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( )1.The Browns usually drive to the park on Sundays. But today they go to the park

_____ .

A.on feet B.on foot C.by foot D.on the foot

( )2.Bob often _____ his _____ after supper.

A.do; homework B.does; homework

C.begin; homework D.begins; homework

( )3.The boy likes playing _____ basketball very much.

A.a B.an C.the D./

( )4.—_____ does he meet his friends?

—_____ a month.

A.How often; Twice B.How long; Twice

C.When; Two D.What time; Two

( )5.—What do you usually do _____ weekdays after school?

—I usually play football.

A.in B.at C.on D.for

( )6.Mr. King sometimes _____ the subway home.

A.take B.taking C.takes D.to take

( )7.—What does Fang Yan do in her free time?

—She often goes _____.

A.swimming B.swim C.to swim D.swims

( )8.—What time do you usually go to bed?

—_____ about a quarter to ten.

A.For B.At C.In D.On

( )9.Zhao Lin _____ to Beijing by train often. He usually goes by plane.

A.isn’t go B.doesn’t go C.doesn’t goes D.don’t go

( )10.Sam _____ walks to school. He always go to school by bike.

A.sometimes B.often C.never D.seldom

( )11.Jack loves _____ best. He often borrows books from the library.

A.read B.to reads C.reading D.reads

( )12.—Would you like to come and play soccer, Jim?


A.No, I wouldn’t. B.Good idea! C.Thank you. D.You’re right.

( )13.—Where are Jim and Tom? Their mother is looking for them.

—They _____ at the moment.

A.run B.runs C.are running D.running

( )14.Look, the children _____ in the gym.

A.is dancing B.are dancing C.dance D.to dance

( )15.—Excuse me, _____ I borrow this book?

—Of course.

A.am B.may C.must D.where

( )16.—How long can I _____ the VCD?

—A week.

A.borrow B.see C.buy D.keep

( )17.—What are you doing?

—I’m _____ my English book.

A.looking after B.looking at C.looking for D.looking like

( )18.Don’t make any noise. We _____ to the news.

A.listened B.listen C.are listening D.listens

( )19.—Let me help you find the lost purse.

—Thank you very much.


A.That’s nothing. B.Don’t thank me. C.It’s OK. D.It’s a pleasure.

( )20.—Excuse me, do you have any basketballs?

—Sorry, we don’t have any.


A.Oh, I want to buy it. B.Thank you all the same

C.Bye-bye. D.It doesn’t matter.

( )21.We often do our outdoor _____ at 4:20.

A.activity B.act C.activities D.active

( )22.—Where’s Mike?

—He is working _____ physics _____ in the classroom.

A.in; problem B.out; problem C.in; problems D.on; problems

( )23.Linlin often wears a red skirt. She _____ like red very much.

A.must B.can C.would D.may

( )24.History is a useful subject. We can learn _____ the past.

A.of B.about C.from D.at

( )25.How many music _____ do you have every week?

A.class B.class’ C.lessons D.lesson

( )26.— _____ do you like science?

—Because it’s interesting.

A.What B.When C.Which D.Why

( )27.He often _____ English _____ his classmates. So his English is wonderful.

A.says; to B.speaks; with C.talks; with D.tells; to

( )28.—_____ class are you having?

—We are having an English class.

A.Which B.What C.When D.Why

( )29.There is a soccer game _____ Class One and Class Two on the playground at 5:00

this afternoon.

A.of B.both C.between D.on

( )30.Tom often _____ TV on Saturday evenings, but now he is _____ stories.

A.watches; reading B.watching; reads

C.looks; reading D.watches; looking

( )31.—How long can I keep the books?


A.Three. B.Three times a day.

C.Three days. D.Very often.

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