie theater to go? Write the things in the box under “important” or “Not important”.

comfortable seats big screens best sound cheap new movies close to home buy tickets quickly popular
Important Not important

I think big screens and comfortable seats are important. I think close to home and cheap are not important.

? comfortable
? new



movie 新电影 ? big screen 大屏幕 离家近 Which is ? close to home ? friendly service 友好的服务 more important? ? in a fun part of town城区最佳位置 ? cheap ? popular

-comfortable seats----- most comfortable seats -the -new movies------the newest movies -big screen----- -the biggest screen -close to home----- -the closest to home -friendly service----- -the friendliest service -in a fun part of town the most fun part of town -in -cheap clothes----- -the cheapest clothes -popular songs----- -the most popular songs

1a How do you choose what movie theater to go to? Write the things in the box under “Important” or “Not important”. comfortable seats big screens best sound cheap new movies close to home buy tickets quickly popular

Important big screens comfortable seats best sound popular

Not Important close to home cheap new movies buy tickets quickly

What is the most important for you in a movie theater?
A: I think comfortable seats are the most important for me . B: For me, … and … are the most important in a movie theater. C: But I think …is the most important. D: In my opinion, I think … is the most important

1b Listen and match the statements with the movie theaters.

Town Cinema

Screen city

Movie World

It has the biggest screens. It’s the most popular near here. It’s the closest to home

Movie Theater
Movie World Screen City Town Cinema Town Cinema Screen City

It has the shortest waiting time.
=You can buy tickets the most quickly

It has the best sound. It has the most comfortable seats.

Movie World

Boy1: Do you want to go the movies? Girl: Sure. Boy2: I’ll go , too. Boy1: OK, great. What’s the best movie theatre to go to? Boy2: Town Cinema. It’s the closest to home. Girl: Yes, but they don’t have the new movies there. Boy2: Maybe not, but it’s the cheapest.

Tape script

? Boy1: I think Movie Theatre has the most comfortable seats. ? Girl: I like the Screen City because it has the biggest screens. ? Boy1: It’s the most popular cinema, too. ? Boy2: That means it’s crowded.

? Boy1:Well, Town Cinema isn’t crowded, it has the friendliest serv

ice. ? Girl: It's also in a fun part of town.

? Girl: It’s also in the most fun part ? of town. ? Boy1: Let’s look at the movie times in the newspaper and then decide. ? Girl: OK with me. ? Boy2: Me, too.

1 这家电影院有最大的屏幕。 The cinema has the biggest screens. 2 他是最受欢迎的歌手。 He is the most popular singer. 3 它离家最近。 It is the closest to home. 4 这件衣服是最便宜的。 The clothes are the cheapest. 5 这家餐馆有最友好的服务。 The restaurant has the friendliest service. 6 这家剧院有最舒适的座位。 The theater has the most comfortable seats.

1c Talk about the movie you know
A: What’s the best movie theater? B: Sun Cinema. It’s the cheapest. C: But I think Moon Theater has the most comfortable seats. D: For me, …… F: In my opinion, ……
It has the biggest screens. It’s the most popular. It’s the closest to home. It’s the cheapest. It has the friendliest service. It has the most comfortable seats.

1.the best movie theater 最好的电影院 2.the biggest screens 最大的荧屏 3.the most popular 最受欢迎的 4.the closest to home 离家最近 5.the shortest waiting time 最短的等待时 6.the best sound 最好的音响 7.the most comfortable seats 最舒服的座位 8.the best clothes store 最好的服装店



good well bad badly many much far better worse best worst

more farther

most farthest




1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Task One: Do some exercises.
bigger biggest big _________ _________ cheaper cheapest cheap _________ _________ funnier funniest funny _________ _________ new _________ _________ newer newest close _________ _________ closer closest friendly _________ friendliest friendlier _________ comfortable _______________ most comfortable more comfortable ______________ popular _______________ _______________ more popular most popular good _________ _________ better best worse worst bad _________ _________

一 写出下列形容词的比较级和最高级:

1.Lily gets up earlier (early) than Lucy. 2.Which goes more slowly (slowly),Tom or Jim?

3.This book is more interesting (interesting) than than one.
4.She works the most carefully (careful) in her school. 5.Who goes to bed the latest (late) Jim, Tom or Jack?

6.I think turkey is the most delicious(delicious) of all

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