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Love at First Sight

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Love at First Sight

Loving at first sight is not love, nor the heart to heart. It’s just a feeling of deja vu, intersection of a look, a mutual induction heart.

Falling in love at first sight exists, but the probability of success is not great. Because one is attracted by the other’s appearance, manners, speech, grace …and nothing much at all. Falling in love at first sight is very romantic but not very practical. Maybe you will be attracted to strangers in certain circumstance, but this impression may gradually change because of the length of time.

I don’t deem that love at first sight is of extraordinary significance. Because you can’t find out which character your partner has. When you meet your partner for the first time, perhaps you feel that you fall in love with her or him. I reckon that you would be wrong. Think about which part of her or his you love, you may find it’s only the appearance. What a stupid thing it is that you love a girl or a boy only for the beauty. What you should do is to make yourself calm.

If you are really attracted by her or him, you can talk with her or him. If you find out the character is distinct with yours, you had better stop. So what I have to claim is that character is exceedingly important to your emotion life. If you are not good at saying words, an introvert may be suit for you. If you are enthusiastic about expressing you own feelings, an extrovert may be suit for you.

So similar hobbies can shorten the distance between you and your lover, and it can bring you more happiness. And it is to say, having similar character is of extraordinary significance. But how can you know one’s character clearly at first sight?

The realistic marriage isn't as relaxed and romantic as falling in love at first sight. The lovers once established family, the actual problem of fuel, rice, cooking oil and salt became killer of romantic. Something ignored when fall in love at first sight stand to the life prospects, the hidden weaknesses of each other will emerge….The first impression is important, But only by the first impression is unreservedly into love and marriage may be difficult to happiness.

So we should seek for our lover not just by the first sight, we should think more and know about more. It will never be late when we know about each other clearly. And it will contribute to the pleasant life.

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