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二 笔试部分

二、单项选择(15分) 16. —Let’s play________soccer! —I don’t have________soccer ball. A. a, the

B. /, the

C. the, a

D. /, a

17. —My listening is very poor. Can you give me some________? — Of course. A. advice

B. messages

C. information

D. suggestion

18. —What were you doing when the earth quake happened in Jilin? —I________TV when I heard the news. A. was watching B. watch —That’s the main thing.. A. careless

B. more careful

C. more careless

D. careful

20. —To protect animals in danger ,we should them . —I agree with you. A.ask, to kill A. How long A. cross A. paid — China. A. the least A. million

B. the largest B. million of

C. the smallest C. millions of

D. the most D. millions

25. —Did you know that the earth is the home of animals? 26. — The problem is a bit difficult . — ________ask your teacher for help? A. Why not

B. What about

C. Try to

D. You should

27. The________junk food you eat, the________you will be.

B. to stop , to kill B.How often B. past B. took

C. stop , saving C. How soon C. across C. cost

D. stop , killing D. How far D. On D. spent

21. —________does your father play table tennis?

—Twice a week.

C. am watching

D. were watching

19. —Paul isn’t as________as Sandy. He often makes mistakes in his homework.

22. —You must look around when you go________the street. 23. I bought a new sweater last weekend. It________me 120 yuan. 24. —Which country has________population ,China , India or America?

A. fewer , healthy

B. less, healthier D. more , more healthily

C. so as that D. so that C. least , most healthy A. such that


—That’s a fantastic idea.

A. get up 28. —He got up as early as possible________he could get to school on time. B. in order to 29. —It’s better to________more nature reserves to help save more animals in B. set up C. wake up D. put up

30. —How is it going, John?


A. It’s fine today


阅读下面短文,掌握大意,然后从A B C D四个选项中选出最佳选项

A little boy invited his mother to the teacher-parent meeting of his school. This would be the first that his classmates and teachers met his mother.she was a beautiful woman, there was a big scar(伤疤)on her right face. The boy never asked his mom why or how she got the scar. He didn’t want her to go to his school. However, his mother said she would go.

At the meeting, the boy was surprised to see other people having a good talk with his mother. But he felt for his mother’s face and sat in a chair his mother. Just then he heard a talk between his mother and his teacher.

“did you get the scar on your face, Madam?” the teacher asked.

The mother said, “When my son was a baby, his room caught fire(火)one day. Everyone was scared(惊呆的)to get into his room, but I did. When I was runningto his bed, something fell down and I put over my son trying to help him. The next morning, when I woke up, I found I was in the hospital. The doctor told me someone had sent us there.” She touched her right face, “I have never felt sorry about what I did for my son. You see, he is strong, and now.”

Hearing that, the little boy and ran to his mother with tears in his eyes. He put his around his mother and stayed with her for all day.

31. A. day

32. A. But

33. A. glad B. week B. And B. sorry C. time D. year D. Because D. tired C. Though C. excited B. It’s Sunday today. D. Have a good time! C.Everything goes well,thanks.

34. A. next to 35. A. Which 36. A. such 37. A. we

38. A. health 39. A. saw 40. A. hands

B. close to B. How B. as

B. myself

C. far from C. When C. so

C. my C. left C. legs

D. beside D. Where D. too D. mine D. healthily D. cried D. feet

B. healthy B. thought B. arms

C. healthier


阅读下面短文,从每题所给的A B C D四个选项中选出最佳选项


41. “____.” can tell you what to do if(如果)you are tired of a subject(课程). A. Study skills for life B. Learning How to Learn C. Basic Study Guidebook

D. How to Use a Dictionary Picture Book for Children

42. According to the ads(根据广告)the three books are for_____. A. the old

B. parents

C. children

D. men

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