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新目标九年级英语unit1 How to learn English well 作文展示

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1. How to learn English well

English is very important in our lives. We should do our best to learn English well. Maybe you will ask how to learn English well. I have some good methods that fit me best. Let me tell you.

To learn English , I preview(预习) the day’s lesson before class and try to find the main ideas to reply to the teacher’s questions. In class , I make notes carefully . I often read a passage and retell(复述) it myself. Sometimes I learn English grammar and it helps me a lot. When I can’t remember new words , I always write them down in a notebook and take it with me .After class, I always review (复习)lessons and sing some chants. Reading a good English newspaper is helpful. We should speak English with our teachers ,our classmates and even with foreigners. We should insist on(坚持) speaking English every day.

In these ways, I have improved my English skills. I hope these can help you with your English

2. How to learn English well

As we know , English has become an international language. It is more popular than any other language in China . English is widely spoken in the world and it is the most useful language around the world . But how to learn it well ? The best way is to use it all the time . If we can talk in English , think in English we can learn it well . At school , we should learn to hear , speak, read and write carefully . We should spend enough time in practicing English . If we keep on working hard at English , we will be able to be good at it one day .

3.How to learn English well

Nowadays(如今), English is becoming more and more important . There are many different ways to learn English well. For example, these are my ways to study English. First,we have to make a hard decision to study English well and never give it up. Second we must do all the homework that the teachers told us on time. Third, we should read some English books and buy some exercise books to study. Then, we can ask our classmates or teachers when we come across some hard problems. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Finally, we must stick these everyday.

4.How to learn English well

I have learned English for years. When I began to learn English,I felt very excited because I thought that talking with people in another language is so cool. Because of my interest in talking English, I spent lots of time to learn it and I enjoyed learning it very much. But some of my classmate did not so well in English, they were much more clever than me, but they didn't enjoy learning English. So I thought that the best way to learn English well is not other method(方法) but enjoying learning it.

5.How to learn English well?

English is always my favorite subject and I am good at English. I would like to share four good studying habits with you. First, remember 20 new words a day, and never give up. Second, go over grammar points I have learnt in English class regularly(定期的). Third, read an English article in China Daily(中国日报) every day. Fourth, write an English composition every week and ask teacher to revise that for me to improve the writing level(水平). If you do things above, I am sure your English will also be improved.

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