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1 倒装句之全部倒装

全部倒装是只将句子中的谓语动词全部置于主语之前。此结构通常只用与一般现在时和 一般过去时。常见的结构有:

1) Facing the lake is a little house.Standing beside the table is a boy. Ahead sat an old woman.

2) here, there, now, then, thus等副词置于句首, There goes the bell.

Then came the chairman. 汉语倒装 沉默是今晚的康桥。 《再别康桥》徐志摩 Here is your letter. 文言倒装 甚矣,汝之不惠!《列子.愚公移山》



Here he comes. Away they went. 助记:Here you are.

2 倒装句之部分倒装

部分倒装是指将谓语的一部分如助动词或情态倒装至主语之前。如果句中的谓语没有助动词或情态动词,则需添加助动词do, does或did,并将其置于主语之前。 句首为否定或半否定的词语,如no, not, never, seldom, little, hardly, at no time, in no way, not until… 等。

Never have I seen such a performance. Not until the child fell asleep did the mother leave the room. I have never seen such a performance. The mother didn't leave the room until the child fell asleep.

1) Why can't I smoke here? At no time___ in the meeting-room

A. is smoking permitted B. smoking is permitted C. smoking is it permitted D. does smoking permit

2) Not until the early years of the 19th century ___ what heat is.

A. man did know B. man know C. didn't man know D. did man know 3 以否定词开头作部分倒装

如 Not only…but also, Hardly/Scarcely…when, No sooner… than

Not only did he refuse the gift, he also severely criticized the sender.

Hardly had she gone out when a student came to visit her. I like not only Chinese but (also) English.

No sooner___ than it began to rain heavily.

A. the game began B. has the game begun C. did the game begin D. had the game begun Not 4 only在句首要倒装的情况 only you but also I am fond of music.

Only in this way, can you learn English well. Only after being asked three times did he come to the meeting.

Only when he is seriously ill, does he ever stay in bed. Only you are right.

5 so, neither, nor作部分倒装 表示"也"、"也不" 的句子要部分倒装。

Tom can speak French. So can Jack. If you won't go, neither will I.

注意: 当so引出的句子用以对上文内容加以证实或肯定时,不可用倒装结构。意为 "的确如此"。

Tom asked me to go to play football and so I did. ---It's raining hard. ---So it is.

---Do you know Jim quarrelled with his brother? ---I don't know, _____.

A. nor don't I care B. nor do I care C. I don't care neither D. I don't care also

6 as, though 引导的倒装as / though引导的让步从句必须将表语或状语提前 (形容词, 副词, 分词, 实义动词提前)。注意: 1) 句首名词不能带任何冠词。

2) 句首是实义动词, 其他助动词放在主语后。如果实义动词有宾语和状语, 随实义动词一起放在主语之前。 Try hard as he will, he never seems able to do the work satisfactorily.

7 其他部分倒装

1) so… that 句型中的so 位于句首时,需倒装。 So frightened was he that he did not dare to move an inch.

2) 在某些表示祝愿的句型中: May you all be happy.

3) 在虚拟语气条件句中从句谓语动词有were, had, should等词,可将if 省略,把 were, had, should 移到主语之前,采取部分倒装。 Were I you, I would try it again.

4)在表达对话的句子中,也常常强调说话内容的重要性,把引号中的对话内容放在句首,使用倒装,并把said , cried , yelled等表示“说”的词与主语换位。如:

“It is too late”,said Milian. “This is the house where Shakespeare was born”, said George.

1. Not until I began to work ____ how much time I had wasted.

A. didn't I realize B. did I realize C. I didn't realize D. I realized

2. Only by practising a few hours every day__be able to master the language.A. you can B. can you C. you will D. will you

3. If you don't go, neither ____. A. shall I B. do I C. I do D. I shall

4. No sooner ____ to the station __ the train left. A. had I got,when B. I had got,than C. had I got,than D. did I get, when

5. —— Your father is very strict with you. ____. He never lets off a single mistake of ours.

A. So he is B. So is he C. He is so D. So does he

6. ____ today, he would get there by Sunday.A. Would he leave B. Was he leaving C. Were he to leave D. If he leave

7. Never in my life ____ such a thing.

A. I have heard or have seen B. have I heard or seen C. I have heard or seen D. did I hear or see

8. —— Here ____! Where is Xiao Liu? There ____.

A. comes the bus,is he B. comes the bus,he is C. the bus comes,is he D. the bus comes,he is

9. ____ , I will not buy it. A. Much as do I like it B. As much I like it C. Much as I like it D. As I like it much

10. — I like football. I don't like volleyball. ____. A. So do I B. Neither do I C. So it is with me D. So is it with me

11. _____ the expense, I _____ to Italy.

A. If it were not, go B. Were it not for, would go C. Weren't it for, will go D. If it hadn't been, would have gone

12. So _____ in the darkness that he didn't dare to move an inch.

A. he was frightened B. was he frightened C. frightened he was D. frightened was he

13. —— In modem times, girls like beautiful clothes. Yes, _____ and . After all, our life has greatly improved.

