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2013新人教版八年级英语上Unit6 I’m going to study computer sciences.要点归纳整合

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Unit6 I’m going to study computer sciences.要点归纳整合


cook厨师 doctor医生 engineer工程师 driver司机 pilot飞行员 pianist钢琴家 scientist科学家 college大学 education教育 medicine药;医学 university(综合性)大学 article文章;论文 send邮寄;发送 team组;队 foreign外国的 able能够 question疑问 discuss讨论 promise承诺 improve改进 physical身体的 hobby业余爱好 weekly每周的(地) schoolwork学校作业 agree同意 own自己的 personal个人的 relationship关系

want to do sth.想要做 Be going to do sth.打算做;计划做 grow up长大;成长 keep on doing坚持做 be sure about确信(定) take acting lessons上表演课 send to发送;邮寄 a lot of lots of大量的 have to do with和……有关 have sth. in common有共同之处 make promises许诺 take up学着做;开始做


I’m going to study computer science.我打算学习计算机科学。

What do you want to be when you grow up?你长大了想要干什么?

How are you going to do that?你计划如何实现呢?

I know why you’re so good at writing stories.我知道你为什么如此擅长写故事了。 I’m going to keep on writing stories,of course.当然,我会坚持写故事的。

But I’m not sure about that但我对此并不确定。

Then you can be anything you want.然后你就能在你想做的任何事上取得成功。 I’m going to learn another foreign language.我打算再学一门外语。

But foreign languages are not for me.但是外语并不适合我。

I want to get a lot of exercise.我想进行大量的锻炼。

People hardly ever keep them!人们很少信守它们(决定)。

That sounds cool.那听起来太好了。


What do you want to be when you grow up?你长大了想要做什么?

I want to be an engineer.我想成为一名工程师。

How are you going to do that?你怎么样实现呢?

I’m going to study math really hard.我将努力学习数学。

What are you going to do next year?你明年打算做什么?

I’m going to take guitar lessons.我打算上吉他课。

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