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Unit 6
I like music that I can dance to.

授课者: Mr Ding

1.掌握Unit6的重点词组和句型 2.灵活 定语从句介绍自己喜欢的 书籍,音乐,电影等。

? 短语 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? prefer… to… 比起… 更喜欢… 老实说;说实在的 to be honest 提醒;使记起 remind of on display 展览;陈列 be bad for 对…有害;有害于 stay away from 与…保持距离 be in agreement 意见一致 dance to 随着…跳舞 伴随… 唱歌 sing along with 对某人重要 be important to sb. 确定;一定 be sure 聚集在一起 get together cause cancer taste good 尝起来好 致癌

【重点词汇】 1. prefer 动词 更喜欢 宁愿

① prefer + sth. 更喜欢某事 I prefer English. 我更喜欢英语。 ② prefer + doing 宁愿做某事 (doing强调一般性
倾向 即对某种行为的“偏爱”)

He preferred reading at home on rainy days. ③ prefer to do sth 宁愿做某事( to do 强调特定

The boy preferred not to go with his parents.

④ prefer sb to do sth 更希望某人做… We prefer you to stay for dinner ⑤ prefer sth to sth. 同…相比更喜欢… I prefer dogs to cats. 与猫相比我更喜欢狗。 ⑥ prefer doing A to doing B 宁愿做A事而不愿做B 事 I prefer walking to sitting. 我宁愿走路也不愿坐着

⑦prefer to do …… rather than do sth. 宁愿干……而不愿干…… They prefer to play games rather than watch TV.

2. remind提醒 使记起 ① remind sb. of / about sb./sth.

提醒 使…记起…
This song reminds him of his mother.

② remind sb to do sth 提醒某人做某事 Please remind me to answer that letter.请提醒 我回那封信。

3. on display 展览

(= on show )

4. over the years 很多年来,常与现在完成时
连用 如: Over the years, they’ve planted many trees on the hills. 多年来他们已在山上种植了 许多树。 5.though == although 作连词 虽然,尽管 放在句子中间/句首,不能和but 连用. Though it was very late, he went on working. 虽 然很晚了,但他还在工作

Mr. Smith , though he was young, did it very well. 史密斯先生虽然年轻,却做得很 好。 6. be sure of +n. / pron. /短语 be sure that+ 从句 相信,对……有把握 be sure to do 务必……一定…… make sure 确保,核实,查收,弄清楚 7.along with = together with 伴随… 同… 一道 I will go along with you. 我同你一道去。 I sing along with music. 我伴随着音乐唱歌。

8. dance to sth. 随着…跳舞 She likes dancing to the music. 她喜欢随着 音乐而跳舞。
9. music n. 音乐

musician n. 音乐家

musical adj 音乐的,
10. clear adj. 清楚的,清澈的


adv. 清楚地

11.honest 该词是元音发音开头,前面的 不定冠词用“an”.

如: He is an honest boy.
12.unfortunately adv. 不幸运 (=un

luckily) fortunately adv. 幸运地 (=luckily) 13. to be honest 老实说 如:To be honest, I really like flowers. 老实说 我真的很喜欢花。

14. fisherman 渔夫 复数形式 fishermen 15. photography n. 摄影 photograph n. 照片 相片 Photographer n. 摄影师 16. be in agreement 意见一致 常与介词 on /about连用如: They are in agreement on that question. 他们对那个问题意见一致。

1. I listened to one called Heart Strings. One 是代词,可指代上文中提到的同类东西当

She has a camera. I want to buy one, too.

注意:在句中,it 往往指代上文中提到的那个 物品。
Jack caught a big fish this afternoon. Now he is cooking it.

2.That’s not really important to me.

①be important to sb. 对…重要
This book is very important to our teachers. 这 本书对于我们老师来说很重要
②be important for sb. to do. 做某事对某

It’s very important for us to study well. 对于 我们来说好好学习是非常重要的。

3. It does have a few good features, though. do 用于加强语气。 Do 的适当形式(do/ does /did)+ 动词原形,为强调句式。 They do have a lot of work to do. 他们确实有 很多工作要做。

4. Whatever you do, don’t miss this exhibition. Whatever 意为“无论什么的事情;任何 事”,相当于no matter what, 引导的是一 个让步状语从句。
Whatever you do, I always believe you = I always believe you no matter what you do.

类似的用法还有: whenever, wherever, however, whoever, 相当于 no matter + 疑问词 Whenever I meet him, he always smiles. = No matter when I meet him, he always smiles.

5. Oh! And I stay away from sugar, you do too, don’t you? stay away from 远离… 如: Stay away from me , I have a cold.


根据首字母及所给单词填入适当的词。(1. I prefer singers who write their own lyrics l_____________. 2. She is listening to the song called c__________ ”Take me to your heart”. 3. The pictures remind r_________ me of my school days. clearly 4.I can’t see it _________(clear) because it’s too far away. 5.If you look forentertainment ____________(entertain) , you can play the computer.

