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2014外研版九年级英语Module2Unit 2课件

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Unit 2 What’s the best thing about school?

Module 2

Words presentation
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? present absent safety fortunately Spanish French involve training society ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? adj.在场的,出席的 adj.缺席的,不在场的 n. 安全 adv.幸运地 adj & n. 西班牙(的) adj & n. 法国法语(的) v.牵涉;牵连;影响 n.训练 n.社团;协会

3. Complete the timetable. School stars Lessons from break Lessons from lunch Lessons from School ends After-school activities

9:05 11:05 11:20 12:20 13:20

Sports clubs, language societies, etc

4.Put the statements in the correct column.
1. Sally has been at school since she was five and she will be at school until she's 18. 2. All schools in the UK are like Park School. 3. There is a meeting for the whole school at 8:55 a.m. 4. Sally will take six more sets of exams before she finishes school. 5. There is a parents' meeting each term.

The passage We understand We don’t give this this information. know. information.




2 4

5.Decide if these sentences from the passage show facts (F) or opinions (O).

1. Park school is a secondary school , about 20 minutes by bike away from home.
2. This year I have 11 subjects.



3. Fortunately, we don’t have exams in every subject.

4….we’re really lucky to have a swimming pool.
5.During the school year there are usually visits

to museums and galleries..


6.What’s the best thing about school?

English, history, music… and my friends.

Language focus
? a secondary school 一所中学 ? a sports ground 一个操场/运动场 ? primary school ? sports club 小学 运动俱乐部 ? spend…in sw ? language society 花……时间待在…… 语言社团 ? make a speech ? parents’ meeting 家长会 讲话,做个演讲

Language focus
? have a break 休息 ? have two more lessons 还有两节课 ? Personal Health and Safety Education 个人健康与安全教育 ? do Italian and Spanish 学习意大利语和西班牙语

1. I will stay here until I’m 18. …until… 一直……直到…… not…until… 直到……才……

Language focus

2. We have a break at 11:05. 休息:have a break, have a rest, take a rest, take a break. 3. I take my exams in eight subjects. take exams in…subjects. 参加几门考试

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