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9A unit6 welcome公开课优质课件

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9A Unit 6 Detective stories


detective n. 侦探

Sherlock Holmes

Hei Mao
Di Renjie

Check pre-learn:

Sherlock Holmes
What’s his occupation (职业)? ________

He is a________ (侦探,警探). detective He is not tall and he medium is________ (中等的).

cruel Holmes looks_____ (冷酷的).

It’s a murder. Who is themurderer 凶手)? _________( He is thesuspect 嫌疑犯). ______( He is a ________(推销员). salesman He is ______(被通缉 wanted 的) for murder now. ________(报酬,奖金): Reward ¥10,000

Look at the scene of the _______(犯罪). crime

Last Saturday night at 8p.m., a young man was murdered. The murder happened in Sun Town. We have four suspects. We have made notes on all of them.
make/take notes on sb.给某人做记录/录口供

Read and answer the questions:
? 1)Who are the four suspects?
Dr Brown,Jimmy White ,Emily Smith and Frank Johnson

? 2)Where does Emily Smith live?

In Star Town
? 3)What was Dr Brown doing last Saturday?

He was working in a hospital in Sun Town
? 4)What is Frank Johnson’s occupation?

He is a salesman.
? 5)What is Frank Johnson like ?

He is medium height, nervous an cruel.

Suspect 1

Name : Occupation : Lives in : Last Saturday : Appearance :

Dr Brown Doctor Moon town
was working in a hospital in SunTown

tall , slim and tidy

? 1.What is the suspect called? ? 2.What does he do ? ? 3.Where does he live ? ? 4.What was he doing when the crime took place ? ? 5.What does he look like ?

Suspect 2 Name : Jimmy White Occupation : shopkeeper Lives in : Sun Town Last Saturday : was in New City Appearance : tall , strong and helpful
Jimmy White This man is __________. He is a _________. shopkeeper He lives in _____________. Sun Town He is _______, strong and helpful ______________. Last Saturday , he was in tall _______________. New City

Suspect 3 Name : Occupation : Lives in : Last Saturday :
Appearance :

Emily Smith Cook Star Town was working at her restaurant in Sun Town small , fat and friendly

If you are the policemen , you all want to get the information of this suspect . Please make a dialogue using the above information .

Suspect 4
Name: Frank Johnson Occupation: Salesman Lives in: Sky Town Last Saturday: was at home alone Appearance/Personality: medium height, nervous and cruel

Suspect 4 True or false:
__________ 1.Suspect 4 is a shopkeeper.( salesman 2.He was __________ last in New City at home Saterday.( F )
3.He is nervous and cruel.(


T )

4.He lives in ____ Town.( Star Sky


Dr Brown

Jimmy White

young man

Emily Smith

Frank Johnson

The person most likely to be the murderer is _______.

? The person most likely to be the Suspect 4 murderer is ___________. ? The reason is

He looks nervous and cruel. There was no witness(目击者, ? ___________________________. 证人) for him

Please read my poster. This person is _______ for murder. wanted He is a __________. He lives s

alesman Sky Town in ___________. He was at home alone ________________at 8 p.m. last Saturday night.He is ____________. nervous and cruel

reward 报酬,奖金

If you know anything about the suspect, please 110 call________. You may get a _______ reward of RMB10,000.


Why is Eddie dressed like a detective?

Watch the video and then answer the questions :

1. Why is Eddie dressed like a detective? 2. Is his job serious? 3. What is he really looking for?

Answer the following questions:
1. Why is Eddie dressed like a detective?

Because he is trying to be a detective.
2. What is Eddie really looking for? His missing food. 3. Do you think his job is serious? What do you think of Eddie? I don’t think so.He is funny.


Fill in the blanks
One day, Hobo was very surprised was dressed at why Eddie_____ ______ like a detective. Eddie answered that he was ______ some very important ____ doing ________ looking _______ work _______. Was he ________ for a murderer? much more No, he said, “This is ______ _____ serious.” He said that his food had gone missing ______ ______ _______.

What qualities should a detective have?
careful, curious, imaginative, clever, creative, modest, fair, equal, energetic, patient, selfless confident, practical,

Let’s help create a world of harmony.


We think we are all clever ,fair ,confident and creative. We should use these good qualities to study hard , then in the future we can get our favourtive occupations and devote ourselves to creating a world of harmony.

Let’s review
? (1) 侦探故事 ? (2)穿得像那样 ? (3) 严重得多 ? (4)不见 ? (5) 有四个嫌疑犯

? (6) 中等身材并且 残酷
? (7) 因谋杀被 通缉 ? (8) 得到……的报酬

? (9)给某人录口供
? (10) 最可能是凶手的人

detective stories be dressed like that much more serious go missing have four suspects medium height and cruel be wanted for the murder get a reward of make/take notes on sb the person most likely to be the murderer

Fill in the blanks

1.The lady wasdressed ______(dress) in white at the par

2. An air accident happened yesterday. The plan missing is still _________ (miss).

3. They were ________ (excite) at the good news excited

4. Our school will hold awriting(write) competitio _____

5. He never forgets to make notes (note) in class _____

Try your best!
1.我的小猫已经失踪了. My little cat________ _________ ________. has gone missing 2.谋杀案发生在一个寒冷的冬天的夜晚. The muder________ _____ ____ _____ winter _____. a cold ______ night happened on 3.杨先生,有人打电话找你. Mr Yang,you_______ ________ on the phone. are wanted .

Homework Read comic strip Preview Reading

Thanks for your listening!

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