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( )1.There is ___________“e”and ____________“g”in the word engineer.

A.a,a B.an,an C.a,an D.an,a

( )2.——Does your father decide____________a new car,Tom?——Yes,he does.

A.to buy B.buy C.buys D.bought

( )3.There is ____________with your eyes.Don’t worry.

A.something serious B.serious something C.nothing serious

D.serious nothing

( )4.The apples taste___________.So they sell___________.

A.badly, bad B.well,well C.good,good D.good,well

( )5.He is ___________to buy a big house for his family.But he uses the money to help others.

A.poor enough B.rich enough C.enough poor D.enough rich

( )6.This story is not as_____________as that one,I think.

A.best B.better C.well D.good

( )7.He is quite_________,I like him very much.

A.funny B.funniest C.funnier D.unfriendly

( )8.——_________do you go swimming?——Every day.I think it’s good for us.

A.How long B.How soon C.How often D.How far

( )9.Yesterday,my uncle__________Canada two hours later.

A.arrived in B.arrived at C.gets to D.reaches

( )10._______it is raining heavily,__________they go to school late.

A.Although,but B,Because,so C.Although,/ D.Because,/

( )11.Your shoes are more beautiful than___________.

A.my B.her C.his D.their

( )12.Tom is_________than Tony,he often smiles

A.a little outgoing B.much serious C.more serious D.more outgoing

( )13.Our English teacher is nice.She often makes us________an English song in class.

A.sing B.sings C.to sing D.singing

( )14.Which do you like_________,tea,coffee or milk?

A.well B.better C.best D.good

( )15.My home_________to a school.

A.is close B.closes C.is near D.is closed

( )16.What do young people think________these TV programs,do you know?

A.to B.over C.of D.out

( )17.I want to watch an_________tonight,it is so exciting.

A.news B.sports show C.action movie D.comedy

( )18.——How do you like a game show?——_______.I like it very much.

A.Scary B.Boring C.Sad D.Interesting

( )19.The news is very boring,I___________it.

A.love B.don’t like C.don’t mind D.can’t stand

( )20.Andy wants to be a movie star,he wants to become________

A.rich B.famous C.successful D.All of the above

( )21.——_________do you exercise?

——Three times a week.

A.How long B.How often C.How far D.How many

( )22.Thanks a lot for___________me ____________your dancing party.

A.ask,for B.ask,to C.asking,for D.asking ,to

( )23.I’m________heavier than my brother.

A.a few B.few C.a little D.little

( )24.Lucy isn’t _________at sports__________her sister.

A.as good,than B.as better,as C.as well,than D.as good,as

( )25.She wants to go to the movies___________this Sunday.

A.on B.at C.for D./

( )26.Little Bob eats_______food,so he is_________fat.

A.much too;too much B.much too;too many

C.too much;much too D.too much;too many

( )27.I think a good friend makes me________.

A.laughs B.to laugh C.laughing D.laugh

( )28.My best friend is _________as me in some ways.We are both quiet.

A.same B.the same C.different D.the different

( )29.Boys and girls,I’m sorry to say that I have _________to tell you.

A.something interesting B.nothing interesting

C.anything interesting D.interesting nothing

( )30.Her grandmother was ill so she had to________her.

A.look for B.look at C.look after D.look like

( )31._________many children like sugar, _______I think they had better try not to eat it too often.

A.Although;/ B.Though;but C.Because;/ D.If;/

( )32.The film was so________that soon all the children in the cinema began feeling________of it and they went out one by one.

A.bored;boring B.boring;boring C.bored;bored D.boring;bored

( )33.My mother is very________ because she hardly ever exercises.

A.health B.healthily C.heathy D.unhealthy

( )34.I live in school,so I often go home_________Friday afternoon.

A.in B.at C.on D.to

( )35.——_____________is your school from your home?——About two miles.

A.How long B.How far C.How often D.How soon

( )36.Mr.Bean enjoys__________ jokes and always makes us happy.

A.to make B.makes C.making D.make

( )37.It’s difficult __________the work in one month.

A.to finish B.finished C.finishing D.finishes

( )38.——Which do you like__________,coffee,tea,milk?

A.better B.the better C.best D.good

( )39.——________do you __________this film?——Very interesting.

A.How ,think of B.What,think of C.What,like D.How,/

( )40.——How do you like news?——_____________.I like it very much.

A.Scary B.Boring C.Sad D.Educational

( )41.I have ________umbrella and _________umbrella is very nice.

A.an;an B.an ;the C.a;the D.a;a

( )42.My home is much larger than_________.

A.yours B.your C.you D.yours

( )43.They are having a __________about the talk show.

A.discussion B.cartoon C.culture D.talent

( )44._________ he was ill,__________ he went to school.

A.Because,so B.Although,but C.Although,/ D.Because,/

( )45.Now the train service is very good.The train are__________ on time.

A.hardly B.always C.never D.sometimes

( )46.Steamboat Willie is the first cartoon___________sound and music.

A.have B.with C.of D.of

( )47.___________vegetables____________our health.

