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重庆市涪陵第十九中学九年级英语上册 Unit 3 Topic 3 Section D练习题

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Unit 3 Topic 3 Section D练习题 资源包 1.I keep on trying and never give up.

(1) Keep on doing 一直干某事 eg:We will keep on learning English hard.

(2) Keep的用法如下:keep sb.doing sth./keep sb.(sth)+形容词/keep?from dong sth. Eg:The teacher kept us reading English for an hour yesterday.

We should keep the windows open.

We must keep water from washing the earth away.

2.Hhave you learned other languages besides Chinese .

Besides意思是除了。。。之外(包含在内的), except除了。。。之外(排除在外) Eg:I like English ,and I like math,too.=I like math besides English(英语数学

喜欢) .

I like all the subjects except math .(不喜欢数学,其他学科都喜欢)

3.I couldn,t always make complete sentences ,either.


Eg:They like sports,too(变成否定句) They don,t like sports,either.

(2) Either?or?不是。。。就是。。。/ 要么。。。要么。。。/或者。。。或者。。。(两者中的一

者) 【基础知识过关】


1.除了汉语以外(包括) _______________________ 2 三年 __________________ 3嘲笑某人. ___________________ _ 4.享受干某事. __________________________

5.已经意识到.__________________ 6. 加入英语俱乐部. 7为了. 8.最后但最重要的.




( )1.The students are clever. They have no problems _____ out the math problem.

A.work B.working C.works D.to work

( )2.—Do you know where Tom is?

—Yes. He _____ his hometown.

A.went to B.goes to C.has gone to D.has been to

( )3.There are many kinds of bikes here. She can’t decide _____.

A.where to buy B.which to buy C.how to go there D.when to go there

( )4._____ you do, I will be on your side.

A.Whenever B.Whatever C.However D.Wherever

( )5.Mike will go abroad tomorrow. I am going to _____ at the airport.

A.sent him off B.saw him off C.see off D.see him off

( )6.How did the differences between them _____?

A.comes from B.be from C.come about D.be about


( )7.Although we have learned English for 3 years, we still have trouble _____

the new words.

A.learn B.to learn C.learning D.of learning

( )8.A cellphone _____ a camera by most young people in China.

A.is used by B.used for C.is used as D.is used to

( )9.In the past, the child laborers _____ do a lot of hard work.

A.forced B.forced to C.was forced to D.were forced to

( )10.—Hi, Jane, tell you a piece of good news. I _____ America tomorrow. —Wow, have a good trip!

A.will leave to B.leaves for C.am leaving for D.going leaving for

( )11.There are many differences between American English and British English

in spelling and pronunciation, especially in _____ English.

A.written B.oral C.official D.business

( )12.—John, your birthday is coming. Let’s book a cake.

—Oh, great! I can’t wait _____ it now.

A.enjoy B.enjoying C.to enjoy D.for enjoying

( )13.—I don’t know _____ remember the new English words.

—Don’t worry! Try thinking about their pronunciations.

A.what to B.how to C.where to D.when to

( )14.—I have worked hard at English, but it seems that I haven’t made any progress.

—Keep on _____ at it, and you will be successful.

A.work B.working C.to work D.works

( )15.—Our school is beautiful!

—It will be more beautiful if more trees and grass _____ by us.

A.plant B.plants C.is planted D.are planted

( )16.lily likes many kinds of sports basketball.

A .except B.besides C.as well Dalso

【综合能力提升】 I.根据汉语补充句子。

1他逐渐意识到学习语法是很重要的。 He that is important to studying grammer.

2.我可以告诉你哪里可以买到这种书。 I can tell you the book.

3.什么时候出发还不知道。 is unknown.

4.我过去常犯拼写错误。 I in spelling.

5.继续尝试,你会成功的。 ,and you will be .

II.完成句子。 1.Can you tell me what I should do?=Can you tell me ?

2. .Can you tell me how I can do it ?=Can you tell me it? 2

3Jane wants to know where he can find his brother =Jane wants to know his brother

4.We haven,t decided when we are leaving for New York =We haven,t decided for New York.

5.I wondered which book I should buy. =I wondered .

6.Kangkang likes sports,too.改为否定句) Kangkang sports, .

或者是: kangkang.

7.这部电影开演十分钟了。(翻译) The film ten minutes ago. =The film on for ten minutes. =The film since ten minutes =It,s ten minites the film . =Iit ten minites the film .


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