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2013八年级上复习Review of Unit 7

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Review of Unit 7
Will people have roborts?

? 1.纸 paper 2.污染物 pollution 3预言 prediction 4.将来 future ? 5污染 pollute 6.环境environment 7行星 planet 8地球 earth 9.种植 plant 10 参加,部分part 11.和平 peace 12海洋sea 13天空 sky 14宇航员 astronaut 15公寓套房apartment 16火箭 rocket 17太空 space 18太空站space station 19人 human 20仆人 servant

一 词汇

? 21 有危险的dangerous 22已经 already 23 工厂 factory 24反复over and over again 25相信 believe 26 不同意disagree 27甚至even 28许多 数百hundreds of 29形状 shape 30倒塌,掉落fall 31在……里面 inside 32寻找look for 33可能的 possible 34不可能的 impossible35 一方 side 36很可能probably 37 在……期间 during 38假期 holiday 39单词 word 40突然倒下 fall down

Exercise 1,词形转换 1 will not ﹦ Won’t 2 factory (pl) factories 3 fall (pt) fell 4 possible(opp) impossible 5 possible(adv) possibly 6 holiday(同义) vacation 7 danger (adj) dangerous 8 human (pl) humans 9 pollute (n) pollution

? 二 词组 1活到100岁 live to be100 years old2. 50年后 in50 years 3 只有一个国家only one country 4.在家里电脑上学习 Study at home on computer 5生活在地球上 live on the earth 6在危险中 in danger 7参与拯救地球 play a part in saving the earth 8五张纸five pieces of paper 9世界和平 world peace 10更多污染more pollution 11更少的空闲时间less free time12更少的树 fewer trees 13在将来in the future 14花时间做某事 spend time doing

? 15坐火箭去月球 fly rockets to the moon 16帮某人干家务 help sb with/do housework ? 17有…正在做 there be + n+ doing 18感到厌烦feel/get bored19像 be like 20和我们做相同的事do the same things as us ? 21做这样的工作do such jobs 22叫醒某人 wake sb up 23 能够做某事 be able to do 24数 百年hundreds of 25看上去像人类 look like humans 26同意某人的看法 agree with sb ? 27不同意某人的看法 disagree with sb 28在暑 假期间during the summer holiday

? 三 语法 将来时 ? 1将来时结构:be going to do和 will do ? 2时间标志:in+时间,next+时间,tomorrow, the day after tomorrow,this evening ? 3 Exercise2 (1)There Will be (is) a party next Sunday. Will (2) It‘s cold today,it snow (snow) tomorrow. (3)He very busythis week,but he Will be free next week.(be) be (4)What Will the life (be) like in 200years? (5)She Won’t come (not come) to my house tomorrow afternoon.

? 四 本单元重点句子 ? 1,人们将不用钱,一切皆免费。
People won’t use money,Everything will be free.

? 3 20年后将会有更少的污染吗?
Will there be less pollution in 20 years? The ? 2那位老人将活到120岁。old man will live to be 120 rearsold. ? 4我们将不得不搬到其它星球上。 We will have to move to other planets.

? 5熊猫处在濒临灭绝中。Pandas are in great danger. ? 6我住在这

I live in an apartment across the street from here.

It’s impossible to work for 24 hours every day. Don’t wake him up,he is tired. 8不要叫醒他,他很累。 9这个孩子反复读这个生词。 The boy read the word over and over again. The tree fell down after the 10大风之后那棵树倒了。 strong wind.

11 没有我的帮助他将不能解出这道题。
He won’t be able to work out the problem without my help.

Hundreds of scientists are trying to make roborts look like humans.

? 五 Exercise3 ( A )1--Can you give me some milk?--Sorry,there is___in the bottle. A little B a little C few D a few ( C) 2___is difficult for us to finish the work in two hours. A That B This C It D He ( B )3She went to New York last week,and she will be back __2weeks. A at B in C for D after ( C)4--Will people live on the moon?--____. A Yes,they are B No ,they aren't C Yes ,they will ( C)5There are ____a talk show on CCTV-4 at nine this evening. A will have B is going to have C is going to be Dwon't has

(D)7Nowthere are ___trees and___pollution on the earth. A more,more B less,less C fewer,fewerD fewer,more ( A)8My life will be__better than it is now. Aa lot Ba lot of C a few D more

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