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( )1. There is _____ old car. _____ old car is Mr. Zhao’s.

A. an; The B. the; An C. a; The D. the; The

( )2. ---When ______ you ______ your old friend? ---The day before yesterday.

A. will, visit B. are visiting C. have, visited D. did visit

( )3. _____ English every day is a secret of becoming a good language learner.

A. Use B. Uses C. Using D. Used

( )4. ---Could you please tell me how to get to October First School?


A. Don’t ask me B. Sure. You can take the subway.

C. You’re welcome D. It’s very nice of you to say so

( )A. early B. earlier C. earliest D. the earliest

( )A. while B. unless ( )A. borrow D. keep

( A. goes C. going D. to go

( ) 9. —

B. five hundreds C. five hundreds of D. five hundred of

( ) 10. It took me two hours ________ my homework last night.

A. to finish B. finishing C. finish D. finishes

( ) 11. I really don’t know _________.

A. what should I do B. what to do C. what does D. what to do it

( ) 12. I think people there are friendly. Do you agree _________ me?

A. with B. to C. on D. at

( )13. You don't know the way. Why ______ the policeman for help?

A. don't ask B. no ask C. not ask D. don't you

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( )14. Do you know Hangzhou?

—Hangzhou is famous __________ West Lake.

A. as B. because of C. for D. like

( )15. _____ he was walking to school, he saw an accident.

A. While B. Before C. After D. Unless

( )16. We'll go on a field trip if it _______ this weekend.

A. won't rain B. isn't raining C. doesn't rain D. not rain

( )17.It’s easy for us _____ this song.

A. sing B. singing C. to sing D. to singing

( )18. Look! There is a backpack on the teacheA. yours B. your C. you D. yourself

( )19. I need to get some _______ to read at night. A. noodles ( )20. Beijing is one of _____ in Millions of visitors come to

visit Beijing every year.

( )C. asked D. had

( ) B、have C、take D、talks

( )23. Beijing.

A、visits B、visited C、to visit D、visiting

( )24. It is cold ,you must your coat .

A、wear B、put on C、dress D、putting on ( )25. Do you do on New Year’s Day ?

A、something B、anything special

C、special something D、special anything

( )26. May Day is .

A、on , lst May B、in, lst May C、on , 1th May D、on , 1st may

( )27. He read story.

A、the whole B、whole the C、the all D、whole

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( )28. This is an book, we are in it.

A、interesting, interested B、interested, interested

C、interesting, interesting D、interested, interesting

( )29. I like .

A、eating tomatos B、eating tomatoes

C、eat tomatos D、eat tomatoes

( )30. Can you tell me he lives ?

A、what B、where C、when D、why

( )31. I you as soon as I home.

A、will call, get B、will call, got

C、call. will get D、will call, will get

( )32. It is excuse.

A、an B、a C、the D、/

( )33. It an empty bottle. (选出划线的反义词) A、full B、fill C、fat D、free

( )34. He often help me A、with B、for C、at Dto

( )35. He is .

A、a invent B、 an inventor D、an inventer

( )36. There are A、few B、a few little D、a little

( )37. If it A、B、isn’t rain C、doesn’t rain D、rains

( ) .

A B、singing C、to sing D、sings

( )39. Alice asks me another bag for her.

A、get B、got C、to get D、getting

( )40. He finished his last book.

A、to write B、writes C、writing D、writeing

( )

41. It’s time for class ,Let’s stop

A、talk B、talking C、to talk D、talks

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( ) 61. I want to buy ___________ MP4, Mum.

A. an B. a C. the D. /

( ) 62. Not only you but also Jim and I _______ interested in playing chess.

A. am B. is C. are D. be

( ) 63. He enjoys his _______ of stamps. He loves the pictures on the stamps.

A. collect B. collecting C. collection D. collected

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( ) 64. Hi, Lucy. I’m looking for you everywhere. –I ________ the reading room.

A. have gone to B. have been to C. go D. went

( ) 65. During the vacation, students often spend some time computer games.

A. play B. playing C. to play D. on playing

( ) 66. What did your teacher give you last week? ________________.

A. Some advices B. A lot of advices C. a piece of advice D. lots of advices

( ) 67. My job is ____________animals.