A.Eating;is good for B.Eating; are good for

C.Eat;is good at D.Eating; are good with

( )48.It’s difficult________the work in one month.

A.to finish B.finished C.finishing D.finishes

( )49.That book is not so_______ as this one.I will take it.

A.interesting B.more interesting C.most interesting

D.the most interesting

( )50.Our math teacher is serious.No one can make him_________

A.laugh B.laughs C.to laugh D.laughing

( )51.——________do you see a film? ——Three or four times a month.

A.How many times B.How often C.How soon D.How long

( )52.——I want to buy a pen,but I don’t have__________.

——Lucy is___________.You can ask her to lend you some.

A.enough money,enough rich B.money enough,rich enough

C.money enough,enough rich D.enough money,rich enough

( )53.We were _________that ninety percent of students________girls.

A.surprised,are B.surprised,is C.surprising ,are D.surprising,is

( )54.I think Gina is__________person I know.

A.the more talented B.most talented C.the most talented

D.more talented

( )55.He ________make the soccer team because he wants to be a soccer player.

A.going to B.is going to C.planned to D.plan to

( )56.Can you sing this song again?It sounds so_______.I love it.

A.terrible B.beautifully C.beautiful D.delicious

( )57.How difficult !She is standing with one foot and making the bed with________.

A.the other B.another C.others D.other

( )58.Please__________each student has one dictionary.

A.make sure B.be sure about C.making sure D.care about

( )59.——I’m sorry.I didn’t win the race.——Bad luck!Well,you_____win next time.

A.can’t B.must C.should D.mustn’t

( )60.——You look so beautiful in the new dress.——__________.

A.Thanks for saying so B.Please don’tsay so

C.Oh,he did very badly D.You are welcome

( )61.________seat in the middle is________biggest one in this theater.

A.A,the B.The,a C.The ,the D.a,a

( )62.Lily is a very_______girl.She always does homework_________.

A.careful,carefully B.carefully,carefully C.careful,careful


( )63.I think Sun Cinema is very bad,but City Screen is much______.I don’t want to go there.

A.better B.worse C.good D.worst

( )64.You don’t need to worry about the result_______you work hard.

A.as long as B.so long as C.but D.only

( )65._______he is very tired;_______he doesn’t stop for a rest.

A.Although,/ B.Although,but C.But,although D.But,/

( )66.——_______do you go shopping?——Once a week.

A.How often B.How long C.How soon C.How far

( )67._________the bad weather,I didn’t go shopping yesterday.

A.Because B.So C.Because of D.And

( )68.The program is too__________,so everyone is__________.

A.bored,boring B.boring,bored C.bored,bored


( )69.——_________did you go on vacation?——Hong Kong.

A.When B.How C.What D.Where

( )70.He stayed at home and__________to relax himself.He enjoys reading story books best.

A.do some rending B.read some books C.listened to music

D.did housework

( )71.I am so hungry,I want_________to eat.

A.something interesting B.something delicious

C.delicious something D.nothing delicious

( )72.He _________exercises,so he is unhealthy.

A.often B.always C.usually D.hardly ever

( )73.——Thanks so much for telling me.——________.

A.No problem B.I am happy C.No thank you

D.It doesn’t matter

( )74.Her bag is much_________than mine.Please help her carry it.

A.lighter B.heavier C.more heavy D.light

( )75.He decided____________a present for her father bacause he doesn’t have any money.

A.to buy B.to make C.making D.buying

( )76.I am too busy,so I only exercise________________a week.

A.one or twice times B.once or two times C.one or two times

D.once or twice

( )77.Don’t_____________late.It is important to go to bed early.

A.stays up B.sleep C.get up D.stay up

( )78.He is ____________to buy the house for his family.

A.rich enough B.enough rich C.tall enough

D.strong enough

( )79.Do you know the answer_____________the question?

A.of B.for C.to D.at

( )80.Albert is_____________magician in our city.

A.most talented B.the most talented C.talented

D.the most talented

( )81.I have __________umbrella and________umbrella is very nice.

A.an,an B.an ,the C.a ,the D.a,a

( )82.—Do you decide_______a new car,Tom?

A.to buy B.buy C.buys D.bought

( )83.Mr.Green seems________happy every day.

A.is B.be C.was D.to be

( )84.He is ___________to reach the book on the table.

A.enough tall B.tall enough B.taller enough D.enough taller

( )85.It’s too difficult ________the work in such a short time.

A.to finish B.finished C.finishing D.finishes

( )86.That book is not so___________as this one.

A.interesting B.more interesting C.most interesting

D.the most interesting

( )87.Last night my brother watched____________educational comedy. He said he learnt a lot from__________comedy.

A.an;/ B.a;the C.the;the D.an;the

( )88.Our school held a talent show_____________the beginning of the term.We really enjoy it.

A.for B.in C.at D.with

( )89.When I walked in the quiet forest,I_________a bird and it was so relaxing.

A.sound like B.feel like C.sounded like D.felt like

( )90.—_______you ready to make your dream come true?

—Yes,I am so excited about that.

A.Do B.Is C.Are D.Does

( )91.There is _________outside .Please don’t go out and make sure you are safe.

