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重庆市涪陵第十九中学九年级英语上册 Unit 3 Topic 3 Section C练习题

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Unit 3 Topic 3 Section C练习题 资源包 1.I am sure that you will make great progress as long as you stick to them.


一样的: Eg:

只要天气好我们就去:2.Shu yan told us we should speak English with our teachers,classmates and even with foreigners as often as possible,

Eg:Run as fast as possible/you can.

3.It is an honor to talk with all of you here.

Eg:It,s a great honor to be invited here today.



1.与某人一起分享。。。 _______________________ 2.做笔记 __________________

3当学习英语时 ___________________ _ 4.更喜欢干某事 __________________________

5.因为。。。而感谢__________________ 6. 干某事是某人的荣幸 7建议某人干某事 8.尽可能经常


10.只要 11.坚持干某事

12在15岁的时候 13.成功的干了某事 II.选择。

1. I am ____ English, could you give me some advice ____ how to learn English well?

A. good at; on

C. weak at; in B. weak in; on D. good for; in

C. sing D. of singing 2. She is a shy girl, and she is afraid ____ in public. A. to singing B. sings

A. what to answer

C. how to answer it

A. dare not speak 3. The question is very hard, so we don’t know ____. B. which to choose D. where to go B. dare not to speak 4. ----He ____ in public. ----Oh, he is a shy boy.

C. dare not speaking D. doesn’t dare speak

5.—This physics problem is too difficult. Can you show me _____, Wang Li? —Sure.

A.what to work it out B.what to work out it

C.how to work it out D.how to work out it 1

6.It is important _____ the piano well.

A.of him to play B.for him to play

C.of him playing D.for him to playing

7.—Sorry, I can’t follow you. I beg your pardon?


A.You are welcome. B.That’s all right.

C.Not at all. D.No problem.

8.The old farmer felt like _____ a big house very much.

A.to get B.get C.getting D.got

9.She _____ walk at night. How brave she is!

A.dare to B.dares to C.dare not D.doesn’t dare to

10.I will go to my doctor for _____ on healthy diet (饮食).

A.an advice B.some advices C.any advice D.some pieces of advice

11.It’s my honor _____ to give a talk here.

A.to invite B.to be invited C.inviting D.invite 12.I usually go to the movies with my parents, but _____ alone.

A.some times B.sometime C.at times D.at time

13.If you want to learn English well, it’s useful to _____ before class and _____ after class.

A.review; preview B.preview; review C.review; to preview D.preview; to review

14.Listening, speaking and reading are all important _____ writing.

A.beside B.besides C.except D.expect 【综合能力提升】


1.很荣幸能在这里看见你. To meet you here.

2.我们应该与朋友患难与共.You should happiness and sadless friends.


If you speaking English,you will in spoken English .

5.只要你努力学习英语,你就能赶上你的同学们 You can your classmates you work hard at English.


1.My sister was weak in maths two years ago(改为同义句) =My sister didn,t maths two years ago. =my sister wasn,t maths two years ago.

2.Some students are afraid to answer questions in English.(同义句) =Some students answer questions in class.

3.Sometimes I would like to give up. = I giving up.


4.Could you tell me how I can get to the station? =Could you tell me to the station?

5.那个小男孩昨晚一直哭个不停。 The little boy all the time last night.


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