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Chapter 8 To Be or Not to Be International

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Cross-cultural Communication in Business World

Chapter 8 To Be or Not to Be International

? Subculture: also for mini culture小文 化、集体文化或副文化,指在主文化 (main culture)或综合文化(multiple culture)的背景下,属于某一区域或某 个集体所特有的观念和生活方式,一种 亚文化不仅包含着与主文化相通的价值 与观念(values and opinions),也有属于 自己的独特的价值与观念,而这些价值 观是散布在种种主导文化之间的。

The Classification of Subculture (亚文化的分类)
? 亚文化有各种分类方法,罗伯逊将亚文化分为 人种的亚文化、年龄的亚文化、生态学的亚文 化等。(如年龄亚文化可分为青年文化、老年 文化;生态学的亚文化可分为城市文化、郊区 文化和乡村文化等。)
? 由于亚文化是直接作用或影响人们生存的社会 心理环境,其影响力往往比主文化更大,它能 赋予人一种可以辨别的身份和属于某一群体或 集体的特殊精神风貌和气质。

The Classification of Subculture (亚文化的分类)
? ? ? ? Youth Subculture(青年亚文化) Single Subculture(单身亚文化) Business Subculture(企业亚文化) Homosexuality Subculture(同性恋亚文 化) ? Music Subculture(音乐亚文化)

Youth Subculture : Beat Generation
? 垮掉的一代(Beat Generation)是第二次世 界大战(World War II)之后出现于美国的 一群松散结合在一起的年轻诗人和作家的集合 体。这一名称最早是由作家杰克· 克鲁亚克 (Jack Celiac)于1948年前后提出的。在英语 中,形容词“beat”一词有“疲惫”或“潦倒 ”之意,而克鲁亚克赋予其新的含义“欢腾” 或“幸福”,和音乐中“节拍”的概念联结在 一起。

High-Context Style (高文本语境)
? People don’t take what is said very important but who says and when and where one says very countable. ? People would not speak out their ideas at the meeting as they didn’t want to set the speakers into a disgraced situation. (Page 95)

Low-Context Style (低文本语境)
? What one says means what he thinks. (When Joanna invited her team to discuss about her program she did mean to ask for advice. Page 96) ? In one word, people from low-context communication culture would encourage disagreeing openly.

The Top Seven Values Listed by Executives
? ? ? ? Hard work Respect for learning Honesty Openness to a new idea ? Accountability ? Self-discipline ? Self-reliance ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Freedom of expression Personal freedom Self-reliance Individual rights Hard work Personal achievement Thinking about one’s self

? An international team is with a lot of cultural traps and needs not only understanding but also smart sense for the slightest subtlety among everyday interaction. Following are some simple tips to make

your team international: ? Opening the office door. ? Leave your e-mail address or contacting ways to staff. ? Work out a regular reward system.

An effective team can be characterized by following six features:
? Leadership ? Motivation ? Communication ? Decisions ? Goals ? Control

Translate the following ten English Sentences into Chinese
? ? ? ? ? ? 1.Many hands make light work. 2.It’s no use crying over split milk. 3.Where there is smoke, there is fire. 4.Birds of a feather flock together. 5.Idleness is the root of all evil. 6.There is no rose without a thorn.

Translate the following ten English Sentences into Chinese
? 7.All good things must come to an end. ? 8.The proof of the pudding is in the eating. ? 9.Live and let live. ? 10.As you sow, so you reap. ? 11.Other countries, other manners. ? 12.What we lose on the swings, we gain on the roundabouts.

? ? ? ? ? 4 Speakers 2 Evaluators 1 Timer 1 Toastmaster 12 Voters

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