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2014外研版九年级英语Module7Unit 1课件

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Eating together
Unit 1 When’s the school leavers’ party?

1. finger n. 手指

2. basket n. 篮子
3. fork n. 叉子

4. knife n. 刀
5. lemonade n. 柠檬饮料; 柠檬味汽水

6. pancake n. 烙饼; 薄饼

7. serve v. (为……)端上(食物和饮料)
8. spoon n. 勺;匙

9. hold v. 举办; 召开
10. hot adj. 辣的 11. roll n.小圆面包

一般现在时: am/is /are + p.p.
一般过去时: was/were + p.p.

一般将来时: will + be + p.p.
现在完成时:can/may/must/should +be + p.p.


am/is/ are +being + p.p.

现在进行时: have/has +been + p.p. 过去进行时: was/were + being + p.p.

Look at the party invitation and answer the questions. Invitation You’re invited to the School Leavers’ Party on Saturday 30th May at 5pm in the school hall Bring a traditional dish – “finger food” Music and dancing

Use the words in the box to help you.

basket fetch

bread finger

cheese fork

grapes lemonade



pancake serve

3. Listen and read. Lingling: When’s the school leavers’ party? Betty: After the visit to the play by Shakespeare. It’ll be held on 30th May. We’re all invited. Daming: In fact, I’ve been chosen to look after the dance music. Tony: And I have been asked to decorate the hall. Betty: And everyone has been told to prepare a traditional dish from our own countries.

Lingling: Will we be allowed to cook it at school, or must it be made at home, and brought here? Betty: I suppose it can be heated up in the school kitchen, but it should be cooked at home. What are you going to make? Lingling: Suanla tang, I guess. Betty: What’s that? Lingling: Hot and sour soup. It’s made with chicken or pork and vegetables.

Betty: But the invitation says finger food! That means you have to eat it with your fingers. Lingling: Oh, soup’s no good, then. You need a spoon. What about you? Betty: Hamburgers, with cheese in a bread roll. Tony: And you, Daming? Daming: Jiaozi! The best jiaozi in China are made by my grandmother! Betty: Is she invited to the school leavers’ party, too?

Daming: Hm, I see what you mean. What about you, Tony? Tony: A traditional English pizza with cheese, tomato and ham. Betty: Pizza isn’t English! It was invented in Italy, not England! Tony: But pizza can be eaten everywhere in England. Betty: I don’t think Shakespeare ate pizza!

4.Complete the following table with notes.
Dish Made with…

Lingling Tony Daming

hamburgers Suanla tang pizza Jiaozi

(meat) cheese,
bread roll Chicken or pork and vegetables Cheese, tomato, ham
We don’t know, but probably meat or eggs, vegetables, flour)

1. What food and drink is for the family? 句中的food and drink看成一个整体, 所以谓语动词用单数。

the needle and thread 针线

salt and water


the folk and knife


iron and steel
time and tide mud and sand


月 泥沙

Language points
2. dish 一道菜 e.g. When I was in Italy, I had a wonderful pasta dish.我在意大利的 时候,吃过一顿很棒的意大利面食。 do/wash the dishes 清洗餐具 e.g. I’ll just do the dishes before we go.

我们走之前, 我会把餐具洗好的。

3. no good 没用处

e.g. The movie is no good, I think. There’s
too much fighting. 我觉得这部影片不太好, 打斗场面太多。 no good doing sth. It’s no good talking to him – he never listens. 跟他讲没用, 他从来不听。

no good for sth.

These glasses are no good for wine.

no good to sb.
A car is no good to me, since I can’t

汽车对我没多大的用处,因为我不会 开车。

Everyday English
In fact… 实际上

What’s that? 那是什么啊? Soup’s no good. 汤不行。 And you? 你呢? I see what you mean. 我明白你的意思。

翻译下列短语及句子: the school leavers’ party 1.校毕业生晚会_______________________ prepare a traditional dish 2.准备传统食物_______________________ 3.负责舞曲___________________________ look after the dance music 4.布置大厅__________________ decorate the hall 5.事实上_________________ in fact

heat up 6.加热 __________

invite sb. to do sth. 7.邀请某人做某事__________________ allow sb. to do sth. 8.允许某人做某事__________________ I see what you mean. 9.我明白你的意思。___________________ What about you? 10.你呢?________________

1. The river smells terrible. People must ___ dirty thing into it. A. be stopped to throw B. be stopped from throwing C. stop to throw D. stop from throwing 2. Trees _____ by people there last year. A. were planted B. was planted C. plant D. planted

3. This book __ often __from the library.
A. aren’t take; away

B. taken; away
C. isn’t taken; away D. be taken; away 4. They ______vegetables on the farm. A. grow B. grows C. are grown D. were grown

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