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2013外研版英语八年级上册期末考试冲刺复习 之———— Module 3 Sports

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期末考试冲刺复习 之———— Module 3 Sports


1. sit down坐下 9. warm up 14. a minute ago

2. stay at home待在家里 热身;做准备活动 一分钟之前

3. bad luck坏运气 10. be late for迟到 15. plenty of许多

4. watch TV看电视 11. cheer on用欢呼声激16. be ready for

5. lose matches输掉比赛 励;为……加油 为……做好准备

6. next time下一次 12. keep fit保持健康 17. at weekends在周末

7. be good at擅长 13. get lost迷路 18. in the countryside

8. play against对抗 在乡村

一, 选择题(每小题1分,共十分)

1.-How about playing __ basketball? -Good idea. But I can only play it for half __hour.

A.the;a B./;an C.the;an D./;a

2.-Linda practices _____the violin every day because she wants to be a violinist. -Well,if she keeps _____like this, her dream will come true.

A.to play;to play B.to play;playing C.playing;to play D.playing;playing

3.My foreign friend, Tom, will come to _____.

A.cheer me up B.cheer up me C.cheer on me D.cheer on me

4.The little boy saved every coin _____ he could buy his mother a present on Mothen'Day. A.so that B.as so C.in order to D.such that

5.-How is this kind of apple? -It tastes _____ and sells _____.

A.good;good B.well;well C.good;well D.well;good

6.-Why do you like living in the countryside? -Because there's ____ dirty air and ___ cars there. A.less;more B.fewer;less C.less;fewer D.fewer;more

7. I did’t buy the second-hand book because the seller wanted ____ money than I had expected. A.less B.least C.most D.more

8.The more careful you are , the _____ mistakes you will make .

A.few B.fewer C.fewest D.more few

9 _____ exercise you take , _____ you’ll be .

A.The fewer;the fatter B.The less;the fatter C.The less;the more fatter

10.I have two tickets for the film. One is mine and _____ is yours.

A.another B.the other C. other D. others

11.When will you _____ Shanghai?

A. Get B. arrive at C.arrive in D.arrive

12. The accident happened _____ a cold winter morning .

A.larger B. less C.smaller D.fewer

13.The population of Tianjin is _____ than that of Shang-hai .

A.larger B.less C.smaller D.fewer


14.—Did your school _____ the basketball match ? —No . We were_____

A.win ; defeated B. win; lost C.lose; won D. lose; defeated

15.Is New York _____ than Washington DC?

A.busy B. famous C. noisier D. big

16.Her song sounds_____ .

A.beautiful B.beautifully C.badly D. well


B:A shirt .

A:That sounds good .

B: ___2__

A:I have no idea .__3___.

B:Why not buy a pair of shoes for him ?

A:I want to , but I don't have enough money .

B:Let me see .__4___ .

A:Yes. He likes sports very much .

B:Well,there is a football match next month .You can buy a ticket for him . A:Sounds great !__5___ .

B:You are welcome .

1 .__________ 2.__________ 3.__________

4.__________ 5 .__________


Sheffield(谢菲尔德)is Britain"s fifth city with a population of more than half a millon people.It is built on eight rivers and hills.Sheffield is a very green city.It has more parks and woods than any other city in Britain.

Sheffield is a working city. For many years,Its factories sent knives and forks to the counteies all over the world.Now many of the old factories are closed, but new shop and offices are open every day.

Sheffield has a lot to offer(提供)its visitors.Here you can see the word"s oldest football club.You can watch ice hockey(曲棍球),rugby(橄榄球),is April,the World Snooker Championship(世界撞球洛袋锦标赛)Sheffield is 根据短文内容填入1-4所缺的单词。


is one of the popular sports in Sheffield.



London is such a wonderful city.It is very large.The Thames River r through the city from west to east.parts, the South and North.In the North are important buildings, shops, big parks and interesting places.

The weather in London is good.In winter it is not very cold and in summer it People say that London is a foggy(多雾的) city and it often rains.It is true.Last year, when I was in London fogs in years. You could almost not see your hand in front of your face. their lights

on. even worse.The fog was a_______ thick as milk. I happened to(碰巧) have an important meeting on the other side of the town, but it was too hard to find a car, .



One day Mrs. Wilson took Trudy and Ben to go shopping.They went to the supermarket in the new shopping mall(购物中心)."Why do you buy things here, Mum?" Trudy asked."Because they are cheaper than those at the corner store," Mrs. Wilson said."Help me check(检查) the prices." The Wilsons were not wealthy(富有的) and Mrs. Wilson was always careful with her money.She looked carefully at the prices of things.She bought some groceries(杂货) in the supermarket.When they got home, the children said, "We don't think you saved (省) money by going to the supermarket there." "Of course I did," said Mrs. Wilson, "Everything was cheap there." "We know," said the children, "but we came home by taxi (出租车) because we had too much to carry.The cost(花费) of the taxi was more than the money you saved!" Mrs. Wilson added (加) everything up and found her children were right.

"Well done," she said, "next time we will do shopping near our home."

1.Mrs. Wilson took Trudy and Ben _______.

A.to the supermarket B.to the zoo

C.to the park D.to the museum

2.Mrs. Wilson bought things in the supermarket in the new shopping mall because _______.

A.goods there had good quality B.there were many goods

C.goods there were cheap D.goods there were expensive

3.Which of the following is right?


A.The Wilsons were rich and they bought a lot of things in the supermarket.

B.The Wilsons were not rich and they bought things in a cheaper


C.The Wilsons enjoyed shopping in the shopping mall because it was large.

D.The Wilsons were poor and they seldom went shopping.

4.Mrs. Wilson went home _______.

A.by bus B.by minibus C.by taxi D.on foot

5.Mrs. Wilson decided to go shopping _______ next time.

A.in the shopping mail far away B.in the cheapest shop

C.in the most expensive shop D.near her home


He was well known for his works and humor.Everybody knows Mark Twain was a famous American writer.But before he was famous, even his neighbours didn't know him well.

One day Mark Twain went to borrow a certain book from a neighbor in Tarry town.

"May I borrow a book from you ? " he asked politely."Yes." the neighbor told him, " but I must ask you to read it here.You know I never let anybody take my book out of my study(书房)."

Some days later the neighbor wished to borrow Mark Twain's machine for cutting grass in the garden.

"May I borrow your machine to cut the grass in my garden?" the neighbor

asked with a smile on his face."Certainly." Mark Twain told him, "but I must ask you to use it here. You know that I never let anybody take my machine out of my garden."

6.Mark Twain comes from _______.

A.England B.America C.Japan D.France

7.Why didn't Mark Twain's neighbor lend the book to him? Because _______.

A.his neighbor made it a rule not 1o let any book go out of his study

B.his neighbor didn't like him

C.he never met Mark Twain

D.Mark Twain didn't pay money for the book

8.Who wanted to borrow the book?

A.The book. B.The machine. C.Mark Twain. D.Neighbor.

9.What did Mark Twain's neighbour borrow his machine for?

A.To play games. B.To cut the grass.

C.To cut trees. D.To cut his hair.

10.Why didn't Mark Twain lend his machine to his neighbour? Because _______.

A.he didn't love him

B.his neighbor wasn't friendly to him

C.his neighbor didn't give him money

D.his neighbor was a thief


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