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I’ll help clean up the city parks.

Unit 8


set up 1.They plan to_______ another bridge on the river. give out 2.She helped to ________ food during the earthquake.
clean up 3.On Sundays, we often help to ________ the orphanage(孤儿院). 4. —Do we have to do it right away? put off —Yes, we can’t _____ it ____. think up 5. He can always _____ ____ a good idea when I’m in trouble.

set up 6. A fund will be _______ for poor people. think up 7. I tried to ________ a funny game for the children

to play.
Clean up 8. ________ the classroom before the teacher comes. give out 9. Please help me ________ these test papers. put off 10. The game was _______ because of the heavy rain.

How do they help others?

donate blood

help Aids patients

How do these people help others?

By volunteering

Discuss the pictures in groups:

Being a volunteer is great!

Reading 3A on page62

Unit8 3a-4
教学目标 ? 1.掌握Not only …but also的用法。 ? 2.加强对学生的听力训练。 ? 3.培养学生的阅读能力。

Listen to the passage,then answer question: What makes the three students feel great?
Answer: Being volunteers makes them feel great.

Key points(3a):
Open your books, turn to page62. Read quickly, pay more attentions to some key points below. (1)volunteer( n. 志愿者):the person who offer help to others by his own will. Eg. He wants to be a volunteer to help others. (2) volunteer(v. 做 志愿者)to do sth.

Eg. They volunteer to help the homeless. (3)Put sth to good use (4)Not only do I feel good about helping other people but I get to spend time doing what I love to . 1,连接两个并列主语时,句子谓语动词用就近原则。即看后主语的人称和数保持 一致。E.g.Not only the students but also their teacher likes football. 2,连接两个简单句时,not only放句首,表示强调所在句子要用部分倒装,而 but also后句子用正常语序。E.g.Not only did he say so, but also he did so. 3,连接谓语时,不能用not构成否定句,更不能用缩写形式。E.g(F).He did not only gave me some English books but also told me how to learn English. (F)He didn’t only gave me some English books but also told me how to learn English.

Read the passage and answer the questions
1. Do the three students help others as volunteers?
Yes, they do.

2. What do the students plan to set up at their school?
They want to set up a student volunteer project at their school.

True or false
1. The volunteer work takes every student several hours a week. T 2. Huiping loves reading and she puts this love to good use by 3. helping school newspaper. F

3. Pei loves animals, and he spends every morning working in an animal hospital. F

4. Ming wants to be a professional singer. He sings for groups of people. F
5. While they were volunteering, they could spend time doing what they love to do and learn more. T

Volunteer work the three do and the reasons Li Hui ping


young children to read
loves to read

Lin Pei

works in an animal hospital loves animals

Zhu Ming

sings for groups of people at the city hospital to cheer them up wants to be a professional singer


They want to be volunteers, what could they do?

Xu hui

Writing stories


Xiao tang Joy


Gong wei music

Listen to the text again then retell the text Li Huiping Lan Pei Zhu Ming

helps the young children to read
loves to read works in a animal hospital loves animals sings for groups of people at the city hospital to cheer them up

wants to be a professional singer They plan to set up A student volunteer project

different volunteer work we can do

Clean up the city park

Help the animals

Plant trees

More ……

Work in a food bank

Let’s join their volunteer project !!!

different hobbies

Love dancing

Be good at computers

Be interested in plants Like acting

What about your hobbies?

PAIRWORK Role play: Ask for and give advice
A: I’d like to join the…but I am not sure what I should do. ? B: What do you like doing? ? A: I love… . ? B: well, you could … .

This is my favourite movie. Do you like it?

? He

likes movies ? He can start a movie fans’ club.

? She

likes painting . ? She can work for the school newspaper.

PAIRWORK Write the three things you like to do. Ask your partner for advice about the kinds of volunteer work you could do.
Things I like to do Volunteer work I could do

2. 3.


1:Writing a passage about volunteer work
2:Make sentences using the phrasal verbs below.

come up with put up cheer up

put off hand out clean up

write down call up set up

Let’s make our world more beautiful

Thanks for listening
Thanks for listening

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