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名校课件: Section A

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Section A

What do you usually do on weekends? I usually …

go shopping

go skateboarding



surf the Internet

do some cleaning

What do you usually do on weekends? I usually …

watch TV do homework play football

go fishing

I always do some reading on weekends.





hardly ever


What does she usually do on weekends? She usually does homework.

She often does some reading.

What _____he usually do on weekends? does He usually does some exercise.

He usually plays football.

do What___ they usually do on weekends? They often go to the movies.

They usually go shopping.

Look at the pictrue.Make a list of the weekend activities.

1. help with housework e __________________

2. watch tv _________________ d
c 3. exercise _________________

b 4. _________________ read (a book)
5. _________________ go shopping a



usually watch TV often help with housework sometimes go shopping hardly ever watch TV never(0%) go shopping

Talk about the people in the picture in 1a with the words in 1b. For example: ----What do you do on weekends? ----I usually watch TV. ----Do you go shopping? ----No, I never go shopping.

once a month 2011 twice a month three times a month· · ·

2a Listen and number the activities you hear [1-5] 2b Listen again and match the activities.
b c d e

How often
every day once a week twice a week three times a week once a month twice a month


go to the movies


watch TV
shop exercise read

4 2


Make a survey

How often do you do these activies?
Watch TV Use the Internet Read English books Go to the movies exercise

How often
every day



Make conversations in pairs.
A: How often do you watch TV ? B: I watch TV every day.

A: What’s your favorite program ?
B: Animal World.

A: How often do you watch it ?
B: Twice a week.

1.Read the conversation aloud.

2.Fill in the blanks to complete the conversation.

Jack: Hi, Claire, are you free next week? Claire: Hmm..... next week is quite full for me, Jack. Jack: Really? How come ? Claire: I have dance and piano lessons. Jack: What kind of dance are you learning? Claire: Oh, swing dance . It’s fun! I have class once a week , every Monday. Jack: How often do you have piano lessons? Claire: Twice a week , on Wednesday and Friday. Jack: Well, how about Tuesday? Claire: Oh, I have to play tennis with my friends. But do you want to come? Jack: Sure !

What do you usually d o on weekends? What do they do on we ekends? What does she do on w eekends? How often do you go t o the movies? How often does he wat ch TV? Do you go shopping?

I always exercise They often help with housework She sometimes goes sh opping I go to the movies ma ybe once a month He hardly ever watche s TV No, I never go shoppi ng

3a 3b

Complete the questions with do or does. Then match the questions and answers. Make sentences and d

o pairwork.


Fill in the chart and make new conversations.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A. B. C. D. E. F. How often does he play soccer? C Do you drink milk? f How often do they stay up late? e Does Sue eat a healthy breakfast? a How often do you eat apples? b Do your parents play sports? d Yes. She usually does. Hardly ever. I don’t like them. He plays at least twice a week. No, they don’t. They’re too busy. Never. They always go to bed early. Yes, I do. Every day.

? Questions My partner’s answers

How often do you help with the housework? ? 1. ? (how often /help with the housework) ? 2 What do you usually do on weekends? ? (what/ usually/do/weekends) How often does your best friend exercise? ? 3. ? (how often/best friend/exercise) ? 4.What do you usually do after school? ? (what/usually/do/after school)

本课时我们学习的主要语法点是由 wh- 和 how 引导的特殊疑问句以及对应的答语。 如: What do/does …? How often do/does …? 等。 What do you usually do on weekends? 你通常周末做什么? I usually listen to music. 我通常听音乐。

How often do you go to the factory? 你多久去一次工厂? I go to the factory twice a week. 我两周去一次。 How often do you exercise? 你(你们)多久锻炼一次身体? How often + 助动词 do (does 或 did) + 主 语 + do sth.?

疑问词 how often 是问频率 (多久一次),(在 这里助动词 do (does或did) 是起帮助构成疑 问的作用)与一般现在时或一般过去时连 用, 回答一般是用表示频率的副词。 如:once, twice, three times…, sometimes, quite, often, never, every day, once a week, twice a month, three times a month, three or four times a month 等。

课时重点回顾 - What do you usually do on weekends? - I usually play soccer. - What do they do on weekends? Grammar - They often go to the movies. Focus - What does he do on weekends? - He sometimes watches TV. - How often do you shop? - I shop once a month. - How often does Cheng watch TV? - He watches TV twice a week.

一.单项选择 ( A ) 1. -What’s your favorite _________? -It’s CCTV 5. A. program B. sport C. food D. animal ( c ) 2.- __ __ do you go shopping with your mother? -Sometimes. A.How much B.How many C. How often D How old ( B ) 3. Jack likes English very much, so he ___read English books in the morning. A.hardly ever B. often C. never D. don’t

( D ) 4. -How often ___ ___ she exercise? - Twice a week. A. do B. did C. doing D. does ( A ) 5. She often eats________ food. So she is very . A. healthy , healthy B. health; health C. healthy; unhealthy D. health; unhealthy


1. Mr Black swims twice a

week (每周两次).

2. I often go shopping on weekends (在周末).

3. The old woman exercises (体育锻炼) every morning.
4. We usually go to the movies (去看电影)on

5. Are you free next


6. My sister hardly ever (几乎不曾) plays computer

A. Review the new words and phrases. B. Make up new conversations about


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