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( )21. This is orange jacket , jacket is Sally's.

A. an; the B.a; the C.the; an

( )32. --Are these Tom's cousins? — They are his brothers. A. Yes, they are. B.No. they aren’t C. No, these aren't. ( )23. -Mary, here your New Year's card. -Thank you. And these your photos. A. is; is B.are; are C.is; are ( )24.-Do you an American friend?

-No, I don't. But my sister one.

A. has; has B. has; have C. have; has ( )25. -Can I help you?— I want a pair of black shoes. A. No, thanks B. Yes, please C. Yes, you can ( )26. Mary two hours every day. A. watch; for B. watches; in C. watches; for ( )27. Sunday is the day of the week. A. last B. first C.seventh

( )28. Basketball players need to eat A. good B. well C.much ( )29. This room is A. Tom and Mike's B. Tom's and Mike C. Tom’s and Mike's ( )30. He has P. E. 11:00 A. at; in B. at; on C. from; to

( )31. I want a pen $4.

A. to buy; for B. buy; for C. to buy; with ( )32. - Is this English book -Yes, it’s mine

A. Yours B. Mine C.Hers

( )a pen and two books on the desk..

A. are B. have C. is

( ) They’re 5 dollars.

A. how many are these? B. What are they? C. how much are they?

( )35.-Do you like the blue skirt? -_ I like the white one. A. Yes, I do. B. No. I don't. C. No. I do 三. 完型填空(10分)。读短文,根据语境和上下文,选择可以填入相应空白处的最佳答案,使短文完整通顺。

the favorite day for our family. My sister and I go to school. We stay and in the morning. In the afternoon, my sister and I , a kite and other things. We also buy some parents. We love our parents. They love much. too.

( )l. A.is B. are C. am ( )2.A.don't B. can’t C. doesn’t ( )3.A.on B. at C. in ( )4.A.plays B. playing C. play ( )5.A.comes B. play C. go ( )6.A.sing B. sings C. singing

( )7.A.book B. books C. schoolbag ( )8. A.to B. of C. for ( )9.A,we B. us C. them ( )10. A.family B. class C. school


A. He is in Class 3, Grade 7. B. He is in Class 1, Grade 7. C. He is in Class 2, Grade 7. D. He is in Class 7, Grade 1. ( ) 58. What subject is NOT mentioned (提及) in the letter? A. English. B. Biology. C. History. D. Math. ( ) 59. What does Li Yong often do at the weekend?


A. He often reads English. B. He often plays soccer with his friends. C. He often writes letters. D. He often sees English movies. ( ) 60. What is Li Yong’s favorite sport?

A. Basketball. B. Soccer. C. Baseball. D. Tennis. 五、完成句子。

一)1.We have good____ _______(食物)at John's birthday party.

3.Oh the Eve of New Year(新年除夕),my family often has a big ______(正餐). 4.I drink(喝) ________ (牛奶)at school every day. 5.An _______ (苹果)a day keeps doctors away. 6. We have sweaters at a very good___________(价格). 7.The socks are two_____________(美元).

8. There are_______________ (十五)girls in our class. 9 want to buy some___________(衣服)at the store. 10. _______ (来)and see for yourself. 11. The store________ (卖)school things,

12.She_____________(需要)to have a rest(休息). 13.What___________(颜色)do you like? 14. The desk is very___________ (小的).

15. December is the_________ (第十二)month of a year. 16. That idea_________ (听起来)great.

17. _________ (星期三) comes after Tuesday.

18. We'll have an English p__________ tomorrow evening. 19. J__________ is the. first month of a year. 20. His birthday is on June__________ (23).

二)1.Their_______ ________ (篮球比赛)is October fifth. 2.When is our______ _________ (艺术节)?

3.My ______ ____________(生日聚会)is October tenth. 4.Do they have a_______ _________ (音乐节)? 5.The________ ________ (学校郊游)is October 19th. 三)根据句意及提示写词。

四)1.我们应该吃健康食品。We should eat__________ ____________ 2.我妈妈晚饭喜吃米饭和蔬菜

For________,my mother likes eating________and ___________ 3.我不想 长胖.I don't_______ _________ ___________ fat. 4.我们有价格非常优惠的羊毛衫。

We have sweaters_______ ______ ________prices.

5.对女孩来说我们有红色的T-恤衫。 ___ girls,we have T-shirts______ _____ 3.这些鞋子多少钱? _____ ______ _______the shoes? 六、完成对话。请根据对话内容,补出所缺单词。 A: Can I you

B: Yes, please. I want a bag for sports. A: Do you want a big one? B: No, I want a one. A: What do you want?

B: Mm, I like red. Let me have a look at the red one. A: Here you are.

B: Well, it’s a nice bag. How is it? A: It’s 20 Yuan.

B: I’ll it. Thank you. A: You’re welcome.

66. ________ 67. ________ 68. ________ 69. ________ 70. ________ 七、书面表达(15分)

假设你叫kathy, 女,14岁,在Park School 7年级5班上学。请你用第一人称给你的朋友Linging写封信,向她介绍一下你和你的家人,包括各自的学习,工作和爱好等等。字数在70词左右。开头已给出,不计入字数。 Lingling,

How are you? My name is Kathy. I’m a student in Class 5 ,Grade 7 at Park School.




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