A. so do they, so do you B. so they do, so you do C. so do they, so you do D. so they do, so do you

14. —You have an English class every day except Sunday.____. A. So we have B. So we do C. So have we D. So do we

15. I wonder if your wife will go to the ball. If your wife _____, so _____ mine.

A. does, will B. will, does C. will, would D. does, do

16. Only after I read the text over again _____ its main idea. A. that I knew B. did I knew C. 1 could know D. I did know

17. —— You seem to have learned all the English words by heart. _____ . A. So l do B. So do l C. So I have D. So have I

18. —— I seldom watch TV, but listen to the radio a lot.

_____ . A. So do I B. Neither do I C. I m the same D. So it is with me

19. So excited _____ that he couldn't say a word. A. he seemed B. did he seem C. was he seeming D. he did look

20. Jimmy was so nervous not a single word _____ down in the dictation.

A. he wrote B. he was written C. did he write D. was he written

21. Little __when 1 took the trip where it would lead me. A. have I known B. had I known C. do 1 know D. did I know

22. —— Have you ever seen anything like that before?---- ____.

A. No, I never have seen anything like that before B. No, never I have seen anything like that before

C. No, never have 1 seen anything like that before D. No, I have seen anything like that before never

23. _____ , 1 would accept the invitation and go to the party.

A. Were I you B. Was I you C. Had I been you D. Would 1 be you

24. You should work less _____. A. and neither should I B. and so should I C. and nor should I D. and so I should

25. ___and caught the mouse. A. Up the cat jumped B. The cat up jumped C. Up jumped the cat D. Jumped up the cat

26. Not only _____ a promise, but also he kept it. A. did he make B. he made C. does he make D. has he made

27. His uncle is a worker and has been working in the factory for more than ten years. _____.

A. So is his aunt B. So has his aunt C. So his aunt does D. So it is with his aunt

28. Not once _____ their plan. A. did they change B. they changed C. changed they D. they did change

29. —— Do you know Jim quarreled with his brother? I don't know, and ______ .

A. nor don't I care B. nor do I care C. I don't care neither D. I don't care also

30. Not until he arrived home _____ he find that this wallet had been stolen. A. did B. would C. when D. that

31. —— This is one of the oldest trees in the world. _____ such a big tree.

A. Never I have seen B. I haven't never seen C. Never have I seen D. I have seen never

32. Nowhere else in the world _____ cheaper tailoring(裁缝业, 成衣业)than in Hong Kong.

A. a tourist can find B. can a tourist find C. a tourist will find D. a tourist has found

33. _____ succeed in doing anything.

A. Only by working hard we can B. By only working hard we can

C. Only we can by working hard D. Only by working hard can we

34. _____ that we all went out, lying in the sun.

A. So fine was the weather B. So was the fine weather

C. The weather was so fine was D. So the weather was tine

35. ____ a nice man ____ that we all believe him.

A. So, did he seem B. So, he seemed C. Such, he seemed D. Such, did he seem

36. ——You seem to be an actor.

____ . I have played many parts in a lot of films. A. So do I B. So am I C. So I do D. So I am

37. Not only ____ working hard, but also ____ very polite.

A. the boy is, he is B. is the boy, he is C. the boy is, is he D. is the boy, is he

38. ____, he never seems able to do the work beautifully.

A. Try as he does B. As he tries C. Try as does he D. As try he does

39. —— I cannot see the picture well from here.

---- _____. A. Neither can t I B. Neither I can C. I can't neither D. Neither can I

40. —— You ought to have given them some advice

---- _____, but who cared what I asked?

A. So ought you B. So 1 ought C. So it was D. So I did

41. So carelessly _____ that he almost killed himself.

A. he drives B. does he drive C. did he drive D. he drove

42. Little _____ about his own health though he was very ill.

A. he cared B. did he care C. he cares D. does he care

43. Well ____ know him and well ____ know me.

A. I did, he did B. did I, he did C. did I, did he D. I did, did he

44. No sooner ____ they rushed out into the street.

A. did they hear the news than B. did they hear the news when

C. had they heard the news than D. had they heard the news when

45. Little wonder _____ up their hands in dismay.

A. have some thrown B. some have thrown C. thrown some have D. have thrown some

46. ____, he would have passed the exam.

A. If he were to study B. If he studied hard C. Had he studied hard D. Should he study hard

47. We were lucky enough, for no sooner _____ home _____ it rained.

A. we returned, and B. we had returned, when

C. did we return, when D. had we returned, than

48. So little _____ agree on the plan that they could not settle their difference.

A. did they B. do they C. they did D. they did not

49. _____ he realized it was too late to return home.

A. No sooner it grew dark than B. Hardly did it grow dark when

C. It was not until dark that D. It was until dark that

参考答案 1~5 BDACA 6~10 CBBCC 11~15 BDDBA 16~20 BADBC 21~25 DCABC ADABA 31~35 CBDAD 36~40 DBADD 41~45 CBCCB 46~49 CDAC


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