A.nothing dangerous B.something interesting

C.dangerous something D.something dangerous

( )92.——What do you think of the trip yesterday?

—___________.It’s raining all day and we couldn’t do anything.

A.I love it B.I don’t mind it C.I can’t stand it D.They are so boring

( )93.Sara and Tina are twin sisters,but they have nothing_______except their appearances.

A.in difference B.in same C.in similar D.in common

( )94.—________does your sister want to be an engineer?

—Because she like math best.

A.What B.How C.Why D.Where

( )95.Reading meaning books is a good habit.We should_________it.

A.keep on to do B.keep to do C.keep on do

D.keep on doing

( )96.After the English Speech Contest,student expected top get a good_________.

A.price B.prize C.competition D.exercise

( )97.After finishing the concert in Beijing ,Justin Bieber_______the Great wall.

A.got B.arrived C.arrived in D.reached

( )98.________it is difficult for them to move this heavy box,________they try their best to make it.

A.Although,but B.But,although C.Although,/ D.But,/

( )99.Nowadays,magic shows are getting_____________.

A.more and more popular B.popularer and popularer

C.the more popular D.little popular

( )100.Computers________an important role in people’s daily life.And we should use them more carefully.

A.have B.play C.send D.give

( )101.It’s never old to________a hobby.Better late than never.

A.take away B.take off C.take up D.take care of

( )102.Everyone in going to make a New Year’s___________for the coming year.But most of them can’t keep it.

A.discussion B.resolution C.relationship D.information

( )103.To my surprise,he is________at the gift he got.

A.surprise B.surprising C.surprised D.surprises

( )104.—I had a wonderful time in Harbin. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in China.


A.It’s pleasure B.Good.Thank you C.Enjoy oneself D.Oh,I’m glad to hear that

( )105.He left home with________ uniform and _______umbrella.

A.a;a B.a;an C.an;an D.an;a

( )106.Tom didn’t have a bike last year,so he_________ to school.

A.walk B.is walking C.walks D.walked

( )107.—What does he usually do on Saturday?—_______________.

A.He studies for two hours every night.

B.His life is different from yours.

C.He usually uses the Internet

D.he shops twice a week.

( )108.—Do you often eat anything__________like vegetables and fruit?

—Yes,I think it is good for my________.

A.health;healthy B.healthy;healthy C.healthy;health


( )109.Dale has bad eating habits_________he sometimes drinks milk.

A.although B.if C.when D.because

( )110.—I ________the answer to the question just now.—Oh,you are great.

A.looked out B.looked for C.waited for D.found out

( )111.Of the three boys,John sang___________.

A.more beautiful B.the most beautiful C.more beautifully

D.the most beautifully

( )112.It’s dangerous________with the wild animals.

A.for us to play B.of us playing C.for us playing D.of us to play

( )113.If you go to visit London,don’t forget your___________because it rains a lot.

A.ID card B.money C.map D.umbrella

( )114.My cousin is a beautiful girl___________big eyes and long hair.

A.at B.in C.for D.with

( )115.—Can you show me your photos?——_______.Here you are.

A.Really? B.Not really C.Sure D.Good idea.

( )116.I don’t like this color.Can you give me___________one?

A.other B.the other C.another D.others

( )117.The actor has________to buy a_______house fro his mother.

A.enough money,enough comfortable

B.B.money enough,comfortable enough

C. C.enough money,comfortable enough

D. D.money enough,enough comfortable

( )118.My brother is________me.He likes math,but I like English.

A.the same as B.different as C.the same to

D.different from

( )119.Did you buy_________for your parents on the school trip?

A.special something B.something special C.anything special

D.special anything

( )120.The two students ___________late yesterday.

A.are all B.were all C.are both D.were both

( )121.Do you think football is as____________as basketball in America?

A.the most popular B.more popular C.popular D.popularer

( )122.One of my favorite programs___________Animals World.

A.am B.is C.are D.don’t

( )123.As middle school students,we should __________the exams_______.

A.took;seriously B.take;serious C.take;seriously D.took;serious

( )124.David wrote a story about animals,and it________as a book in 2012.

A.went out B.came up C.grep up D.came out

( )125.I f you want to be ________you must take more_________.

A.healthy;exercise B.health;exercise C.healthy;exercises

D.health exercise

( )126.Mr.Bean enjoys _______jokes and always makes his son_________.

A.to tell;to laugh B.tells;laughs C.telling;laugh D.telling;laughing

( )127.There were quite______sheep on the hill and they were very strong.

A.little B.a few C.a little D.few

( )128.It’s raining very_________at the moment.I can________go home from school.

A.hardly;hard B.hard;hardly C.hard;hard D.hardly;hardly

( )129.Jean________the first prize in the game yesterday.She always___________me in tennis.

A.wins;beats B.win;beat C.won;beats D.won;beat

( )130.The young man drives___________than he did three months ago.

A.much carefully B.much more careful C.much careful

D.much more carefully

( )131.We should and tell her the________news.I am sure she will be very________it.

A.surprised;surprising in B.interested;interesting in

C.interesting;interesting at D.surprising;surprised at

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