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Self Check (2:P73)

The abacus was invented in the sixth century by Chinese people.

The umbrella was invented about 4000 years ago in Assyria, China and Egypt.

In Italy in 1854 , Ignatio Porro invented the binoculars.

The Camera was invented by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1827 who took the first picture.

The bicycle was invented in the 1880s in England.

Thank you for listening!

Do you know when basketball was invented ?

James Naismith


公园 park

学校 school







Played in


Now played everywhere

100 years old Canadian doctor 1st game played in 1891 James Nesmith

EQUIPMENT ball court

basketball 9 team players played indoors factories parks schools foreign players in NBA THE GAME on wooden floor for fun and exercise no contact aim to score “baskets”

1. Who invented basketball ?

James Naismith .
2. Why were the Berlin Olympics important for basketball ? It was the first time basketball was played as an Olympic event . 3. What is the aim of basketball ? To get the ball into the hoop (basket). 4. Name a professional basketball organization in America . The National Basketball

Association .

accident, invent, microwave, crispy, pleasant 1.The abacus was ___________ by Chinese people . invented crispy 2.Li Lei likes ______ cookies because they are hard , dry and easily broken . pleasant 3.The meat produced a __________ smell . accident 4.The most popular drink in the world was invented by ___________.

microwave 5.I think the most useful invention is the ______________ oven .
6.There are many ___________(发明) in this museum. inventions invented 7.How was the tea ___________(发明)? produced 8.Silk is __________(生产) in Suzhou and Hangzhou .

9.He always makes a lot of ___________(错误) in class . mistakes
leaves 10.There are many yellow _______(叶子) on the road .

1.People all over the world enjoy surfing .(同义句转换) is enjoyed Surfing ___ _________ by people all over the world.
2.When he was thirty , Tom decided to move to London .(同义句转换) age At the ______ of thirty , Tom made a __________ to move to London . decision 3.Kate took good care of the baby yesterday evening .(改为被动句) was taken good care of The baby ______ ______ ______ _______ ______ by Kate yesterday evening . 4.She was seen to come out of the library by him .(改为主动句) saw her come He ______ ______ ______ out of the library . 5.The League was founded in Guangzhou in 1922 .(对画线部分提问)

When and ______ was founded ______ ______ where ______ the League __________ ?

6.Did you see the film last night ?(改为被动句) Was seen ______ the film ______ by you last night ? 7.Li Lei gave Tom a new pen last week .(改为被动句) was given to A new pen ______ ______ ______ Tom last week . 8.He didn’t go to bed before he finished his work .(同义句转换) did not until He ______ ___

___ go to bed ______ he finished his work . 9.They are used for seeing in the dark .(对画线部分提问) What for ______ are they used ______ ? 10.I think the most helpful invention is the light bulb .(对画线部分提问) What is ______ do you think ______the most helpful invention ?

11.His father bought a computer for him last month .(改为被动句) was bought A computer ______ _________ for him last month . 12.English is widely spoken in the world .(改为主动句) speak widely People ______ English ______ in the world .

13.It was invented in 1888 .(对画线部分提问)
When invented ______ was it _________ ?


1.如果宾语是that从句,变为被动结构时可用it作为被 动句的形式主语,或把宾语从句的主语变为被动句的主语, 从句的谓语动词变为不定式短语。 如: They know that he is a teacher. He is known that to be a teacher. It is known that he is a teacher. 2.双宾语变为被动语态时,把一个宾语变为主语另一个不 变,如果将直宾变为主语时,间宾前要加to 或 for 。 He told her a long story. She was told a long story. A long story was told to her. Mother bought me a new coat. I was bought a new coat. A new coat was bought for me.

3 .复合宾语变为被动语态时,只将宾语变为被动结构中的 主语,宾语补足语不变。 He was found lying I found him lying on the floor. on the floor. 十个动词的宾语补足语后面是不带to 的动词不定式变为 被动语态时要带to 。 有些不及物动词可以表示被动意义,这种不及物动词有下 列几种情况: 1.某些连系动词如:smell 、taste 、sound 、feel 等。 The flowers smell sweet. The food tastes nice. 2.某些与can’t 、won’t 等连用的不及物动词如:move 、 lock 、shut 、open 等。 It can’t move. The door won’t shut.

3.某些可和well 、easily 等副词连用的不及物动词如: read 、write 、wash 、clean 、draw 、burn 、cook The cloth washes well. This kind of rice cooks more quickly than that kind.

1.被动语态中的过去分词是动词,表动作.系表结构中的 过去分词相当于形容词,表状态.前者可用by短语表动 作的执行者,后者则一般不用by短语. These articles are sold quickly.(被动) These articles are all sold out.(系表) ※系表结构一般只用于一般现在时和一般过去时,被动语 态可用于任何时态,系表结构中的过去分词,可被very修 饰,被动语态中的过去分词可用much修饰. He was very excited.(系表) He was much excited by the news.(被动)

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