6.Tom is a greatphotographer ___________(photograph), I love his photos. 7. There are many famous paintings in the gallery g__________. dishonest 8. Lillian is an _________(honest) girl, nobody likes her. musicians 9. Lots of ___________(music) can not only write but also sing their lyrics. vegetarian 10.She is a strict ___________(vegetable).

用“who”, “which”或“that”选择适当的词填空. 1. The man who /that is talking with my ________ mother is my English teacher . 2. He likes musicthat /which _________he can dance to. 3. That book is the one _______ I bought which/ that yesterday . who./ that /whom 4. They talked about the persons ________ they remembe

red in the factory . 5. John is an interesting person ________often tells funny stories. who/ that

单项选择 ( A)1. Some of her best loved photos are ___ display in this exhibition . A. on B. in C. at D. about ( C)2. I prefer watching TV to ______ music every day. A. listen to B. listen C. listening to D. listening ( B)3. Look at that girl ______ name is Lucy. A. who B. whose C. which D. whom

( B)4. My money is not the only thing ______ is missing. A. which B. that C. who D. whose (A )5. I hate people ______ talk much but do little. A. who B. that C. which D. whose (A )6. Eating fruit _________you. A. is good for B. is good of C. are good at D. are good for

(B )7. I like the music that I can sing ______. A. along and B. along with C. with D. along (A )8. I like this kind of music that I can dance ______. A. to B. in C. with D. along (D ) 9. The story reminded me ______ an experience I once had. A. to B. at C. on D. of

( C)10. __________ you do, you can't change the situation. A.whoever B. wherever C. whatever D. what ever ( D)11. This is the room __________windows faces the south. A. that B. who C. which D. whose ( D)12. I didn't know ______. A.where does he live B. where do he lives C. where he lives D. where he lived

(C )13. This kind of apples taste_______ and sell _______. A. good, good B. well, well C. good, well D. well, good ( B)14.You never eat burnt barbecued meat, _______? A. don’t you B. do you C. aren’t you D. are you (B )15. I love singers who _________their own music. A. writes B. write C. is writing D. written

(A )16.Has Mickael found the handbag _______was lost? A. which B. whose C. when D. where ( C)17. I mean _________ a class meeting on Monday afternoon. A. have B. having C. to have D. to having ( A)18. Tom, keep ________the fire, or you will get burnt. A. away from B. far from C. near to D. next to

( B)19.Don’t tell a lie, you should be ________ honest boy. A. a B. an C. the D. / ( D)20.Be sure ________call me up as soon as you get to Guilin. A. of B. about C. for D. to

1. I like music that I can dance B . A. with B. to C. along D. on 2. Some of her famous photos are A display in this exhibition . A. on B. in C. at D. about 3. Joe A visit London last year. A. did B. real C. was D. goes to 4. Maths doesn’t B me at all. A. interesting B. interest C. interested D. interests 5. I want to buy a book D radio. A. from B. to C. for D. about

6. I D singing to dancing . A. like B. enjoy C. love D. prefer 7. He has a friend who C the piano very well . A. play B. playing C. plays D. played 8. It’s too late. I A go home now, or my parents will be angry with me. A. have to B. have C. may D. can 9. Though it was late, D he went on with his work . A. but B. and C. so D. \ 10. We will have a B holiday after the exam . ? two month B. two-month C. two-months D. two months

11. Don’t worry. There is B with your baby. A. something wrong B. nothing wrong C. anything serious D. something serious 12. I saw him A fo

otball on the playground yesterday. A. play B. to play C. played D. plays 13. He didn’t go to the cinema. C , he went to the park. A. While B. If C. Instead D. Either 14. I like sweet food. Ice cream_____ me very well. D A. fit B. fits C. suit D. suits 15.The boy D TV all day, he did nothing. ? keep watching B. kept to watch C. keeps watching D. kept watching

who 1. The man____is talking with my mother is my father . that 2. That book is the one________ I bought yesterday . who 3. He is one of the workers ______ have been saved in that accident . 4. They talked of the things and persons that _____they remembered in the factory . that 5. All_______can be done must be done .

II单词拼写 1. Nothing is impossible if you put your h________ into it. eart 2. He is an h_______ boy. What he says is onest always true. 3. The Y_______ River is the second ellow longest river in China. 4. The shirt is a little bit too large. It doesn’t s_______ me well. uit 5. The boat hit the big ship and got broken. Soon after that it began to s_______. ink

risk 6. He took a _______ (冒险) of breaking traffic rules when the light was red. 7. Everyone was ________(震惊) by the shocked news of his death. fisherman 8. His father used to be a ________ (渔民). 9. Mr. Smith has just come back and latest brought us the ________ (最新的) news. 10. The number of the people who catch rising cancer is _______(增长) in the area where the river is polluted.

单元介词或副词填空 in 1. Chicken that is fried _______ oil tastes nice, but it is bad _______ our health. for 2. Many new types of cars will be _______ display on in the exhibition. 3. _______ the years, he’s written lots of songs Over that make him popular across the country. 4. His words remind me _______ what happened of in the vocation. 5. Many people are _______ agreement with what in Jim says. with 6. ---Can you sing this song along _______ the music? ---Sure. And also I can dance _______ the music. to

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