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2013外研版八年级英语上册期末冲刺复习之——M5 Laoshe Teahouse

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期末冲刺复习之——M5 Laoshe Teahouse


1. in the end最后,终于

2.be famous for因……


3. would like想要

一、单选 4.the beginning of……的开头 5. send sb. to sp.把某人送到某地 6.be named被命名为 7. give a warm welcome to热情欢迎… … 8. take place发生

1.It’s too late. Please stophome

A.A.going B go C.to go D.does

to the park

A take Bto take Ctakes Dtaking

3.3.The story us a little girl’s school life in a poor.

4.A lesves B teaches C hopes D shows

carefully but nothing

A heard,listened B listen,hear C listened,heard D hears,listens 5What’s your plan for the summer holiday?

I’ve no idea ,but I’ve home and have agood rest first.

A stay B to stay C stayed D staying

6Playing basketball is very

A enioy , interest B enioyable,interesting C enioy,interested D interest,enioying 7 We don’t a well-known actress

A watch,as B think as C look,like D see, as

8 knows ,Qi baishi is famous hispaintings

A Like,as B As,for C Because,as D Such as,for

9.The park is so beautiful. Great in the last few years

A have taken place of B have taken place

C happened D has happened

10 Shall we have a drink in the .I’m thirsty

A yes ,we do B I’m not C Good ideas D I’m too tired

11.Lao She is one of the greatest Chinese writers in_____century.

A.twenty B.the twenty C.twentieth D.the twentieth 1

12..Boys and girls,now let's ______ to our new classmate,Tommy!

A.give welcome B.make good friends C.get along well D.take some photos

13.____do you want to stay here? Maybe one week.

A.How often B.How long C.How soon D.How fat

14.Did you go to the theatre to see the performance last night? No,my parents asked me ______ painting at home.

A.practice B.practiced C.practicing D.to practice

15. Do you know the NBA star O'Neal? Yes,he is ______ a “Big Shark”。

A.named B.said C.told D.looked


A: What are you going to be ?

B: I'm going to be a basket ball player.

A: How are you B: I'm going to practice basketball every day,

A: a basketball player like Yao Ming?

B: Sure.

A: about him?

B: Yao Ming is a . He was born in 1980.

A: Wish you success!

B: Thanks.

a.great professional basketball player

b.Do you want to be

c.What do you know

d.going to do that

e.What are you going to do

f.when you grow up


NOT ONE LESS (一个都不能少)

NOT ONE Less is a story of a small Chinese village and the children that live in a far-away mountain village, the teacher must leave for amonth to look after his sick monther, and the leader lets a 13-year-old girl,Wei MINzhi,to take the place. The teacher leaves one stick of chalk for each day and promises her an extra 10 yuan if there is not one less when he comes back.During the days ,poverty(贫穷) make the naughty boy,Zhang Huike,leave for the city to work .MINZHI a stubborn(倔强的) girl,decides to bring hin back. She hurries to Zhang HUIkou City and begins her search(寻找).The boy is lost and begging(艺术) for food.Minzhi’s stubbornness saves Huike and the village school.


Lastly ,the people are wonderfully ture ! Actual teachers and students bringthis script(剧本) to life.

1 Why does Zhang HUIke leave school?

2Is there anyone less at last?

3 What do you think of Wei Minzhi?



Stephen Hawking(斯蒂芬·霍金) the eighth of January, 1942 in England.After f_________ high school, Hawking first went to Oxford (宇宙学) in Cambridge University. He was lazy and did veryl_______ work. However, he still got good g_______ .Hawking got a bad i__________ at the age of 20. He couldn't They told him that he would die before he was 23. At first, Hawking was very . Later, he began to see his life in a different way. He worked hard and (教授) in Cambridge University. Today he still 五、阅读理解


Personal information

Born in 1980,a doctor in Canada, came to China in 1938 , died in

1939 in China

Born in 1835 in the USA, a writer ,died in 1910,wrote The

Adventure of Tom Sawyer

Thomas Edison Born in 1847, Kentucky, the USA, made over 1,000 inventions,

died in 1931

Celine Dion Born in Montreal, Canada, a singing star, in 1997 sang My Heart

Will Go On for the film Titanic

Bill Gates Born in 1955 in the USA, wrote Business@the speed of Thought ,

owns Microsoft Corpaoration

1.The _____was born in 1835.

A.doctor B.singer C.manager D.writer 3 Name Norman Bethune Mark Twain

2.Doctor Bethune worked in China for about ___years.

A.2 B.3 C.4 D.5

3.How many people are from Canada?

A.1 B.2 C.3 D.4

4.How old was Thomas Edison?

A.47 B.3l C.84 D.74

5.Which of the following is true?

A.Mark Twain wrote Business@ the speed of Thought.

B.Bill Gates started working for Microsoft Company in 1955.

C.Thomas Edison made over 1,000 inventions.

D.Celine Dion stopped singing in 1997.


It was cold outside. Jack wanted to buy a jacket for himself. He went into -hand clothes bought and sold" He was carrying an old jacket and asked the owner(主人) of the store, "How much is it?" The man looked at it and then said, "Three dollars."

"What?" said Jack. "I thought it was seven dollars."

"No," said the man. "I won't pay more than three dollars."

"Well, here' s your money. " said Jack. "This jacket was outside your store, which said

$ 7, but I thought that was too much money, so I wanted to make sure how much it really was."

Before the surprised store owner could think of anything to say, Jack left the store with the jacket happily.

6.Jack wanted to____in the store.

A.sell a jacket B.buy a jacket

C.buy some food D.take a photo of a jacket

7.The underlined word "sign" means "__" in Chinese.

A.手势 B.记号 C.招牌 D.迹象

8.At first the owner of the store thought that Jack______.

A.wanted to buy the jacket B.wanted to sell the jacket

C.was just looking D.was trying to steal(偷)the jacket

9.In this story, Jack spent____ dollars on the jacket.

A.7 B.4 C.8 D.3

10.The store owner thought that the jacket was only three dollars because____.

A.it was a good jacket

B.he wanted to buy it at a low(底的)price

C.he was a nice person

D.he wanted to sell the jacket to Jack


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