A. feeding B. to feed C. with feed D. for feed

( ) 68. There must be ___________ with my clock.

A. wrong something B. something wrong C. anything wrong D. nothing wrong

( ) 69. He gave his life ______the rare wild animals.

A. to save B. saving C. to saving D. save

( ) 70. If you ___ him tomorrow, please ask him if he ____ to work on the farm with us.

A. see, goes B. will see, goes D. see, will go

( ) 71. It is ___ a difficult question___ nobody can answer it.

A. such; that B. so; that D. very; that

( ) 72. Miss White read few books on weekdays, ______ she? A. does B. doesn’t D. didn’t

( ) 73. —Where is Tom?—I heard him A. talks B. talked D. to talk

( ) 74. _______will you be away? —A. What time D. How long

( ) 75. —— Pardon? —

( ) 76. Many students as reading, painting and growing flowers in the


A. hobbies C. gift D. workshop

( ) 77

B. turn off C. turn down D. turn to

( ) 78. The story is very _____, so many children are _____ in it.

A. interesting;interested B. interested;interested C. interesting;interesting

D. interested;interesting

( ) 79. —Do you know _____ the MP3 player last week?

—Sorry, I have no idea.

A. how much did she pay for B. how much will she pay C. how much she paid for

D. how much does she pay for

( ) 80. It’s kind _____ you to help me.

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A. for B. of C. to D. with

( ) 81. The boy didn’t know the sentence _____ the teacher explained it.

A. before B. after C. until D. when

( ) 82. It was _____ difficult work _____ nobody can do it well.

A. so;that B. such a; that

C. such; that D. so a;that

( ) 83. Just before the Chinese class, I suddenly realized that I forgot _____ my Chinese text


A. bring B. bringing

C. and bring D. to bring

( ) 84. — Many poor children can’t go to school.

—Luckily, Project Hope _____ those poor children.

A. helps out

C. catches up

( ) 85

A. comes; comes

C. comes; will come D. will come; comes

( ) 86. —camera _____ yesterday?

—. A. cost B. spend C. take D. pay for

( his grandfather likes to read newspapers _____ watch TV.

A. instead of B. instead

C. rather D. rather than

( ) 88. _____ it snowed heavily yesterday, nobody in our class missed the lesson.

A. Though B. Because

C. Unless D. Since

( ) 89. —I’d like to go with you!

— _____ .

A. So do I B. So would I

C. So I would D. So I do

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( ) 90.I was doing my homework ________ my mother was cooking.

A. after B. because C. While D. as soon as

( ) 91.It’s very kind ________ him ________ say so.

A. of,to B. for,/ C. for, to D. of,/

( ) 92.In the English Summer camp,the students have a lot of fun ________ English each other.

A. to practice to speaking B. to practice speaking

C. practicing speaking D. practicing to speak

( ) 93.I was very surprised at ________ the teacher said.

A. when B. where C. whether D. what

( ) 94. I'm not sure ________ I will go to see the film tomorrow. ________I go,I will call


A. that,If B. that,Whether C. if,If D. whether,Whether

( ) 95. We’ll set off for the station as soon as the rain ________.

A. stops B. will stop C. stopped ( A. too,to B. not,until D. so,that

( ) 97. ---I’ll fly to ShangHai on business next Friday.

--- ________ .

A. That’s very nice of you

C. Can’t you go? ( ) 98. ---I’m sorry. I broke your cup.

---Oh,really? ________.

A. It’s OK with me C. Don’t be sorry D.I don’t care

( A. listening to C. listening D. to listen

( ,so it isn’t difficult for you to read.

A. little C. few D. a few

( B. quitely C. carefully D. careful

( B. action C. instruction D. opinion

( ) 103. His homework is good ________ for the writing.

A. beside B. except C. behind D. but

( ) 104.________ a great doctor, Dr Norman Bethune is famous ________his excellent

treatment and great spirit.

A. For, as B. For, to C. As,as D. As,for

( ) 105. —I’m sorry, I did my homework, but my dog ate it.

—I don’t believe you. _____

A. It doesn’t matter. B. Your dog must be crazy.

C. That’s OK. D. That’s just an excuse.

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