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M4great inventions U1

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Module 4 Great inventions

Unit1 Paper and printing have been used for ages

a long time



Listen to the tape and answer the questions.
1 What Tony would like to do on the visit to the museum 2 How many issues has the school magazine been published? 3 How long have paper and printing been used? take some photos two

for ages

4 How long hasn’t the battery for a couple of months been charged?

1.照一些相________ 2.你能帮个忙吗?________ 3.在全校参观博物馆的时候____4.从今以后_____ 5. 普通杂志____________6.网上杂志_________ 7.一部数码相机_______8.一个重要的优势______ 9.几个,两个________10. 关掉___________ 11. 负责,注意_________12.没关系__________

1.Paper and printing have been used for ages. 2. Has it been published yet? 3.Two issues have been published. 4.The battery hasn’t been charged for … 5. It’s been turned off since your ….

主语+have/has + been + p.p. 主语+have/has +not +been +p.p. Have/has+主语+been+p.p.?

1.…and it can be read on screen. 2.The same information can be read or even listened to on computer. 3.Can books be replaced by computers?


主语+情态动词can/must…+be+ p.p. 主语+情态动词can/must…+ not +be +p.p.


1. Can I ask a favour?=________________________ =________________________ 2. from now on, from then on, since then的区别 3. Well, that makes me think.译为:________________ 需掌握_____________ 变为被动语态_______________ 类似用法的动词还有:___________________________ 4.turn on, turn off, turn up, turn down的用法 5. see to的用法 6. lend, borrow, keep的区别

7. …and it won’t be left at school!一句中的left能否换 成forgotten?
8. Do you mean using paper?译为:______________ 你能总结一下 mean的用法吗?

1. Can I ask a favour?=________________________ Can you help me? =________________________ Can you give me a hand? 另:ask sb. a favour= do sb.a favour(do为加强语气) Eg. May I ask you a favour? = Would you please do me a favour?

2. from now on, from then on, since then的区别
from now on “从现在起” 常与一般将来时连用 from then on “从那以后” 常与一般过去时连用 since then “从那时起” 常与现在完成时连用

3. Well, that makes me think.译为:__________________ 好了,让我想一想。 sb. be made to do sth. 需掌握_____________ 变为被动语态_________________ make sb.do sth. 类似用法的动词还有:___________________________ see, hear, watch, notice, let, have(让)

4.turn on, turn off, turn up, turn down的用法
turn on:打开 turn off:关掉 turn up:调大 turn down:调小

5. see to的用法
see to 后面可跟名词、代词或动名词。 6.lend, borrow, keep 的区别 lend: 借出 lend sth. to sb.:把某物借给某人 borrow:借来 borrow sth. from sb.

从某人处借来某物 注:lend, borrow均不能与段时间连用。若与段时间连用时 用keep

7.forget表遗忘, forget to do是忘记做某事, forget doing是忘记曾经做过某 表示落下东西在某地时用:leave sth.in/at+地点 Eg. He left his homework at home yesterday.
8. mean doing sth 意味着… ;意思是做…
mean to do sth 打算做...

① What do you mean to do with it? ② Doing that means wasting time. 那样做意味着浪费时间。

1. Nobody is watching TV . Please ______ B A. turn it on B. turn it off C. turn it up D. turn it down 2.----where is your dictionary , Yu Mei ? ----Oh , I ___ it to Amy yesterday . She will return B it tomorrow . A. showed B. lent C. had D. borrowed 3. ---“You have ___my books for two months . D ---“ Sorry . I ’ll return it tomorrow .” A got B lent C borrowed D kept 4. The windows need to be cleaned . — I’ll

_______ them later. C A. look at B. look after

C. see to

4.---Do you often see William ___ on the playground ? B --No, but he is often seen __Chinese Kungfu in the park. A run , play B run , to play C running , play D running , to play 5. -- I’m sorry I____ my homework at home. D -- That is all right. Don't forget __ it to school tomorrow. A) forget, to take B) forget ,to bring C) left ,to take D) left ,to bring 6.昨天这个男孩许诺不再上课迟到。 The boy ________________ be late for school again promised to yesterday. 7.Missing the last bus means ___ home. B A. to walk B. walking C. walked 8. I meant ___ you, but I was too busy. A A. to call B. calling C. called

Tony wants to borrow _______(借) a _____________(数码相机) from digital camera his father because he wants to take some photos _______________(拍照片) on the school visit to the museum next week. They are for the school magazine.
has been published Their school magazine __________________(已出版了) two issues. But it is ______________________(一份普通杂志).It’s an ordinary magazine going to be ________________ (网络杂志). If the magazine is an online magazine _____ online (在网络上), paper won’t be needed ____________(将不被需要).That’s an advantage important _________(优点).It’ll be published on the school _________(网站) and it can be read __________(通过电脑屏幕). advantage on screen Paper and printing __________________(已被使用了很久), but has been used for ages now the same information can be read or________________(听 listened to on computers lends 通过电脑). Tony ‘s dad _____(借给) it ___ him and asks him to ___________(照看) it. to look after

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